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  1. Thanks for the response. Very helpful. Will definitely start a new seed. No hope for this baby...unfortunate indeed. Using the Great Lakes Water Only soil so yes, I will watch the watering. Again, thanks a bunch.
  2. Please see photos below. Question regarding seedling in the last photo. Seems like I may have messed this up. Give up or be patient? No leaves yet. Seed casing didn't drop off on its own. I gave it a slight nudge. Going with the water only soil - Great Lakes, 100% outdoors. 7/7 - Success using paper towel/plate method after two days. 20180707_085758.jpg1493x2655 1.11 MB 7/10 - One seems to be making more progress than the other. Not sure why. Will keep watching. Spraying soil using water bottle. Seed casing did not fall off the smaller plant…I ended up plucking it off myself. Could I have messed up? 20180710_075717.jpg2112x3756 1.69 MB 20180710_075725.jpg2112x3756 1.78 MB

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