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  1. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Thanks, Shadey for your explanation, I looked for "trichomes ready for harvest " and now I have a better idea with those images, need to be patient as you've been with me 😁 and wait for them to be ready, cheers ...
  2. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Hi again, still with noobish doubts 😅, I don't know if my chopped Early Skunk is ready to harvest yet or not. In the webpage, they speak about 45 days of indoor flowering time. It started flowering on the 13th of June (in the outside) so guess that it should be longer than indoor, but the buds filaments are starting to be brown. Please take a look to the attached picture to see if you can enlighten me with this . As you said it was close to the finish line I would like to know how close. Thanks again for your help ...
  3. George1961

    Noob experiment

    You're right Shadey, wasn't aware of this potential problem. I will keep an eye on the remains to see if there is still some mold left. At least I will have something to vape before my two Amnesias are ready. No surprise showering for these ones, better in the shade than wet . I'm far now from routines but hope with you guys and your help will learn the good ones . Let's see what happens with the rest, cheers ...
  4. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Thanks Shadey, already did it, there were many buds affected ðŸ˜Ē, I'm afraid the road to expertise is full of harsh episodes like this, now I know, cheers ...
  5. George1961

    growing plants in rain

    Thank you guys for all this valuable information ...
  6. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Oh well, already done, I don't think some baking soda will harm her 😁, I have it now in a dry zone (my living room) and will keep an eye to see if it spreads. Cropping the buds means losing the plant, before that, I chop it entirely and put it to dry, at least it would have good flavour for vaping even if the process isn't finished yet. Thanks LabRat for your advice, I will check it when the baking soda is gone, cheers ...
  7. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Thanks Shadey, I have separated it from the two others (still not flowering and apparently not affected) and will try the baking soda method. If it doesn't work I will chop it as suggested, it is hard the path of learning ðŸ˜ī, I really appreciate your help and guidance with this, cheers ...
  8. George1961

    Noob experiment

    High all, still no news about the new growings, but I don't know if there's a problem with the previous one. The Early Skunk buds have darker zones and I don't know if they may be fungus 😞, please take a look and let me know what you think, thanks for your help ...
  9. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Thanks Shadey, that's what I'll do, I have started today with 6 other seeds, ket's see what happens , cheers ...
  10. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Hi Shadey, still have much to learn before posting any pic in the Grow room, unless you guys like to have big fun 😁 . I feel comfortable in the newbie's section and really appreciate the tips and guidings from experts like you. I don't think reading my wishy-washy experiment with a kit for growing kitchen herbs like pesto may be interesting for anyone, maybe for curiosity ... I will use the 24/7 light cycle as you said you haven't experimented it, that way we can share the results (hope good ones). I will update how it goes in this post if you don't mind, I've seen your growings and you play in a much higher level. I will read and learn before posting elsewhere, thanks for your advice ...
  11. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Hi Shadey, always a pleasure to read you 😁, I have doubts with the topping and trimming techniques, but guess is better if I open a thread with that title so noobs as me will find it better. Regarding my experiment, I have already bought a bubble bomb for an aquarium, guess it will do the job. Regarding the nutrients, you have to change them every two weeks, so I start with a small dose and then increase it when they grow. I had the problem that the Skunk was the first to be born, then followed an amnesia and later on the other, so as the lamp (20 watts full spectrum led) was higher (you can raise the light hood) for the skunk the others were still small and the result was three different (and stressed) plants just after transplanting them to soil: Guess now I will take them away one by one when they reach the top. I'm on the north coast of Spain so humidity is guaranteed, but sun not so much. It is windy also so , fortunately, no fungus, and I put Diatomea soil in the outside to protect them from the 🐌 🐌, here they are legion. I am not going to use a tent, it has an automated switch and you can program it to 18/6, with those 6 hours at night it will work. Guess no 24/7 now as the new seeds are no automated (or can I use it as that didn't affect the amnesias?). I thought the plants grow tall because they look for the light, but if they have enough they stay small and strong, I like them that way. Thanks for your help and wisdom, I will let you know the progress with this second grow and how the harvest goes with the first, best regards ...
  12. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Hi Shadey, that was a useful advice, I am not going to grow inside, just have enough harvest for the rest of the year. Perhaps with my Early Skunk and two Amnesia would have enough, but I am starting again to see if I can do things better (perhaps a bubble stone inside so the roots have more oxygen and correct nutrients?). I will look for that growing tent or similar to avoid the light. This kit has a light switch where you can choose between 18/6 or 24/7, I have chosen 24/7 before and the plants were very happy, not very tall and strong 😁, and the two Amnesia haven't entered yet in the flowering cycle, so if the Skunk has entered because of being an automated, should I repeat the 24/7 option? Regarding the nutrients, I will put less dose, as I don't know what's inside, and perhaps buy a PH checker or similar, I hope with all your help I will get better results, there's a lot of info to read in this forum and I have more doubts and question, but that's for another post and day ðŸĪŠ, wouldn't like to abuse from your patience ...
  13. George1961

    Noob experiment

    Hi Shadey, thanks for the reply. The hydroponic kit is normally used to grow thyme, cherry tomatoes or basil, it's very useful in the kitchen 😁 , it covers germination and growing with led lights. I guess it was not intended to use it this way 😆. The already flowered plant is an Early Skunk Automatic feminized , it was born the 19th April and is in the outside since two weeks ago. I read in this forum they start flowering when the temperature is lower and the daylight shortens, but the other two Amnesia have shared the same conditions and are still growing, so guess it is because being a faster one. The nutrients came with the kit and have no formula on them 😧 so guess I will follow your advice and put less in the water. Do you think I should use now a 18/7 light cycle? Thanks again for your help, cheers ...
  14. George1961

    Noob experiment

    High everyone, I am glad I found this forum because I am not willing to learn tough books with too technical comments. Here everything's explained clearly and easy to understand, and that's something I appreciate. I must confess the experiment I did is not very orthodox ðŸ˜ģ . I was afraid of not succeeding in the germination phase with the well-known methods (even those we learned in school with wet cotton), and finally used something to grow kitchen vegetables: Surprisingly it worked: There were one Early Skunk and two Amnesia. I used the nutrients provided by that "gadget", and suddenly the Skunk started to show yellow zones with red dots: I had the lights on 24 hours a day and keep them there until they reached the top before transplanting them to the soil. They were a little bit stressed but now they look healthy on their mobile platform looking for the sun 😎🌞: I am going to repeat the process and would like to ask you which steps should I change or avoid (light, nutrients ... ) in order to improve this wishy-washy method. Thanks in advance for your help and patience ...
  15. George1961

    Unresponsive links

    Thanks LabRat for your quick reply, just wanted to read everything before asking some questions that may be yet answered. As I said before, there's many valuable information and tips, you guys have done a great and helpful work here. I will ask them in the newbie's section 😁 , cheers ...

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