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  1. hutchb

    File attached of grow problem

    Thanks Shadey i'm going this morning to get a good organic fertilizer, I may have to hire you for my own personal garden Master !!!
  2. hutchb

    File attached of grow problem

    HI , i am using about two shovels full of soil from my garden, a shovel full of compost, shovel full of vermiculite & perlite and a small amount of peat moss. I am also thinking of cloning one of the plants and going with a pure straight potting soil and try that out. i had moved one of the plants out to the garden a few weeks ago and it has none of the problems the others do except slow growth.
  3. hutchb

    File attached of grow problem

    thanks Shadey, you guys are a great help to these Forums !!!!!
  4. hutchb

    File attached of grow problem

    I want to thank you Guys for your input on this matter, I really appreciate the help !!!! The plywood was to shade the plants for part of the day. It was really hot here in Massachusetts, in the 90s for about 2 weeks and really humid. I'LL be going through these Forums from now on to try and be a better grower. Looks like I have a long road ahead !!!!!!! THANK YOU
  5. hutchb

    File attached of grow problem

    Yes they are. is the plant to small to be any good ?
  6. This plant was started about May 1st, it is 15 inches tall and fairly good growth around stem. ,not bushy. Had 2 weeks of very high humidity and 90s for temp. What am I doing wrong ? Plant is in a 6 or7 gallon pot with drainage holes. Maybe not enough nitrogen ? HELP PLEASE

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