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  1. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    When do you think it's ok to start training them?
  2. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    I'm on the second flush. I like mushrooms more than weed. So bad you can't eat everyday. Yes, it was easy, I hope I can get an air conditioner soon.
  3. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Two of them yes, are doing well. But I can't manage my heat issue. Temps are 27-29°C.
  4. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Thanks my friend! One top and 2 fim
  5. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Today I transplanted into bigger pots (19L) and I feed them with biocanna Vega and Rhizotonic. First after transplant I give them 1l water and after 2 hours in 2L water I've added 4ml Vega and 8ml Rhizotonic per plant. Do you think that it's ok this feed strategy at 3-4 days? The plants are growing very slowly,and the temps are not good, it's too hot here. Do you think they will fail to grow if will be more than 29 grades? I have a question for you, outdoors growers how can succeed without problems when outside is so hot? I don't think I can FIM them because they are so small, I can't cut that head yet I think. What do you suggest to do? Also how many nodes can you see? Because from what I see some of them have already 7 or 8 nodes, or I'm wrong? Also the distance from nodes is so small! 1 or 2cm.. New room space dimensions now have 120cm/60. Do you think it's enough space here? Thanks!!
  6. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Well, outside temps here are crazy.. on day are 32°C and 18-20°C at night but will be 40°C or more very soon.. will be very gard to control the temps without air conditioner. So today i ordered: BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus 50L Biocanna BioVega 1L Biocanna BioFlores 1L Canna Bio Rhizotonic 1L Biocanna BioBoost 250ml Perlit 1L Ø5-6mm x5 Sweet-Pot 19L Plasmalight V2.0 CFL 4U-85w - E27 - 2700K - Bloom x2 (are these lights good to use for veg period?) FIM or top? Witch method is better for high yields? I was looking on this forum for DIY grow cabinet plans but i didn't find anything, any recommendations for 3 plants? I was looking on ebay at growing tents but are a little bit expensive for me right now because i've already spent more than 300$ with lights and for products listed above, and i will need to spend more for carbon filter, and I need also some suggestions listed here please. Thanks!!
  7. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    The temperature is 24-27°C and humidity i don't know because i don't have a humidity monitor, either a ph meter yet.. but i will look to buy both. I don't know what should i tell you about my bottled water that I get.. It's drinking plain water from store and ph is 7.5. Should i buy water with ph 6 or 6.5? I don't know what is ppm and how can i check, i guess i need a meter also for that. So far i have treated them same with no extra nutrients, only water at 4 or 5 days, 18/6 light cicle. That soil is organic, so i don't want to use any nutrients. Yes i know it's a small place, but i build a grow room soon as i get an carbon filter and another bag of soil and some perlite to combine with and afteri will transplant them in the final pot. When should i start top them? Tomorrow i will take some photos with my dslr camera and i will post here, and i hope that you guys can help me with some advice how to top them corectly because I want to get the best out of them. btw, can i add more CFL lights with actual LED light? It's ok to use together? Thanks!!
  8. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Hello Again Shadey! So the first plant with nute burn has recovered well, but now the little one is in trouble. What is the problem now? Is she dying?
  9. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    5 gal = 18.9L. I only I only have 10L left, but i will buy another 50L bag. I think it's enough for 3 plants. Should i add to soil vermiculite or perlite? I don't have a already a space prepared. At this moment i use a small wardrobe tent. But i need to prepare it because i grow them in an apartment.. I need to buy a good tent and carbon filter. I hope I'm not caught by the police or neighbors.. because in Romania you can make 2 up to 7 years of jail.. I don't have already bigger pots. Maybe when they grow up i will buy more lights. Now i'm in doubt about location, i think it's not so safe when plants starts to smell. Thanks!
  10. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Well, i knew that will not be so easy to grow your own weed, but i readed a lot of things everyday and it's a little hard to learn everything at beginning. If i didn't posted here I stayed at the impression that this is not nuts burn, and the tallest plant was burn because was to close from light. No i don't have a PH meter. I buy plain water (ph 7.5 or 8.5) because house water has to much chalk and definetly it's not good. I payed for soil 12Euro/25L from internet. I should have started seedlings with coco right? I don't have any nutrients, but price for 1L is 20 dollars. Here's the products: http://www.canna-uk.com/biocanna_products and i buyed from here: http://www.indoorgardens.ro/nutrienti-stimulatori/nutrienti-organici-pamant/biocanna You are a genius! I owe you! When do you think it's time for the next transplant? Also do you think Meizhi 300w it's enough for 3 plants? When to scrog also?
  11. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Thanks guys! I didn't use any nutrients on them. Only soil and water. Should i need to feed them? I want to grow organic, no chemicals or pesticides. With what and when should i feed them?
  12. ueedlover

    LED light burn?

    Hello guys! What is happening with the plant from the right? It's for the first time when i grow so i want to be sure what is happening here. One week ago i changed the light from 28W fluorescent bulb with Meizhi 300w, and recommended height is 13-30inch, but they grew up and the distance between the plant from right and lamp was 10inch. I want to know what can i do for this little girl. She will be fine? I lifted the lamp at a distance of 30 inches now and sprayed some water on leaves (I hope this will not cause problems). Additional info: 27 days from seedling soil: BIOCANNA BIO TERRA PLUS 2 are Gorilla Glue and 1 is Cinderella 99 I don't want to use nutriets for them, from what I understood that soil have all what they need, but i want to be sure about that and hear some expert opinions. Thank you!

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