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  1. Medical marijuana is a perfect treatment for various ailments if used judiciously. Legalizing medical marijuana have changed the perception of people, encouraging them to use it for medicinal purpose.
  2. Weedinsf

    Medical Marijuana Update

    All i can say is Thank you for sharing such a precious updation on medical marijuana. Keep Sharing
  3. Very nice and well written! I also agree. Nowadays, more and more people are using cannabis as an alternative treatment for the patients suffering from various disease. Its usage is becoming more common around the world. It has become one of the few treatments that are hugely effective.
  4. Weedinsf


    Thank you all for your warm welcome! I will definitely looking forward for further help and suggestion from you all guys in future. 😀
  5. Weedinsf


    I am Andrew from San Francisco, CA. I am feeling very great to be a part of this forum community.

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