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  1. canna_bro_grow

    Majestic 12 Cobb LED grow

    No KingJayGardens i have not flowered this strain yet, this is the first one i got off a buddy, he also hasn't flowered so we are both very curious as well lol. Ill be watching this one come flip time!
  2. canna_bro_grow

    Majestic 12 Cobb LED grow

    So far I have a blue dream crossed with purple Terps by awakened genetics a cookie berries and bubba cough popped from seed, then my bigger brian berry cough clone that i just transplanted from cup to 3 gal and my lemon haze clone mainline project. Everybody's absolutely loving the light so far glad things are going good can't wait to see where they end up!
  3. canna_bro_grow

    Majestic 12 Cobb LED grow

    So I finally got some plants going under the mj-12 picture all the way to the right is my Brian Berry cough clone in the dome next to that are two blue dream clones and then to the left I have a seed I started from a weekend genetics as well as a Bubba cough from my personal breeder. I'm excited to get this started and see how well this light performs!
  4. canna_bro_grow

    Majestic 12 Cobb LED grow

    The company just took on 10 of us to document the lights performance.
  5. canna_bro_grow

    Majestic 12 Cobb LED grow

    Hi guys! I'm Jay and new to the forums. I'm currently getting ready to start growing with the new Majestic 12 cobb led by American LED Company Inc. I will be documenting a full grow cycle from start to finish using only the mj-12. Im very excited about this project and look forward to meeting and talking to everyone throughout this grow. I just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone and introduce myself I am currently getting everything set up and ready. I'll be posting on the regular very shortly. Hope everyone is having a great day and grow safe!

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