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  1. Been a while!

    All good bro! Thanks for trying! im thinking in 2003 or 2004 there was a pot tv contest which my "genius" came in second place. It was all filmed and posted here. after reminiscing about the good old days I was hoping I could track it down. not to mention all the pics from a complete log of a beautiful c99 grow I did just thinking about it makes me smile
  2. Been a while!

    Hey! thanks for the warm welcome. id be forever greatful if you could find my old account. I went by dogmatic99 from about 1999-2009 my house in Van got raided and I packed up and moved to Ontario a few months after. cheers
  3. Been a while!

    What's up folks!! been about a decade since I've stopped in here. Thought I'd take a walk down memory lane but doesn't look like my old account exists. any chance posts from over 15 years ago are still kicking around here??