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  1. Hello one! As of July 2018, the government will be the only authorized outlet for recreational marijuana. They will allow licences producers/cultivators to sell directly to consumers, for medical marijuana with a doctors prescription, and the delivery will be by courier only. So,,why would anyone go through the hassle,,of ordering the medical marijuana,,and wait for the courier,,when they can just walk into the government dispensary, pay, and leave. It's instant. So,,i guess,the real question here, is,,what will differentiate the medical marijuana from the recreational??? I can't see how it can be a different strain? or can it? afterall a cultivator has no limits on what strain they produce. If medical users and recreational users, enjoy the same strain, then the govt dispensary will carry it as well, and the medical users will go straight to the govt dispensary and put additonal revenue out of the hands of the cultivators. What am i missing? that i can't see how the two are diffferent??? Thanks, all!!