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  1. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    In the US that crap is in just about everything, dairy(yogurt), baked goods, 99% of soda, fruit juice, V8 juice, virtually anything that uses a sweetener processed foods etc.etc.etc. You need to read labels to make SURE what you want doesn't contain HFCS. Food and Drug Administration should label it as an obesity/artery clogging drug. You don't have to carry a vegan card to eat healthy. My favorite still Antelope, gamey-er, but love it. Oldest son has taken over the venison procurement for us. Does the ice fishing as well. Slaying the crappies lately. Moose few and far between here. Mn has a lottery system for a few tags every year. Never applied. Trunk bucks are easier. You couldn't give me a truckload of "canned" vegetables. Only thing we peel is tomatoes before mashing and freezing. Minute and a half in boiling water, makes them so hot ya can't touch them. Had to rely on farmers market last year to get enuf. Absolutely worst growing season I've seen in 2 decades. We freeze fresh veggies in ziplocks, fill with water to get air out. No freezer burn. Same with fish. I spent 2 seasons on a shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico after the Navy. Heaven for a Minnesota Lad. Never cared that much for the climate tho, to much Eskimo blood maybe. Actually, the older I get the less I like this climate. Good skill to have come next oil crisis. Just a matter of time, imo. Ran across this from a guy in B.C. You might like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_qt2TG6h_Y Peace be with You and Yours T
  2. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    They call it "Pruno" in the US. You know its ready when the balloon around the top inflates then blows off. Aging doesn't help. I always preferred good o'l moonshine. Somewhere north of 120 proof. Although tastes just as nasty. Peace be with You and Yours T
  3. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    I have low blood sugar. Get kinda goofy and shaky sometimes. Take a teaspoon of organic honey and goes away. Even carry some packets in the truck. Honey better than refined sugar by far. With an average annual temperature of 34.5 °F (1.4 °C), Embarrass is the coldest place in Minnesota. In January 2005, Embarrass had a near-record low temperature of −54 °F (−48 °C). The unofficial low temperature is −64 °F (−53 °C), which was reached in February 1996. Plaintiff rests. Never liked being defendant. You’ll absorb more vitamin A from bell peppers lightly sauteed in olive oil, therefore, than you would from the raw vegetable. Eating bell peppers a few times each week -- sometimes raw and sometimes lightly sauteed -- is probably the best way to maximize the vegetable’s key nutrients. https://www.livestrong.com/article/520566-does-cooking-bell-peppers- affect-the-nutrition/ Well I can forget the yeast. No bubbler either. Yeast uses the sugars and oxygen in dough to produce more yeast cells and carbon dioxide gas. This is called multiplication. The carbon dioxide makes the dough rise which gives the bread a light and spongy texture. ... The yeast needs lots of oxygen in order to complete this type of fermentation. But I ain't giving up my bread. Get to Work young man. you will need some wigglers http://www.cathyscomposters.com/ How are your plants liking their new 532Hz genre? I wanna see a time lapsed video shot with the ventilation off. Interested in how cannabis dances. Slow I bet :-) Peace be with you and yours T
  4. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    Don't give Holland all the credit. Has been a global(tech advanced countries) movement for years. US/UK/Canada/Scandinavian with one company that has bankrolled the lions share of the research. http://www.lighting.philips.com/main/products/horticulture/press-releases They have been there from the start and have their footprint in just about anything major. They also funded worlds 2 largest research orgs on the subject. I talked to a rep from the Philips Midwest Wholesaler once. As far as I got was: The proper spectrum for Strawberries is DRW LB. The minimum light level needed is 275 micromoles/m2/sec for 14hrs per day. Fine art I'd say. Never got a price, not a "business". Or, peons to far down food chain. They may not have a specific light for cannabis, but I bet they could get VERY close. Won't be cheap I'm sure, but payback time vs. HTPS lighting may be short. Some of their folks in Canada: http://www.lighting.philips.com/main/products/horticulture/partners We got another 3 last night, not the white stuff I used to shove in my nose. Mine started in November Hammonds Plains NS, Canada Latitude : N44° 44' 1.2'' Elevation: 135m / 443feet Winter lows -10 celsius Eveleth, Minnesota Latitude N 47.473317 Elevation: 1,591' Winter lows -32 celsius I claim bitching rights, LOL. Donuts? Yummmm, I save the plastic trays. I get it, But when it comes to tomatoes, and peppers/others to a large extent, there is a trade off. In fact, thermal processing generally improves lycopene bioavailability by disrupting cellular membranes, which allows lycopene to be released from the tissue matrix (Nguyen et al. 2001). Multiple studies have shown that lycopene from thermally processed tomato products is more bioavailable than lycopene from fresh tomatoes (Gärnter et al. 1997, Stahl & Sies 1992, Allen et al. 2002). https://www.google.com/search?q=tomato+licopene&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-ab Molassis I notice something yesterday as I was cleaning the plastic trays I put under my pots to catch the drainage. A brownish greasy film, not the usual blackish dried residue(leached organics I think). Conclusion: molasses I mixed with water didn'T dissolve very well and watering with it had minimal if any advantageous affect. Also, idea of a foliar spray now not good idea. However, I have been intrigued with what I have read here regarding "Teas". Wadda ya think of this: 5 gal pail, 2 gal water, half cup molasses, coffee grounds, wood ash(got alot of that), Epsom salt, ground egg shells, chopped banana peel, table scraps, maybe a little bakers yeast(I make my own bread) and a fairly tight lid. Shaken couple times a day, not stirred. Take outside 5 days later and have neighbor kid open lid as I supervise from a distance, pour off liquid, save residue(might make a good roofing sealant), and see whats what. I read and watch videos alot, use this, no this is better, do it this way, no, that way is better. Well F it. Everybody in the pool. Just like how I make soup. I haven't seen leaves in 6 months. If you do find the little fella: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA_Qv1nd3Ug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSbt6_L9hBY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdBHpUCs_I8 most nutrients in potatoes are in and just under the skin so don't peel. nice and crunchy raw. Might help with carb craving. You know how to grow your own Peace be with You and Yours T
  5. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    last post before me was 5 years earlier lol. Why let a good thread go to waste? previously I said I used 2 tsp per gallon, wasn't strong enuf, imo. will try again with 1 Tbsp per gallon as a foliar spray. I see what you mean about your "grow". Learned alot by reading that thread. Didn't know the LED cal/mag issue. Will give you a link anyway, its an hour but worth watching imo. How to Grow Microgreens in Your Home & Make $100,000+ a Year - YouTube vertical farming is waaaaaaaay past the concept stage. John at his channel "GrowingYourGreens" is organic to the bone. Saw one of his vids about a new worm casting product. He's pumped about that. He also lives SW, Arizona/Vegas somewhere. Envious? Damn right. Outdoor growing climate here is HS. Larry, the owner, just looks like an old stoner, albiet more $$ healed. Quite an entrepreneur as well. Because its snowing as I type. Sick of it. Just ordered 4 more grow light tubes. Had to, ordered 50 more bare root strawberry plants(Albion). Have a long history of being obsessive. Never understood that concept of moderation. Anyway, still experimenting with lights/fert/soil. Going back to a basic 1 part sand/peat/compost&manure and add from there slowly. Picked up blood meal and bone meal. I know where I want to go, just currently flying IFR with only a VFR flight plan. Say hi to your potato plant for me. Planning on cannabis fries? Ground buds with mashed potato/roasted garlic on a hot EVOO skillet? New pancake craze. I'm serious. Peace be with You and Yours T.
  6. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    northern Minnesota USA, near the edge of the permafrost :-(
  7. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    These links may not work on your phone. I use a puter mostly, smart phones & I have issues. I'm a throw back to the rotary era & operators with a pulse. Bob Marley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbYstMRI9qE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxbqeQf6O- k&list=PL_mXX8cCHBrXsboVy172QJsI5UTP_HEb2 Pink Floyd-I still have a little residual vetran cosmic rocker leftin me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH1bDZ0Gnqg Infinite Waters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf1S1M7WPHE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW0D_Wlx0tQ Various https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=psDjlWD9VgQ&list=PLJtpjlkBVF4zfaH6meI4QpE6ZoBTIUXhn These are in my wheelhouse Carbon Based Lifeforms https://www.youtube.com/watch? annotation_id=annotation_302300457&feature=iv&src_vid=eo_UElioo7M&v=d7FK 3arH0FY Shpongle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IdDr0T90Jk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XQjAHoWPRA Ott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW1TJ5dvmik There is also 528 Hz no idea what thats about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MPRbX7ACh8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkM-FjfN6Mc There is also 528 Hz no idea what thats about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkM-FjfN6Mc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MPRbX7ACh8 I can make a pretty good argument that the origin of electronica(House and Trance included) can be traced back to the island of Ibisi (pronounced Ah bee za), part of the Balearic chain of Islands in the western Mediterranean off the East coast of Spain. Cafe del Mar also has a streaming FM station http://cafedelmarfm.radio.net/ If you like really good chill :-) Peace be with You and Yours T.
  8. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    Greenred Productions has done alot of work in this space Earth's Vibrational Frequency - 7.83 Hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt66eVh5Hrc There is also 432 Hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg1_DXazvKI No idea what the difference is between the 2 frequencies, not that heavy into that but I am SOLID electronica. Deep House to some Trance. The older, good trance. I have run across a few albums, by those that I follow, that have recorded in 432 Hz. If you'd like, I will send you some links. I'm sure I will run across them again. My music library is fast approaching 50 GB. I agree, plants probably do have a consciousness. Music may be just another overlooked "fertilizer". Peace be with You and Yours T.
  9. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    You mentioned Obviously, strawberry is not cannabis but in general, a plant about to bud or begin flowering, I would not add (N or a high dose of carbon, molasses), more the K & P. That is why I shy away from the NKP time release blends. Maybe cannabis much different, I defer to you. Not growing any cannabis and can't really. I notified the local PD before I turned on my grow lights and gave them permission to come look whenever they wanted to. I remember from a previous life, more than one banging on the door only to see "the man" with a gun and a warrant. Much too old for that now :-). Curious, do you serenade your plants? If not, you might find this interesting. https://www.maximumyield.com/latest-issues If that interests you, a suggested music selection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elgk6jTCaHQ&list=PL9qkfCVmfjhs9GL2fvvsaUVQEE1MDBc4m Peace be with You and Yours T
  10. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    no cannibis, ozark beauty and pineberry. cannibis was a previous life. just looking for the green growth at this point, little at a time. really don't like those NKP blend fertilizers. Looking for more natural ways, blood meal/Epsom salt/wood ash/egg shells yada yada. Peace be with You and Yours T
  11. CrazyDad

    All about Molasses

    I tried liquid molasses in my garden last year, but I mixed it way to strong, about a cup to 1 gallon. It did work tho, my tomato plants grew 5 inches in one week. Just be careful if you buy commercial molasses from a feed store. Make them show you a detailed ingredient list. If your an organic grower, you will be shocked. Whole bunch of nasties, but its intended for livestock, not humans. I just finished potting some strawberry bare root plants and plan on using some store bought , Brer Rabbit/all natural/unsulphured molasses. 1 Tbsp per gallon spring water. Plants are very young and only giving them 1/2 cup water daily for now. Will put 2 Tbsp per 1/2 cup one time and see what happens in 1 week. Peace be with You and Yours T

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