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  1. What is PAR of the led grow light

    Photosynthentically active radiation (PAR) is the available light required for photosynthesis to take place. The wavelengths of photosynthentically active radiation that plants can use are generally in the range of 400-700 nanometers (nm). Photosynthentically active radiation is absolutely essential for a plant to survive, and plants grow fastest in conditions of higher PAR. Plants germinate, grow, bloom, and produce fruit during the summer months when PAR is at its highest. But as the levels of PAR begin to drop towards autumn, plants slow their growth, die back and eventually go dormant. Photosynthentically active radiation is generated by the sun and commercially available plant grow lamps. And led grow light is a good way to gain PAR for your plan, i used some befor , some company will measuer the pra value , so it will be helpful. and i think marshydro led grow light seems great.They have a lot product for you within different converage and price.
  2. It is better to choose more small light for your yields. Using multiple lights allows you to better distribute the intense light in more areas of the grow space instead of having all of the higher intensity light concentrated in only one area while the outer edges never receive intense light.
  3. HPS VS LED , how to choose

    What the difference between Hps and led grow light. I sum up some comparisons. Any other tips will be very glad. pros of HPS HPS light setups have a cheaper initial start-up cost, but the price gap between comparable HPS and LED grow has become much smaller as LED grow light setups have become more and more affordable each year. HPS bulbs provide an immense amount of raw light intensity so they can produce great yields, particularly when working with very large plants. Cons of HPS HPS lights use much more electricity to generate light than comparable LED grow light setups and are thus much less efficient. HPS lights also generate a lot of heat, which often requires additional ventilation equipment to maintain a proper grow room temperature. HPS grow bulbs diminish in intensity significantly over time and must be replaced regularly every 12-18 months resulting in additional operation costs. Pros of LED Grow Lights Today’s some LED grow lights can rival the production of HPS lights that use nearly twice the wattage, which adds up to great savings on the power bill. LED grow lights run much cooler than HPS resulting in an obvious set of benefits for the indoor grower. LED grow light units typically come as all-in-one fixtures, which are easier to work with in tight spaces. They can also be placed closer to plants in confined areas with very little risk of heat damage. Cons of LED Grow Lights LED Grow lights do have a higher upfront cost but have been shown to save in the long run thanks to a lower cost of operation. LED Grow lights produce very little heat, which for many is an advantage. However, those growing with LED’s in colder indoor areas may need to supplement the extra heat an HID light such as an HPS or MH would produce.

    Is this pretty, do you love it.
  5. Why use fan to grow hemp

    I was wondering why use fan to help you grow hemp .( when you use more than two fan try to make sure the air come from fan is at different angle) here is a explanation. It give the cannabis the stress to grow better. when the fan dry the soil, it help the root of the hemp to grow harder, and it can make it stronger. so it can help you have a better grow effect and yeilds. Any one have other explanations.

    some useful tips for grow better. 1 more co2 have a positive impact on plant health, 2 planter size bigger help the root grow better 3 pruning the plant in the right way help the growth rate and performing lolli popping will increase the yeild. 4 useing led grow light or ballast lights 5 The PH value is important. mostly strat about 6.5 and during the vegetation drop it to 6.1 just prior to flowering and enventually drop it to about 5.5

    Want to make your plant like this .

    1 put the seeds in distill water (one night) 2 the seeds is spout tails can be used when you get seed out from water try not to hurt it's tails . 3 prepare rock wool (that have been sock full with water PH is 5.5) 4 choose complete seeds and make a tiny hole in that rock wool and pue seed in the hole and try to make the tap root not downside 5 use a humidity dome because the seed like humdity and make sure the humidity dome havesome tiny hole to get fresh air and open it to get some new air about 2 days. 6 and after few days when you find the seed have pop out of the rock wool youcan put it into soil.
  9. 1 Light (brightness has a huge effect on yields ) 2 Air (fresh air with a slight breeze is best) 3 a grow medium(place to grow, soil isn't your only choice) 4 the right Temperature(room temperature or a little warmer is perfect during the day, cannot stand freezing at night) 5 Nutirents (start at half as much as what's recommended on the package) 6 Water (maintain PH for best results, soil likes 6 - 7 pH & hydro likes 5.5 - 6.5 pH)
  10. Useful grow tips for hemp

    It is better if you choose more small light for your plant instead of one big light for your plant. Because within the overlap of one light to each other ,it can provide a powerful penetration and bigger coverage compare to one big light. How do you think about it. Any other tips for us.