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  1. Ayris7

    How the hell do you smoke hash?

    When I started smoking marijuana, I didn't have much experience and I couldn't ask friends or family how to do right. I knew how to smoke marijuana through a bong. Now I know much more and find the necessary information on the Internet. Here's a good article http://www.ncsm.nl/english/diy/best-ways-smoke-hash on how the hell to smoke a hash. Now I prefer to cook brownie with marijuana. Usually my family doesn't notice what I eat. I find out that many of my friends started smoking marijuana. I was very afraid of condemnation on their part and hid it from them. But I'm glad that I can already be honest with them.
  2. Ayris7

    3D Printing

    It is very cool!
  3. Ayris7

    Do You Like Watching Movies

    Yes, I like watching movies.
  4. Ayris7

    Tattooing High

    Hello, Lucy. It seems to me that marijuana can not harm your work and it's cool that you can combine)
  5. Ayris7

    Me bored at work

    You have a good job)

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