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  1. Measurement of pH in Plant Tissue

    charts like this help to give guides to new growers. thanks for sharing
  2. This news and the all the info accompanying it is like the Mosaic Law without end. But the good news is that it wouldn't stop the goodwill of Cannabis
  3. After reading the whole news as reported via the link inserted in the parent post, all I can say is that they are very stringent somewhat. I think our politicians should really do wide consultations before deliberating on issues like this.
  4. Hempy Bucket:how to

    It's really difficult for me to see any photograph uploaded due to the 3rd party hosting which shows that it has been temporarily disabled. Please see to this anomaly
  5. Best movies to watch stoned!

    Well, I will recommend Black Panther, where the whole Wakanda shit keep making you feel like Thor or Floki
  6. Crowded and too tall

    I wish i could develop a software that can transform pictorial stuffs like this to real life. nice buds
  7. Juicing Raw Cannibis??

    raising my little finger up as a sign that I am interested to see the pics or clips of your juicing techniques so I can learn how to do mine when the time is due
  8. Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide in Hydroponics

    I wish these words and lessons therein could be fed to my plants as nutes.
  9. How to Grow Hydroponic Weed

    Nice input from Quincy...much respect