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  1. wildandfree

    Proposals on Cannabis

    Well the portion talking about accessing cannabis for medical purposes is a 50-50 thing (win-win) for all stakeholders. Good import.
  2. wildandfree

    No Link found between Psychedelics and Psychosis

    quite an interesting piece, though it's quite lengthy
  3. wildandfree

    Elephant Bud question

    The issue is that this kinda of stuff is what has been on my mind to ask. thanks a lot
  4. wildandfree

    Light Mover

    get a sample and dismantle the parts or better, go on YouTube and watch some do it yourself videos
  5. wildandfree


    Eagerly waiting for the first sprouts to occur soon
  6. wildandfree

    Sweet, Sweet Baby; My head Banger. Isn't she cute?

    i wish the picture could be translated into real life situation. i would score high in the Guinness Book of World Records because the bud as magnified is very huge even for my mouth to puff...
  7. wildandfree

    Crowded and too tall

    I feel like plucking off any of those buds for a nice chill uphill, you know what I mean!

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