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  1. patchgrower

    patchgrowers patch

    thanks labrat
  2. just a quick note . i got my report back from the oncologist and lo and behold my tumors are shrinking.happy day they went down about 20%in the last 7 months.fucking awesome. i dont know if its the chemo pills or the incredible amount of weed oil i eat every day,but whatever it is seems to be working. considering they told me i had 6-8 months to live without chemo ,i'm 7 months in and healthier than i was before,not just in the tumor aspect of it. thank god for marijuana.also the wife received her grow licence so we can double up now. somehow the stars aligned for me for a change.
  3. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    yes they are looking nice ,very healthy. it looks like you have alot of sativa.we cant grow too many of these as they take too long to finish. i have plant envy. so many beautiful sativa strains that i'd love to try. i guess i could do some inside. we do have some that they call sativa that will finish here but not anything that is the real deal. i love the stealth factor of these plants ,hard to recognize unless you know what you're looking for ,although i suspect that changes when there is a pile of bud hanging off of them lol.
  4. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    wow they're really standing up now! i was looking at the hog i have tied over and wondering if it should be spread out more as it grows as its quickly turning into a bush. so i guess the answer is yes , so i will continue training.i did alot of camo work so far . feeling much safer now even if i'm not. how long is your season where you are? our ends around 1st to middle oct if the frost and mold keep away. so far i'm noticing the internode space is much shorter on this plant.i'm presuming they'll stretch out some as they grow?
  5. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    that's the plan. back out today to try to cover the dirt plots.iv'e got alot of yard debris and moss, so ill start with that.pretty sure ive got an old green tarp in the barn. it doesn't have to be perfect , just good enough not to catch the eye on a quick look. they haven't flown copters looking for weed here for a few years. hoping they don,t start now with their increased budget.a buddy of mine got nabbed about 12 years ago but he was reported so they came looking. took all his plants [over100] but since he cooperated they didn't lay any charges. unfortunately this guys bad luck didn't end there. the next year he had his clones in his camp in the spring and somebody broke in and stole them all. bad luck didn't end there, the theives got caught with the clones and other stuff they had stolen from a bunch of other cottages.where do you think they told the cops they got the plants at. he took a break from growing after this but back at it now. thanks for the advice. i.ll get some pics today or tomorrow and post.hoping winter is going to end soon lol.2 degrees celcius last nite.
  6. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    well i'm almost thinking a little of both although the ones i grew last year were more sativa. i find they dont seem to mold as much where they are more branchy and spread out. also the ones from last year i had been growing for a few years because that particular pheno will finish here. not all blueberrys will. so for this year i'm on another hunt for a mom. as i was telling shadey ,my heater malfunctioned last year and fried all my moms-painful.seems to be lots of good strains around here to pick from though. just unfamiliar with growth rates and flowering times for new ones ,so a bit of a learning curve. a little mystery puts the fun in it sometimes lol. i''m trying to figure out a natural way to camo my buckets. ive used spruce branches and all kinds of yard waste to cover them.really only worried about the aerial view . those black buckets really stick out.trying to break up the round pattern so they blend in better.
  7. patchgrower

    too much weed?

    well that's the thing, trying to get the best bang for the buck without breaking the bank. after my first 2 indoor runs , now i see some of the flaws in my room. i will be redoing it this summer .unfortunately it will be a cheap redo, but only certain parts of it need to be tweaked. checking out led lights lately and i don't know whether it's worth it or not. a lot of money and do they produce as well? trying to wrap my brain around this rh thing.i understand what you're saying about it being relative to temp. but if the humidity is not actually higher in the air then what would be causing the pm. could it be the improper ventilation? my intake air is not big enough and when the fan starts all the plastic in the room starts to pull inward and i can feel alot of air being pulled in by the electrical outlets. i will be buying a proper vent and filter setup this summer. also in the spring the rh here is really high, so there is a big difference between rooms . one being heated and the other not.the outside room can be up to 90% sometimes, especially if raining. thanks for trying to help me get this figured out. really appreciate it. did you manage to get any autos out?
  8. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    that's the thing . i'm hoping to still have these at the end of the season.a friend down the road got ripped last year and i'm crossing my fingers that the little assholes don't show up at my place.fortunately i've got a border collie who keeps people away. actually a really friendly dog but if you pulled in the driveway you wouldn't think that. got to do a little more camo work on the outdoor stuff. hopefully keep the rippers at bay.i like the trees too, and the 3 blueberries in the other plot are headed that way .they were over 8 ft last year . different blueberry plants this year so who knows [seeds from 3 different companies]. planted some leftovers from the past.see what happens.
  9. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    thanks for that .only able to come up with things like this, because of people like yourself, and many others on this site, who take the time to show other people what you have learned . i'll keep you posted on this one , i,m thinking happy thoughts! i will get some straw and cover the other bed as well. i think it helps keep moisture in the soil as well.
  10. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    hello grow wizzard. iv,e been watching how you lay your plants down ,and find it very interesting. so this year i am trying one plant as an experiment . up here in nova scotia ,the season is completely different to yours. so i can't keep them right on the soil as they would rot here.way too moist! so i used a long and deep though to plant one in and laid it over. iv'e been training it indoor for awhile. do you think it will work ok or is there a better way from what you see in the pic. nice to see people thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ways to get a better product.peace
  11. patchgrower

    Monsanto joind Maximum Yield Magazine

    well hopefully people like us ,will still save good genetics to trade, so we don't have to ever deal with these scum. the only part that doesn't worry me, is that it likely won't effect the small growers like us as much as they really have no way to control us. i'm sure most people who have grown for awhile has some sort of seed bank stocked up,i probably have 20 -30 different strains myself. i guess my point is ,i don't think i'll ever have to buy seeds from these guys as there is enough available locally to keep me going. they will be able to control the bigger players, but as far as us little fish go, i can't see it. so fxxx them , they are going to do it anyway.if they can catch us all ,good luck
  12. patchgrower

    too much weed?

    i'm basically trying to control the humidity in the room. i have been having problems with pm and i'm trying to get it figured out.i went to a friends room the other day and while there he showed me his setup, but as we were looking at it he said i gotta get the door closed or the humidity spikes[ because of the temp difference between rooms]so i got thinking every time i'm in there working on the plants i have the door open.do you think this could be my issue? i do have a day\night fan controller and if i leave the door closed right now it's staying around 40%rh.i'll have to try just going in and leaving the door closed while i work.this is why i like outdoor ,fill the bucket and throw it out . let mother nature do her thing. shouldn't say that , i am enjoying the inside growing just have to get it figured out a little better . thanks for the reply.
  13. patchgrower

    too much weed?

    guess that's why i'm still poor lol. yes i would appreciate a link to where you got the rh meter at .thanks
  14. patchgrower

    too much weed?

    you know you're too high when you roll this. it wasn't me thank god. this is a bud of the old shiskaberry x shiskaberry by cash crop ken.wish i still had this strain. this bud for some reason kind of looks like nova scotia so i took a pic. this is probably about 15 years ago. unfortunately its a pic of a pic and not very clear.

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