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  1. patchgrower

    cat vs plant story (was shocked)

    yes, cats love the taste of weed. when i'm trimming, the cat will come over and nibble on the leaves for a minute or so then get bored with it. thinks it's like catnip.i have had raccoons rip them right out of the ground and just replant and they come back. slows them down for a bit. but they grow fine.amazingly resiliant plant.
  2. patchgrower

    oil as medicine

    i'm thinking its the weed as well. i will continue to cut down on chemo this round and see how it goes . cutting back this last round seems to have had a better result, so i will continue on this trend. thats why i'm trying to get away from the chemo because it is slowly killing me. if i can stop soon enough, i should be able to recover to a certain point. never be what i was a couple of years ago, but a far sight better than the 6-8 months they gave me 10 months ago. thanks shadey i appreciate it. might be coming down soon.
  3. just a quick note on oil. i just got the call from the doctor and the actual numbers were better than i expected. no new tumors and the liver ones shrunk from 4.6 cm to 2.2 cm. i have been taking less chemo but the same amount of rso as i was taking. trying to figure out which is actually working and if its ever possible to get off this chemo. seems like a constant battle between the oil and chemo.still don't know if one alone is better or if i need the chemo. the only problem with taking chemo is i know it will kill me at some point , so trying to figure out which way i'm better off. it's like having a different devil on each shoulder yelling different things. but still, things are on the upswing ,so pretty damn happy about that . have a good one.
  4. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    looks like you've got some good winters smoke there . good job. buds look nice and full.
  5. yes have to agree. the wife went yesterday and bought 2 grams at the liqour store and both were right on 1 gram.so maybe this is from a fresher supply. anyway its good to see the weights were right on.
  6. in nova scotia you can buy it in certain liqour stores around the province as well as online. i looked in at the line up and kept going. i see on social media that grams are not what they seem in some cases. some at .9 and all the way down to .6 thats pretty poor when its already overpriced. and the packaging is unreal.so they put it in a plastic container and then in a box[couldnt have anybody smell it on the way home] and then apply a health canada seal to top it off.thats one well protected part gram there my friends. plus even if you arrive in a wheel chair you have to show id. i asked the guy at the liqour checkout if he was going to ask for my id but he declined. so why the double standard? i was talking to a guy who works for d.o.t. yesterday and he was telling me that they are now worried about impaired drivers as weed is now legal.can you believe that people were so naive that they thought it wasn't happeneing before. need to dig their heads out of their asses. the reason it wasn't an issue before is it wasn't an issue before. oh and also i think i got another good scan report. was at the doctor yesterday for flu shot and he mentioned the ct scan it was screwed up as when i did the first scan on thur , they called and said that they hadnt done my chest so i had to go back yesterday morning and get it done. then went in afternoon for flu shot and he said that the liver spots were either the same or smaller. have to call him tomorrow to get the full report as he hadnt had time to review. but looks positive. last thing is the online access card for nslc weed.i got one by asking. no id required. so now if i had kids they could be using this number to access the online store to look. i dont see why its such a big deal, if they want to look at pot its everywhere on the internet. total waste of money. govt at work , scary.
  7. patchgrower

    Weedy Wednesday

    happy legal weed. really never thought that they would do it as it's been illegal for all 60 of my years. wont change much for me except maybe being a little more careful on concealment when transporting. my wife was talking about all the young people she works with who go to their car and smoke at dinner and then go back to work . whats going to happen when they have a stop -check and pull these guys over.me thinks alot of dui's coming up. should be interesting.cant wait to see the news tonite to see how the first day went.i wont be smoking one before i go to town today thats for sure.
  8. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    love to see the buds starting to swell .they look good,cant wait to see the finish. my season ended early as we had a horrible frost. went out to look and they looked like snow cones. temp was down to -6 c that killed them . some were done like the bigger timewarps. i got 1100 grams off of 4 timewarps and good thing because alot of other ones i wont get much off of. gonna be alot of hash this year.screwy year as it started off with a killer frost and ended with a killer frost. oh well back to inside .hope yours continue to flourish. betting you dont get frost.lol
  9. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    well i spent alot of time going through as many individual buds as possible, checking for mold. you have to pull them apart a little to really find it sometimes. one tiny little bud leaf inside dies and so it begins. i did a major defoliation to help airflow ,but as i picked mold i realized its actually those little leaves that die right in the bud that usually start it. so by going through them every day at this stage i can let them finish with minimal loss. hopefully! weather is changing to a more fall outlook after today, so hopefully drier air. anyway good luck to all on your fall crop!
  10. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    lookin good . nice to see the buds start to swell and the smells oh yes. you've got a longer season than me . iv'e only got less than a month left if i'm lucky. weather looks bad as we are getting the remnants of florence and more rain after that. if we can get through that without too much mold it might be ok but i cut out a dozen pieces of mold yesterday. so the fight begins. good luck with yours and hope for great weather.
  11. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    looking good man ,i love it when you can smell them . gives you hope for things to come.
  12. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    really taking off now . looks great. sorry to hear about the continuing fires, must be worrisome. did i hear some body set one of them intentionally? gotta wonder whats wrong with people sometimes.
  13. so you're saying that global warming is a scam ? then why is it so hot. been on this earth for 60 years and the climate has changed alot from when i was young. everybody has their opinion, but when i look out the door it's still a different world then when i grew up. also why have the seasons changed ,our spring is a month later than usual now - its almost end of june ,and on the other end of summer fall lasts longer. seems like seasons have shifted by about a month , from what it used to be. maybe not global warming but definately climate change.
  14. patchgrower

    Majestic12 LED Grow

    scrap that, just reread your post and you say what it is sorry.
  15. patchgrower

    Majestic12 LED Grow

    that's a nice setup, love the light . can i inquire as to what brand it is?

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