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  1. patchgrower

    dagda fertilizer

    well i'm going to try it out. i switched a couple of years ago, from miracle grow for outdoor because of the heavy metal thing, but struggled finding a replacement that will produce the same volume.i'm hoping this is it .the initial cost at 40 for a 4kg bucket seems alot but its alot of fert when you're only putting 30 ml per bucket twice a year.so if i put out 10 buckets i would use 600 ml for the year.not too bad really. and if you gain yield even by 5 % you're still ahead of the game.did i see you were going to throw a plant outdoor for fun?i love growing outdoor as they can get big. a friend of mine got some clones from another guy who had brought back seeds from jamaica.must be sativa as they were about 12 ft tall at the end of it. they did finish to a certain point and the weed was quite tasty but so hard to deal with.anyway hes going to bring me up a couple today.he says they are still in a 4inch pot and 4 ft tall.sounds bad but we'll see. yes i've been watching harley since you sent me the link. i'm checking out some of his other videos now . thanks for the link.do you want a 12 ft jamacian monster for a yard ornament?
  2. patchgrower

    dagda fertilizer

    i just bought dagda grow fert from my local shop.has anyone ever used this ? the specs are 8%ammoniacal nitrogen and 14%urea for a total of 22% n.phosphate is 17% and potassium is 12%. also has molybdenum at 0.001%.its a slow release but i'm wondering if it will flush out well ?appreciate any comments if you've used this product.
  3. patchgrower

    List of recommended seed banks

    i like vancouver seed bank . good strains ,prices and service . would buy from again .ive also used hemp depot and had good luck. would buy from them again. true north seed bank i had problems with low germ rate and they didnt want to talk to me at all. said they weren't allowed to talk about it. i whined and finally got a pack of critical white widow out of them , would not go back. lve also tried crop king service was great, but had problems with the cotton candy auto as it refused to flower even when a non-auto would've . ive had other seeds from them that worked fine and they replaced the cc seeds right away as they realized they had a problem with them. would buy from them again.
  4. well ive been treating chronic pain, although muscular not neuropathic with marijuana for years .started out with a broken leg, then went to esoghagus cancer, so they removed the lower half of my esoghagus and the top half of my stomach.they had to cut muscles in my back as well as up the front to do this that i suffer daily from muscular pain.also my leg cramps alot from the metal hardware in it.if it wasnt for weed im, pretty sure i would either not be here today or at least not be able to function daily as i do . i take 500 mg suppositories twice daily and two oil filled capsules daily. ive really cut back on what i smoke[weed] as i don't need it when i do the edibles.mind you i have built up my tolerence over a period of months as far as taking anything orally goes[in the mouth] as this will set you on your ass if you take too much. the suppositories are easy and you don't get high off of them as they bypass the liver when you go the lower route.going the oral route is actually enjoyable as long as you watch the dose and be consistent with it .maybe tell him to start with some low potency edibles and see how he likes these. i find the worst with edibles is people take them for the first time and do too much . just start off slow . of course there is always smoking as well. some high cbd strains are amazing at pain relief and offer a quicker way to find relief, although for a shorter time and the low thc strains don't get you really buzzed. i use high thc strains to treat my cancer symptoms[nausea - insomnia-pain]and it works so well , im hoping to never have to take any opiods again.anyway i hope you find some help for your friend. if done properly i believe that weed can help most people in the world. good luck
  5. patchgrower

    Lab's latest efforts

    yes they are looking great . i have grown blueberry for a long time starting with seeds from dj short a long time ago.the plants were medium sized and were late for outdoor ,probably about 2 wks later than everything else but if you could get it to finish the taste was really nice.ive had seeds from vsc and dutch passion and some phenos finished much quicker and the plants outdoor could easily get to 250g.the big thing is they always seem to come on really fast in the finish, so hopefully yours will come around as well.
  6. patchgrower

    the patch day 36 into flower

    the greenhouse is 20x24 ft and i believe about 12 ft high.should be able to have about 4 rows with room to walk in between, have to see what veggies im going to grow as to build ground or raised beds . will probably be a combo of the two. im hoping to put the potted plants in there to finish come fall.yeah i saw the year and laughed myself. im a real newbie when it comes to posting on any site .ive never done it before i joined this forum. i thought about putting some plants in the greenhouse for the whole summer but im not sure how the temps could be in the heat of summer. i talked to the guy that i got it from and he dsid he went into his early in the am and it was already over 40 c.it was totally closed up though. almost thinking i need something automatic for venting as i couldnt trust myself to not miss one day and everythings fried.i think ill experiment for a month or so and if i feel comfortable then maybe ill try to put some in.
  7. patchgrower

    the patch day 36 into flower

    sorry slight amendment. i didnt realize that the photo numbers would not show up so the first 2 pics are the happyface pics 3-4 and 9 are hog.pics 6-8 and 14 are dark angel. pics 13 and 15 are king tut.pic 11 is the little hog plant. sorry for the confusion
  8. patchgrower

    the patch day 36 into flower

    ok the first pic is of my happyface plant . no name just a happyface when i was given the clone. still havent seen this guy to ask what it was.2nd pic is same plant.pics 3 \ 4\10 are hog, high thc and tasty .pics 5 and 7 are painkiller[10%cbd and7%thc].pics 11 and 17 are dark angel,its mostly sativa . first time growing this strain supposed to be high thc. its got a really sweet fruity smell, to it so im excited to try .pic 12 is my new to me greenhouse. had it for 3 years and never got it up due to all the medical crap since then , but im finally on my way . i traded it from another guy who works for a tree growing co. they were all replaced after hurricane juan . this guy took them home and some of it is usable . its pretty bent up but as long as i can get it covered it'll work great.very excited to get it done.pic 14 is the hog clone that im going to put into the container in pic 15.im leaving it the way its laid here and cutting the whole top out of it and try to stake it down so it grows across the length of the pot and can turn upward from there. hopefully like a little hedge. thats what happens when you retire. too much time to think of crazy ideas that you never had time for before. pics 16 and 18 are king tut supposedly another high thc strain.then just a couple pics in the room . these have all been grown in coco with canna a-b fert and cannazym and rhizotonic initially and when i hit flower slowed down on the rhizo and added boost. at week 4 i added a one time shot of pk13\14.now at day 36 into flower.im wondering where to go from here . i was talking to labrat the other day and thanks to some of his suggestions i will be trying some new things to make these girls all they can be.if you see anything that would improve the outcome please feel free to respond.and a big thanks to labrat for the reply, very appreciated.well now off to try to get the truckload of cow poop off the back of my truck. think ill smoke a painkiller first as im sure ill need it .anyway have a great day fellow growers .peace
  9. patchgrower

    yellowing leaves / plant ate up the nitrogen

    thanks for the info. im at day 34 in flower antipacitating to go to 55-60 days. at what point do you hit the plants with it . ive got epsom salts here that i could use. also how much in a gal of water?thanks again.
  10. patchgrower

    yellowing leaves / plant ate up the nitrogen

    just wondering ,i hadn't heard about sulfur before beefing up trichs. would you mind giving some info on this . where to obtain and how much to use.anything that improves the final product ,i would love to try. is there no effect on taste? thanks in advance labrat.
  11. yeah too true labrat. the big guys get bigger and we fight for the scraps.
  12. thats why i didnt bother trying to change my scrip. i really dont need that much a day. if you are making oil out of it as i am you use a lot more, but not 10 g a day.but everybodys different. i know people who smoke a fiver a day. and im sure there are people who smoke 10 a day.i guess its about taking away the right to be able to use that much if you wanted to.im sure as shadey said people sell it but they sell the pills too. unfortunately some of these people are not working and probably struggling financially so can you really blame them.
  13. is it only certain sites? i was just on youtube and watched a bunch of weed videos.
  14. safety scissors,lol what do they think youre a child. oh my god! im pretty sure these people have never smoked weed before. that just made my day. like shadey said they are just covering their ass.butter knife,ive been smoking weed with alot of people over the years and have always been a smoker of weed myself and i have never seen anybody use a butter knife.i have actually used safety scissors in jamaica out of necessity.
  15. just try a small piece first,i had thought about doing that years ago when i was growing bag seed that wasnt very tasty. i had noticed that the whole wheat bread had left a bit of taste in the bud . not a bad taste but you could tell the difference.might be an interesting test. let us know what you find.

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