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  1. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    well i spent alot of time going through as many individual buds as possible, checking for mold. you have to pull them apart a little to really find it sometimes. one tiny little bud leaf inside dies and so it begins. i did a major defoliation to help airflow ,but as i picked mold i realized its actually those little leaves that die right in the bud that usually start it. so by going through them every day at this stage i can let them finish with minimal loss. hopefully! weather is changing to a more fall outlook after today, so hopefully drier air. anyway good luck to all on your fall crop!
  2. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    lookin good . nice to see the buds start to swell and the smells oh yes. you've got a longer season than me . iv'e only got less than a month left if i'm lucky. weather looks bad as we are getting the remnants of florence and more rain after that. if we can get through that without too much mold it might be ok but i cut out a dozen pieces of mold yesterday. so the fight begins. good luck with yours and hope for great weather.
  3. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    looking good man ,i love it when you can smell them . gives you hope for things to come.
  4. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    really taking off now . looks great. sorry to hear about the continuing fires, must be worrisome. did i hear some body set one of them intentionally? gotta wonder whats wrong with people sometimes.
  5. so you're saying that global warming is a scam ? then why is it so hot. been on this earth for 60 years and the climate has changed alot from when i was young. everybody has their opinion, but when i look out the door it's still a different world then when i grew up. also why have the seasons changed ,our spring is a month later than usual now - its almost end of june ,and on the other end of summer fall lasts longer. seems like seasons have shifted by about a month , from what it used to be. maybe not global warming but definately climate change.
  6. patchgrower

    Majestic12 LED Grow

    scrap that, just reread your post and you say what it is sorry.
  7. patchgrower

    Majestic12 LED Grow

    that's a nice setup, love the light . can i inquire as to what brand it is?
  8. this is scary stuff.i don't think i would ever pass their test with the amount i take . so are we going to be subjected to roadside checks like for alcohol. will they be doing random testing at stop checks more often? hopefully we are just overthinking it,but i'm pretty sceptical. somehow the govt has a proven track record of fxxxxxxg things up.
  9. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    they look great. they have grown quite a bit since the last update. unfortunate price to pay for free ferts but it's nature,no way out of that.
  10. really hoping that if we whine enough in the media us medical patients will be heard. much as i hate social media, once they get their teeth into something it can go viral pretty quick. also so far, nobody has said that access to medical marijuana is going to be cut off, so hopefully it's not going to happen. maybe someone with some sense will prevail ha-ha.
  11. patchgrower

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    i would just consider them all battle scars .we all have our crosses to bear,and the older we get the more its evident. keep the spirit. i went into the bank to figure out my finances, and the woman couldn't believe i was in such a good mood ,as i have lost alot in the last 4 years. was supposed to retire and sell my business ,live happily ever after .all went to crap lost just about everything.had to sell my truck and camper. but i'm here .when you think your ticket is being punched and then you find out its not .i can't even describe the feeling! so enjoy the hell out of every day. i sure as hell do .
  12. apparently they are not thinking about the home growers who use alot more than they could ever afford to buy. might be ok for the person who uses a gram a day ,but i personally use about 8-10 grams a day by the time i take all the suppositories and oil pills plus what i smoke if i had to pay for it i could never do it. hopefully cooler heads will prevail ,and come up with a better solution, as the ones who will be affected most will be the ones who can least afford it.
  13. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    i''m presuming you're talking about emissions from planes as ive never heard of this issue. i guess big problems all over the world . thankfully trump told us there is no global warming, so we don't have to worry about that. then why does it feel like jamaica all of a sudden? i haven't used molasses before, but will do this year. only good thing about all this humidity is my clones took off really easily, so thats a good thing. found about 4 early strains this year for outdoor so hopefully can keep some moms. starting to think losing everything last year might have been a blessing in disguise. may have found better strains than what i was growing.
  14. patchgrower

    when are the plants going to flower or bud?

    well it depends on where you are in this big world.up here in the north it has already started with some strains. that's the other thing , certain strains will flower earlier than others, noticeably indica strains flower earlier than sativas. autoflowers just bud at a preset time ,theoretically anyway. so without knowing the strain, it's a guessing game. you can check in the corner of the branches and see if you can see any preflowers [little hairs] but other than that you'll have to wait. but it will depend on whether you live in the equatorial regions or further north as this will mean alot as to when to expect them to ripen.hope this helps.
  15. patchgrower

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    yeah it seems every year there is more natural disasters on a grander scale. weather way hotter than normal all over the world. they showed a chart of ocean temps the other night and the water around n.s. is 2-4 degrees hotter than normal,that's alot. worries me for the late season storms usually around sept. grow wizzard those girls are looking great.interested to see the final outcome. thanks for the comments everybody.

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