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  1. MHz

    Cannabis seed producers, seed growers

    The Gov should buy the seeds (along with a bud) from the home growers as they would act as the 'R&D' end to where the growers they have growing the bulk ends up with the newest strains and that might mean some big coin for the one who produced the original seeds. If it's really good they will just seal it I assume.
  2. MHz

    Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    Since it is an experiment to see how the plants degrade over the winter perhaps an intentional late planting would result in plants that get frozen before they are producing seeds. The goal is to have the longest fibers as possible as well as getting the pulp from inside of the plant as that has a market all by itself. If your theory is right then a crop harvested for seeds rather than fiber could have enough seeds to grow several crops that are for fiber and the pulp. I'm not sure I like the idea of leaving any seeds in the field without it being intended. With the buds being on the upper parts of the plant it should be possible to collect the buds without beating the seeds out of them until they are back at the 'barn' and field ret the stalks as best as possible. Keeping them in bundles so the bottoms are together and the tops together seems like it would be easier that picking up the windrow as a round bale. (coming off a roll does seem to an answer to 'easy handling' ) Weaving whole plants into mats that are 8" thick would be a suitable replacement for the imported wood that is used now to hold up drilling rigs when is swampy areas.
  3. MHz

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    The containers would be water-tight but not well insulated and the temp of the water should be constant as the thick layer of moss prevents the ice from going below that level. The heat from the lamps would not build up for that reason and when the lights are off the water temp prevents it cooling off. If that temp is too cold that ends the project I would think.
  4. MHz

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    You missed my whole point as the medical pot side would be used to take in the rare plant that does not qualify as 'hemp', it is blended into the produce that the medical pot side. I covered the regs associated with hemp fields, I was not promoting that those regulations covered medical pot. Sinking the lab has two goals in mind, making the heating and cooling a zero cost and security by being underwater and 'somewhat remote'. I doubt you can even grow medical pot outside in Alberta and an above ground greenhouse would cost more in energy needs than it produces and it cannot be 'secured'. All the cameras could be monitored by staff that is at home rather than at the sight of the plants and if the 'staff' brings the 'front door' with them and take it with them when they leave that would seem to cover that aspect of it. The idea is to have it 'staffed by bots' and the people bring in the raw materials used and haul away the product so visits are rare and with the hemp field within sight it can also be 'watched' by staff that is on site almost daily. Having a rail-line as the only access would also be a security feature
  5. MHz

    A disinfection solution- Hydrogen Peroxide

    You guys will love borax (pure soap). Better and cheaper and it kills ants when mixed with white sugar. Kills all mold and spray it on and let it dry for long term disinfection as the dry powder prevents new bacterial and fungal growth.
  6. MHz

    Cannabis seed producers, seed growers

    Of all the plants Monsanto has been trying to 'patent' I'll bet both varieties of the pot plant have been high on their list
  7. MHz

    Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    I woulds need a combine with the table at a height of 12 ft. I don't think even Acme Hardware has that machine. The seeds being gathered would leave you with 16 ft plants that should be in stooks rather than laying flat on the ground if they can't be turned, You also end with a 'rope' rather than bundles of 16ft plants. A combine with a table with two throats might be able to weave the tops together and spread the bottoms so they are standing and the freezing and warming over the winter makes for plants that be decortized as it is collected. At present there is no machine that does it on the fly, nor is there one like the machines that did the stooks back when the combine was called a threshing machine. Perhaps that is another option but bring the whole plants to it fresh off the field as it would be too heavy to take into the field. Something like a auto bale stacker could be used to stand the plants upright is a 'compressed state' and the seeds would fall as the plant dried out. That would also spread the work out over more time than just planting and harvest.
  8. MHz

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    BC must be in the money to become the medical pot growing capital of Canada since it already owns the black market capital of pot cultivation. Is that what all the 'legal greenhouses' are all about. I'm a perfectionist I don't do 'mediocre'. At least this shows one thing, rather than as the 'self professed experts' a few simple questions it is easier to just go ahead and do the homework yourself. The 2nd is there are trolls on every forum.
  9. MHz

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    That would apply to BC. A small medical pot site that takes in the rough plants that have too much tch to be classified as hemp as the 'company' would be growing 500 acres of hemp. I may have forgot to mention that part. A hay farmer would look at is as the 'tall grass' that has more uses than flax. Thanks for stopping by but I was looking for flaws rather than mining regulations that may/may not apply. I haven't touched on the other business interests that are also available in the same area, all are legal and all are long term projects. Perhaps the marketing possibilities of having an address with 'Hwy 666' in it would more to your liking. Actual hwy name is 'Secondary 666' and it is about 90 miles long and dead ends because of the Rocky Mountains.
  10. MHz

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    The 'best swamp' has a thick layer of moss and then clear water all the way to the bottom and I have nor seen it go over 30ft deep. The swamp has several advantages to that make it cheap to construct, cheap to operate and secure to prevent bandits from being able to find it and get in. Swamp land is always the cheapest around, in a depressed economy it is even cheaper. Start off by owning the land next to the RR and make it into am industrial park setting and the rest is used for the two grow operations. The optic fiber idea was from an underground facility. Since industrial power lines are close that is another option and the parts are off the shelf. It is a passive system once it is installed and the few moving parts the less there is that can break down. If it is commercial sized the 100 containers that are sunk in the same location need to be connected so it is one facility. Without the robbery aspect each one could have access to the surface all the time. The connector would have to be a bit flexible so they would be installed after the container is 'on the bottom' as each container would also have to be watertight to prevent the whole place from being flooded. Same idea only the water is used as the hear sink rather than drilling straight down. For a cabin the well hole could be used for both
  11. MHz

    Where Do I Get Peyote?

    Some of the latest headlines I have seen about this class of plant point to it being used as part of the treatment for alcoholism. The First Nations should jump all over that aspect so every Reserve and Reservation between the North Pole and the tip of South America has the right to trade with each other as far as heritage medicines are concerned. It boils down to the nearest 'rehab' would the the 'hospital' that uses native cures for the locals as well as 'part-time tribal members'. That would include 'South American pop' that has a coco leave in it and is available at 7-11 as a energy drink. The way the barriers are falling it makes sense for the Government to collect taxes that is now going to the black market. The fact it helps more people than it hurts is not even part of the debate.
  12. MHz

    Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    I was going for the topic of his thread, growing hemp. Medical pot is getting all the drama when it is hemp that is the plant that is worth billion year after year after year. If Canada suddenly needed hemp rope to survive we would be extinct in no time. It also goes hand in hand with my other thread as both need remote locations and this fits the bill and you can still be skiing in Jasper in about 4 hours. Why did hemp die in Canada before it even got started. Red tape and high expense and low returns and loss of property and jail time as a drug trafficker to name a few. Today that is about to disappear due to medical pot cultivation need a permit and inspections. Medical pot has one use and several different ways to deliver the product to the consumer. Hemp would be a billion dollar industry just by designing and building the machines used to harvest a plant that is 16' tall and as thick as a bamboo thicket. If fiber alone was the goal I might even be tempted to not do a fall harvest and allow the winter to do the breakdown and harvest that in the spring and the seeds that fell in the fall would be there already so no planting would be required. The 'field' still has poplar trees on it so this is a virtual exercise at this stage. Because the ground is real it also means that it should be thought of as being a business plan that would includes generations of people.
  13. MHz

    Underwater in a swamp in Alberta

    The slow oil-patch means there are lots of vertical tanks and most have have a 1M access-hole already so they need almost no extra prep but if stood vertical the walls would be the growing area, if laid horizontal that might work pretty well as the grow are is pretty high. The height and availability of the canister and that the parts to go with it arrive by rail in the canisters. You would want it to be a 50 year structure and recycling has to be in mind these days. The box coating has a process that is 1/4" thick and since it sits in still fresh water wear and tear should be minimal and the connecting tunnels can be upgraded as needed by scuba-divers. There is lots of clean sand in the area to act as a ballast to keep them on the bottom. The fiber optic commercial I saw was a guy sitting in an office with no windows and beside him was a tomato plant with ripe produce on it. I think the guy might even have been able to have a tan-line. The fiber optic was 1" in dia and the top side had a series of small reflectors that followed the sun and focused it on the fiber and the lower end didn't need the reflectors as the end es shaped so the light was scattered to all the corners of the room. 100 reflectors hitting 100 smaller cables would make going around corners easier but in the middle of a swamp it might go straight up for 5' to 20' max so you might get a cable a lot bigger than 1" and than a simpler collector is possible. The 'staff' would come along by barge in the summer or ice road in the winter with a special tube that is lowered and hits a quick connect and you have a have vertical access of a 10 ft clear hole and a crane is the device used for loading and unloading. Other than that it should be bots only as the CO2 level wants to be maxed out and O2 levels a bit on the low side. (greener than green in that area) That would be a good reason to have a green house close by that allows the plant seeds to be 'tweaked' for both types of plants and the swamp supplies the heat and laying the tubing needed is pretty easy when heavy machinery is used.
  14. as a commercial grow op where the client is the Federal Govt. 30sq km of swamp with several parts where the water is deep so you could sink 100-1000 steep shipping containers and when the moss is put back on top you have a climate controlled lab that stays the same temp all year round. If wind turbines supplied the power that would eliminate the secret part but it is still secure. Fiber optics are the best light but that means the collectors are visible. 1 small shipping container in the same swamp just outside of your cabin that allows you to grow for yourself as growing in town would see it being stolen all the time. This is legal but the location is secure and secret. Both could run 12 months and $0 spent on heating/cooling
  15. Medical pot becoming legal would solve many of the issues hemp growers face as a way to discourage it becoming the growth industry it should be. Googleearth and the area south-east from Grande Prairie, AB is a swamp with many 'islands' that could be made into fields. I think it would be best to only clear the south -facing parts as the grow spot because it gets more sun, the slope might promote taller plants, irrigation is easier if it is needed. Naturally sloping land would also make a greenhouse more efficient and the water from the swamp is also the heating/cooling method. Sound viable so far??

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