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  1. The List....now there's a forum topic LOL
  2. Yeah they can eat shit,lol. A lot of citizens believe (I as well) that all the LP's cannabis will have an exotic chemical marker in all LPs dried product, seeds and clones in orer for law enforcement to distinguish 'legal' weed products, from black market materials. Probably already occurs from Gamma Ray sterilization practices. I'm not to up on halflife and particulate contamination from Gamma rays, but I would imagine some radioactive particle would be easily infused. Especially in provinces which prohibit home/rec cultivation. Is this a stretch or a conspiracy theory? Probably. Is it enough for me to avoid 'legal' cannabis? F***ing right it is, among another hundred reasons why not. I would be extremely pissed at my municipality if they spent my tax money on this intrusive foolishness. The Trueau cartel is already out of control...Bill Blair...OMG mr. turn a blind eye when he was chief in T.O. He was more worried about expanding "the list" than eliminating organized crime.....
  3. Cannasaurus Rex

    seed questions / advice needed

    TGA strains (I have found) lean heavily on use as extracts, as opposed to smoking bud. As stated above subcools farm was destroyed, along with most of his breeding stock last fall. He has been outsourcing to a couple of breeders (Norstar Genetics an another) lately. I have grown out Vortex, ace of spades, 3d, and Querkle. The best for power was Vortex, which grew giant outdoors an finished well. The second pack of Vortex I grew out seemed tired and flavourful but weak plants with so-so strength. The best product from all I tried was a querkle male with a good dense structure that did wonders with any crosses I made with him. Actually bumped up the power of the selected females, an the resultant AOS x querkle cross was the bomb, definitely couch lock material which some found too powerful for party weed. AOS by itself was a mid at best so this cross surprised me. Darkhorse is not on my radar but rose to fame with the Bruce Banner crosses, which are rumored to be very unstable, so I haven't tried them. I must say that DNA genetics Kosher Kush from their original release was probably the strongest best overall seeds I have grown over the last few years. I have not bought much of anything from the big seed companies in the last couple seasons as I have been favouring small independant breeders/chuckers. James Bean co. has a lot of good breeders an very good customer service feedback. Motarebel has some very nice Strawberry crosses in his repetoire, the Strawberry Queen is a winner good berry taste and smell with the kickass fuel undertones. Been working that one for a cpl seasons when treated right its a monster outdoors, but can go a little long into mid late October. IMO mids grown right come out much better than poorly grown elites.
  4. I remember Harpers phone in town hall meeting. A couple days after it, the company who did the question screening had an interview with him. They stated that the most asked question posed (which they did not include in the town hall) was of marijuana legislation (and new 6 plant mandatory jail sentence). Harper asked the interviewer where he heard that, to which he responded "remember I work for the question screening company". Harper said a few stupid things, talked about explaining Beatles lyrics to his kids etc. and then he frankly stated about the general acceptance of marijuana as a recreational substance with less harm, "Canadians need to change the way they think". As a lifelong conservative voter, THAT was the last straw for me. In a democratic republic, politicians are not in power to change our thinking, they are simply there to do the bidding of the populace. Regardless of any of his (finance ministers) monetary policies or good legislation, he is, as most politicians are a maniacal dictator at the core. It was a one issue election for me, selfie boy (for better or worse) is passing the legislation he promised. For the life of me I cannot find the tv interview I mentioned. My latest foray on FB caused FB to request more gov't issued photo ID than is required to get a passport, in order to have my account unlocked. FUCK that, they also wanted me to out my FB friends lol. In the end it was simple to use another fake name on that account and then permanently delete it. Funny too that all of my FB friends who had any posts from me were all changed to reflect my other fake name on all of our correspondence going back years. Ya not only censorship, but the altering of conversations, even in messenger. That was fine because all of this rendered all of my conversations null and void from an evidence perspective. It does not matter what or why people say things, it only matters WHO said it. Orwellian indeed. Social media is too far gone now to have any positive impact for the public at large, a shame as there was a decade of somewhat free exchange of thought, now its a shopping network. *sigh*.
  5. Sounds refreshingly realistic, I'll have to look into their policies more. Ya should hear the morons here in Ontario rail against the 14/hr increase. Fools spouting 1% hate yet again. My daughter works in the food service sector, she just loves shutting down the idiots complaining about an attempt at giving the poor a half-decent living wage. The provincial conservatives are spamming social media with flawed math and bs....And their leader (now diposed) was a pervert. My account on FB was shut down when I challenged their *facts* surrounding the minimum wage legislation.
  6. Identity politics prevents the NDP from winning this time around. Call it rascist but a Sihk leader has no chance outside of the urban leftie zone IMO. Mulcair looked like a creepy pedophile though. So ya never know... I wonder what his stance on legalization will be?
  7. I know old topic but I do believe this post demonstrates the real problem with Canadian politics.....Voter Apathy...part of our national identity.
  8. Cannasaurus Rex


    Agreed, It would be nice to have a rating system of relative risks to our health. Like, is second hand tobacco smoke more harmful than walking by an idling vehicle? Too often I feel us end users are the target of environmental restrictions while the real polluters operate scott free. Take cfl light bulbs for example, gov't pushed them with discount coupons paid by my tax dollars, touting the savings of energy directly linked to 'saving the environment'. Now fast forward 2 years and we find out that these boons to mankind are considered TOXIC WASTE and cannot be disposed of in a landfill. Now we have to spend more money in fuel to dispose of them at a special toxic waste collection site, than we saved in reduced electrical costs over their lifespan. Knee jerk policies that yet again, the end user has to bear the costs of. LED bulbs are the way now, but they have a larger heat loss to lumen level than incandescent or cfl, try touching the bases of these oprating lights and you'll see for yourself....and 100,000 hrs of operation? I find in rural areas (where incoming voltage varies from 90 volts to 135 volts by the minute) led bulb life is less than traditional incandescents. So much information out there but 10% is fact, the rest is advertizing. Funny that, according to various sources the number one risk to the public health due to cigarettes is..........fires by careless smoking, and NOT cancer or heart disease. Despite my grumpiness, I don't feel that the human species is endangered by any means as the 1% is too greedy to let self fulfilling religious doctrine have its doomsday. I have faith in people (not necessarily society) but very many of us are asleep, or too concerned with their daily finances to make a difference for the human race and the planet. Groundhog day in Canada....isn't 6 more weeks of winter an early spring here??? We should use a fur seal and whack him with a spiked club if he predicts a longer winter?? Just joking (newfie style)..lol
  9. Ripping off "evidence" from a raid is what they need to be prosecuted for. Corrupt mofo's. Newbie morons and their edibles.....
  10. Cannasaurus Rex


    On Fuckyoualishima of the reported ongoing problem, I have yet to see a journalist or youtuber use a gieger counter on a beach "littered with irradiated junk". Or even pick up a piece and have it analyzed. If the problem was of the scope that some suggest (ie poisoning of all the critters in the Pacific to near toxic levels), I'm sure China would have absorbed Japan militarily by now . You know protect their countries food supply from this wanton destructors unstable ways, type of shit. While it is deplorable to even use a nuclear enrichening facility for civilian power grids (see Candu et al), is the threat to humans and the environment any worse than a solar flare? I dunno... I do know that it is nonsense that, a part-timer at the Hawaiian emergency response center, caused that already forgotten Kiss your ass goodbye warning......AI is gonna make it all better....right?
  11. Cannasaurus Rex


    Well now, I beware all huge corporations with large market share of anything, I am not against the principal of GMO, Monsanto didn't create that scientific discipline,BUT I am against non-ethical applied research. My biggest bug-a-boo about the conglomerate is their bullying, and downright purposeful pollution of farmland and the environment. I have found, in central Ontario, that certified organic garden supplements are getting harder to come by in retail stores. The green and yellow packages absolutely dominate the gardening aisles, and they are using the organic word willy-nilly without certification of anything (as if they couldn't afford that) to accomplish further 'watering down' of the meaning of organic. Well it also seems honey bees are coming back (Definitely NOT in my pollenator safe garden) so nobody fucking cares that they have not curtailed the use of neocontids in any way. I see those green packages and all the people using these products as lazy end result aimed fools. Chemical dependance is the end result of these products, and we only have ourselves to blame for the complex organic mutagen chemicals in our offsprings cells. Once again proves that money isn't everything, it is the ONLY thing, that matters to modern humans. We wanted Monsanto, now our great grandchildren will be allergic to the earth and destined for a cancerous end. As a gen x'er at 50 something, my generation has been exposed to the worst of the post-war synthetic chemical free for all, fuck if they banned smoking Cancer rates will still continue to climb. I feel shame as I try to answer questions my 20 somethings ask about corporate and government 'mistakes' in my lifetime. Thanks Shadey needed to get some of that out of my system, wish it was that easy for mercury, ddt, dioxin, etc. etc.. etc.
  12. Cannasaurus Rex


    All the info threads on the CC site have got my head spinning...seems theres little left but chat...and all the wake and bakers seem too busy lol. Good Morning, somebody provoke me or winge about something will ya? LOL.
  13. Cannasaurus Rex

    A disinfection solution- Hydrogen Peroxide

    Diatomaceous earth on dry soil works, but reapplication after watering is important. As with any powders like perlite, I always try to use a mask when applying, Pick up a surgical mask any time you go to a medical clinic, hospital, retirement home, they usually have a dispenser in the lobby, for free.(not counting or tax contribution of course lol). Castings can make it worse if the castings are low quality, and already carrying bugs and eggs. I've never had a problem with castings, but some guys, get all sorts of critter problems.
  14. Cannasaurus Rex

    A disinfection solution- Hydrogen Peroxide

    Having viewed the video again, and again, I used peroxide ONLY as a room disinfectant previously, but prefer bleach. I'm sure all the hydro growers know and use peroxide regularly. The video was a little folklorish with some of the sick plant remedy stuff falls into the same category as Epsom salt use claims, which I can't stop laughing at. Anyhow, I never use peroxide or bleach outdoors. You can't wash disease, root rot or PM away, IMO. Culling is the cure LOL.
  15. Cannasaurus Rex

    A disinfection solution- Hydrogen Peroxide

    I don't drench the soil, just the plants, but they drip into the soil and the floor and spray goes everywhere. Clean the walls and the floor right after application to avoid ant invasions. On the ant /bug invasion, we use a little trick when we vacation to the tropics. Put a line of granular laundry detergent on the door stop area, Most critters will Not cross it and it helps clean the floor when mopped up. So if your room door isn't light sealed (like my veg cabinet) sprinkle a little continuous pile from jamb to jamb, No crawleys will enter. The hotel housekeeping staff loved this idea (on tiled floors), as they thought we were putting poison or cocaine (see poison LOL) on the ground ????? Was a great chat about it though lol. Cocaine....OMG LMAO. The gardener with the molasses mix was using a backpack sprayer, I didn't ask what ratio he was using, but I figured that would have to be rinsed thoroughly after he sprayed.

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