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  1. jesschen018

    hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you! Just got introduced to this forum, is there any specific threads/forums on here that is a favorite amongst people? Thanks! 1luv
  2. jesschen018

    Job in Cannabis Industry

    yea they have expired, i was just wondering in general. Cool, i can see that it is just under your own discretion. Thanks!
  3. jesschen018

    Job in Cannabis Industry

    working in these jobs
  4. thats great! i think even when its legal in canada the prices run by the government will just be too much, i would still prefer to go la li la la all the way to the special home that i go to, that way its cheaper and easier, oh I have odd socks on, where did that wombat go with my mom!
  5. jesschen018

    Job in Cannabis Industry

    is this legal?
  6. The candies is going to be amazing. i wonder what the future will hold!

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