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  1. Hi people, I was trying to determine if CBD Isolate with 0% THC is legal in Canada WITHOUT an ACMPR? In other words can anyone go and buy CBD Isolate online and have it shipped to Canada without trouble? Thanks for the help, CI
  2. Chronic Illness

    Where Do I Get Peyote?

    Yeah, Farmgirl and Unregistered above have some good points. I agree. Better to buy it fresh and avoid trouble. Its considered an illegal drug in dried form / crystal. Also, San Pedro/ Peruvian Torch is much cheaper and easier to come by. I've purchased it before online locally in Canada. There is a shop called Cactus Kingdom that sells all manner of ethnobotanical cacti mail order. You need about 12 inches of Pedro for a trip, or multiple buttons of peyote. On a time scale, growing Pedro/ Torch is must faster and more economical and easier! Peyote is rewarding enough to grow for its beauty, probably not worth eating after you have spent a decade growing a larger enough button. Thank God we live in Canada Eh?
  3. Chronic Illness

    NPK ratings

    Great Info
  4. Chronic Illness

    What is cocaine usually cut with?

    Anything and everything that is white and a powder.
  5. Chronic Illness

    salvia in ottawa

    Naw, its easy to find in Canada, why risk shipping it. Its all over Toronto head shops, do a road trip its not that far away.
  6. Chronic Illness

    Hi SalviaTripers

    If your new I certainly would not recommend it. Its something that requires supervision and caution. Not a party drug.
  7. Chronic Illness

    DEA Approves Trial of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

    Count me in!
  8. Chronic Illness

    No Link found between Psychedelics and Psychosis

    aha this is definitely reassuring to read.
  9. Chronic Illness

    Mescaline Purchase in canada,

    Just some points ,If your buying powder or dried product in Canada it is considered a schedule 2 drug. Live plants are 100% legal. Its safer though understandably a lot more effort to buy live plants and do the extraction/ drying yourself. But also much more rewarding. There are peyote vendors in Canada, but its cheaper to find San Pedro Cactus or Peruvian Torch cactus etc that contains the same active compounds. There is a shop I know in the Toronto area called CactusKingdom that you can get both from live to grow your own supply. You could go with peyote too, but its much more time, cost, and work involved for your purposes.
  10. Chronic Illness

    Aero cleaning: My Method

    Shit man, job well done.
  11. Chronic Illness

    Light Comparison Test on a small grow

    This a a great post.
  12. Chronic Illness

    Crowded and too tall

    Nice Work

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