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    Migraine from Smoking Weed

    Hi, there! I am not a doctor, but I have been disabled by severe chronic migraines that last literally months at a time. You did not provide information about your pain that clarify whether or not it is a migraine OR a sinus headache (and the latter can be just as bad as a migraine). Is your pain localized behind (NOT between) one or both eyes or at the base of your skull on one side? Are you getting spots in your vision? Does your pain increase dramatically when your heart rate and/or stress increases? These are not the only signs you may experience, but they are some very defining characteristics of migraines and if you have these, then you probably have a migraine. If you are getting headaches in reaction to weed, yes, they probably ARE migraines. Please do me the same courtesy I did you, and read all of this post. Some migraines (the ones most people I meet seem to suffer from) are caused by the blood vessels in your brain contracting so that adequate amounts of oxygen are unable to be properly absorbed. Literally ANYTHING can cause this to happen--even things that have gotten rid of your migraines up till now can suddenly have the reverse effect. There are barometric migraines caused by sudden changes in the weather. There are hormonal migraines (us ladies are particularly sensitive to these, thanks to the menstrual system and the hormonal fluctuations it causes). Different kinds of light can cause migraines for different reasons. Foods can cause migraines. Stress can definitely cause migraines... and recently studies are showing that people who smoke around a quarter a day can get migraines because large amounts of THC actually cause the brain to develop difficulties with absorbing oxygen. Again, I am not a doctor. I am a layperson who has been forced to become an expert on MY migraines, not migraines in general. I can tell you that, if you are consistently getting migraines/headaches after smoking marijuana, you would be a fool to discount it as a cause for your pain. And, you are not alone: Three days ago I started noticing that high THC strains and products are causing me to get migraines. I have gotten one every day AFTER smoking/dabbing. I can't take anything else for my pain, anxiety, PTSD, or depression. I have tried lowering the amount of THC (which means I feel nothing of what I used last), and still, every time--within minutes (& I am almost a professional headache sufferer: these are NOT sinus headaches; I KNOW the difference) I have gotten a severe cluster migraine behind my left eye. I know desperation and do not fault you for using them, but be careful: opiod and opiates are WELL KNOWN causes of migraines and rebound headaches. Furthermore, I lost my children for taking opioids prescribed by my doctors and taken as prescribed. Anyone who faults you for wanting to cure your pain doesn't know what real pain IS (&, no, giving birth without pain meds does NOT compare: I've done that and it wasn't even in the same ballpark)--but, please, especially if you have children and live in Kentucky: BE CAREFUL! I don't want anyone to suffer the way I have for trying to exercise my right to life 💖 good luck!

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