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  1. alozcarney

    Is this L.E.D any good

    Recently, bought 3 full-spec LED grow lights, its 130-watt wall and 60x3 watt diodes, its seven bands, IR and UV light. I'm currently experimenting with the growth pixel. The manufacturer counts that it replaces 400 hidden, which I doubt very much. He has 120-degree lenses, he has to have a good driver and things. The store's size is 80x80x160 if someone can talk about your thoughts with the ID. I'm a little worried about the fact that no one enough and I do not want to bring the turkey!
  2. alozcarney

    Hello from Charlottesville

    welcome mateee!!!
  3. alozcarney


    I'm new to this forum...been prepping a little over a month. Hoping to pick up some good info from you experts!

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