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    How the hell do you smoke hash?

    You’re all smoking hash the wrong way , there are only three ways I’ll start of from the worst to the best in my preference not including knives , worst would be pipe , then second worse would be in a joint gotta crush it into tiny lil balls or paste it by heating it and putting it on top of tobacco , (tobacco is the only Thing to burn hash smoothly ) the last way is smoking it in a chillum for thisnyoy wilk have to a mix for the charas and tobacco the same way you would do for a joint and no do not make it a snake it’s just eating your hash it won’t burn and yes you can mix it with weed instead of tobacco but then you won’t feel the purity of the hash high ! If you want to make a mix of hash there are two ways 1- crush the hash into tiny balls by breaking it bit by bit the tiny hash balls shouldn’t be bigger than an ant and put it over the tobacco/weed or you can spread the hash on a metallic bowl or spoon and keep the tobacco/weed on a rolling base light the metal under the hash so the hash starts to bubble then you pour a lil tobacco over it and then move the hash to the rest of the tobacco/weed once fully heated , then mix it with your hands as if you were grinding weed with your hands and there you go a mix is ready to be smoked ! Now either roll it up or smoke it in a pipe or chillum , happy toking have fun

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