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  1. Waldo420

    leaf shape of strains

    @EiffelSmoker you're 100% right. I know the strains we have here in Australia you definitely don't have in the usa or Europe. And in Australia we don't normally name our strains. Its either Sativa, indica, skunk, Hydro, Bush weed, outdoor, red beard, purp. That is literally the shitty names we use to describe the difference types
  2. Waldo420

    leaf shape of strains

    @EiffelSmoker thanks for your reply. The reason I'm looking for a Cannabis photo library of actual plants, leaf shape and structure and bud photos are because in Australia All the old school growers and hobby farmers don't really know what type they're growing. They call their stuff either (bush) if it's grown outside or indoor if it's grown indoor. They might get real imaginative and call their cannabis (purple) if the buds turn out purple. When you ask someone what breed they have to smoke they just shrug their shoulders with a confused look on their face. Only a small few who have ordered seeds from seed banks who know what they're growing then once they sell it to a dealer, the dealer doesn't really seem interested in remembering what strain it is. So long story short in Australia we have shit loads of random 100% Sativas and shit loads of random hybrids and a few indicas that no one has a clue what strain they're. Pretty much once or if Cannabis ever becomes legal here in Australia we will have to start from scratch with names of strains. It's actually quite sad state of affairs. Don't get me wrong we have some epic strong Cannabis to choose from just no one cares what is called. This is why I want to find a website with detail photos of ALL the plant so I can see which of our strains match or come close to whats in Europe and the USA.
  3. Waldo420

    leaf shape of strains

    I get it, I grew up with where's Waldo as a kid. I didn't realize we were playing lol. I had probably every wheres Waldo book as a kid.
  4. Waldo420

    leaf shape of strains

    Australia. Plenty of nice old genetics here.
  5. Waldo420

    First time grower ... help

    @LabRat 😂😂 deliberately making it moldy. The things we do as kids. But you're right it won't kill you. I've smoked plenty of moldy crap in my time.
  6. Waldo420

    Light advice

    LED are much better for grow tents. HID are much better for grow rooms.
  7. Waldo420

    First time grower ... help

    Throw it in the bin. There is nothing you can do if it's got mold. Think of it like moldy bread.
  8. Waldo420

    First time grower ... help

    @Bester, if its smelling too earthy yhen you might have mold, try burping it for longer maybe, sometimes one hour is not enough for buds with high moisture content. Hard to say exactly without being able to ser and smell it. Just going ofg what you describe.
  9. Waldo420

    First time grower ... help

    You soil is hydrophobic by the looks of it. Next time use hay/straw around the base to hold moisture but make sure you have good drainage. Don't use any fertilizer now as you only have 2 weeks left until harvesting, so you don't want your buds tasting like chemicals. And is that frostbite on the leaves? I'm not sure as I live in a tropical climate and frost is never a issue for me. Best of luck next time. Once you harvest hang your buds up on a line in a dark cupboard with a small fan circulating the air. After about 7 days manicure the buds and stick into a glass jar with the lid on keep in complete darkness for 24hrs. Open the jar and lay your buds out on paper towel for about 10 hours still in complete darkness, this is very important. Place back in air tight jar and keep sealed for 48hrs, open jar lay buds back out onto paper towel for 10 hours, place back in jar, seal for 72hrs, lay back out on paper towel for 4-6hours max, place back into jar for 5 days and lay out on paper towel for 30 minutes max. Repeat this last step once or twice. Never let buds become crumbly dry or even worst don't let them stay too moist and get mold. If you follow these steps as a guide only it will help these buds taste nice and retain as much thc and cbd as possible. Good luck.
  10. Waldo420

    Seed storage

    I keep mine in small clip seal bags in a air tight plastic container in the refrigerator. They will last for years in this environment.
  11. Waldo420

    leaf shape of strains

    Where is the best website or forum to find photos of plant structure and leaf formation to identify strains. Looking at photos of manicured buds to identify strains is sometimess not very heapful. Thank you in advanced.

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