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    Cannabis and Human Rights

    I'm hoping they will allow weed coffee shops. Maybe not like Amsterdam where you can buy the weed but just the place to go and smoke or eat edibles
  2. Gquebed

    Cannabis and Human Rights

    I suspect you are correct... another 20ish before there is true acceptance. Rome wasn't built overnight though. It's just now that the Baby Boomers are moving out of power and younger, more accepting generations, like GenX and Millennials, take over and make changes. In the meantime, some fights have to be fought. But in the end. Corps will take over the business, just like every other. Can only hope there will be room for small business in it all. That will require some scrapping too...
  3. Gquebed

    Cannabis and Human Rights

    No worries, I totally understand... But if you could share link instead on Facebook and wherever else you can... that kind of support is greatly appreciated too!
  4. Hello all, I am a medical marijuana user who is registered under the ACMPR program. I was recently suspended from my job without pay for having tested positive for THC, after a minor "near miss" incident that didn't result in any injuries. That suspension was immediately followed by an ultimatum in which I was to "voluntarily" register for a substance abuse program or face termination. I opted to instead file a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, which was accepted and recently forwarded to my employer. Currently, I'm waiting for their response. Because I have reason to expect that my employer will spare little expense in opposing my complaint however possible, including civil action, I have made efforts to find legal council, which led to a conversation with John Conroy, who has advised that I have a very strong case and offered guidance in finding excellent legal representation in my province when the times comes. So... I've begun preparing for a long fight and the related expenses. However, it's evident to me that my savings, in addition to whatever funds I can squeeze out of the equity I have in my home, will not be enough. So I've come here to ask for support from the community. Please keep in mind that my case will set precedent in Alberta, which will extend to other provinces/states and that very, very few of us are able to fight these kinds of fights on our own. This is exactly how corporations impose injustice on people... divided we fall and united we stand. It truly is as simple as that. So please share my GoFundMe link (below) and please donate any amount if you are able. - https://www.gofundme.com/disability-discrimination

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