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  1. A car you can smoke is awesome! Weight reduction + a resistant material, something tells me the future of racing cars will count on hemp! On cannabis as well I hope, even though I think the racers wouldn't find any reason to compete if they are also stoned hahaha Sorry it's the end of the day for me, I'm releasing the pressure!
  2. EiffelSmoker

    They've stopped growing.

    Is your plant an auto, a fem or a reg? regarding the type, you'll need to decrease the 20 hours of lighting if it's not an auto. If it's an auto, then your lighting cycle shouldn't be the cause of your problem. I share Shadey's pov regarding the diagnosis, and maybe they have too much to eat (leaves seem heavy and falling down no?). If that's the case, do a good flushing to restart from a good base
  3. EiffelSmoker

    Current Strain Guide from Colorado

    Hey Thanks @LabRat Always here with the good stuff aren't you?! I usually used SeedFinder, but it appeared to me that many times, the crosses were wrong, and for very particular strain, it was impossible to get any information. I'll use this one now, and I'll share the feedback comparing with SeedFinders! Thanks!
  4. EiffelSmoker

    leaf shape of strains

    With all the different phenotypes existing for a single strain, you'll have a lot of dificulties to find valid criterias to rely on, as well as no chances at all... Because it also depends of the grower itself, but also the climate parameters that can change the face of a plant. The only way to make sure about what you smoke is to experience it enough to be able to dissociate taste/effect components in a strain to determine which one it is. But this is almost impossible because more than 15000 species exist ... From my experience, after more than 10 years smoking, I can diferenciate maybe 3 or 4 strains without doubt, where I might have tried more than 80!
  5. EiffelSmoker

    leaf shape of strains

    Found it!
  6. EiffelSmoker

    leaf shape of strains

    I don't know if there is a "best" website for what you look for, but if you want to be able to choose your genetics regarding its structure, then I suggest you get closer to the main caracteristics of each big family strain. For example, all the Skunks have the reputation to be very smelly and easy to grow because it's a solid genetic. So if you want an Indica, hybrid or Sativa, you'll narrow the scope by selecting the best in each family, then you do this selection for all the caracteristics you want in your plant, and you'll get it! Here in Europe, many people grow Critical and all the genetics coming from this one, because it fits perfectly the weather and humidity conditions, but because we dont have a tropical climate, we can't grow a lot of Sativa because the winter is too cold to assure you a good production with a 13 weeks flowering stage! I'm sure the diversity and unicity of Australia's climate might allow few incredible genetics to grow, and I wish I could try them! I don't know if I helped a lot with my answer, if not, be more precise and I'll do my best to help! Santé!
  7. EiffelSmoker

    Cation Exchange

    For this technicity, a video is always better, thanks Dave!
  8. EiffelSmoker

    Homemade DWC auto top up

    What varieties will you be growing?
  9. EiffelSmoker

    forcing feminized plants to seed

    Hey @weedman Though question you ask, because stressing a fem to turn her into a male is risky for the personnality expression of your plant... in order to get the best cross, the fullest and complete the genetic the better! In general, I wouldn't sugget doing that... But I understand your concern, you don't want to buy male or reg seeds for this batch, so I suggest you make sure about which type of stress you need to apply in order to end up with a quiet good male, and a not a skinny miley cirus hermaphrodite! I can't give you further interesting answers regarding your situation, but I'll follow the thread to see what others have to say!
  10. EiffelSmoker

    Free Pot Books etc.

    Yeeeaah and It works good! Very good timing with your post, since i'm looking for a hydro book to read Do you know if there is an extended version of this page with french and spanish books as well? I know I may ask a lot but that is worth asking ^^ Thanks @LabRat
  11. EiffelSmoker

    Can you roll a Cannagar?

    @Shadey definetely off topic since a week now XD From cannagar to organic grow and pebbles treatment, just a step forward! haha But thank you for the videos and the tips, I'll go check that, I was lazy this weekend and spent my time out of my home ^^
  12. EiffelSmoker

    Can you roll a Cannagar?

    @Shadey Well I know now whom to see when I'll be ready to begin this organic advanture!! I'll tell you when I'll get the peroxyde, but even a low concentration such as 5% would be enough then? That's good because I thought it needed a good concentration and I didn't anything too much corrosive, but that's good
  13. EiffelSmoker

    Can you roll a Cannagar?

    Hellow, I talked with growers yeasterday night, they told me about that as well, but I wanted to act fast to avoid fungus spreading and only had bleach... I'll get a closer look at all that this weekend, but hydrogen peroxide isn't easy to find when you need more than 50 ml of a product (at least in Spain where I live), and is a bit expansive, but I don't want no miss so I'll consider it seriously and check the quantity I may need to treat 25-26 gal of pebbles! Thanks @Shadey Regarding how your prepare your organic, I wanted to follow a similar way of doing it, I'm finding interesting things regarding how to work using symbiosis of natural elements, because this is also how I see growing organically!
  14. EiffelSmoker

    Can you roll a Cannagar?

    Unfortunately I badly stored my clay pebbles from a grow to another, so when I wanted to put them back on the table, I noticed some "white-weird cotton" on some pebbles, so I decided to desinfect everything, with 2 corks of bleach dilued in my 100L tank (I work in Ebb&Flood), I never did that before so I hoped I didn't over concentrate it (I don't think so but we never know ^^)! I also saw some root rests in the middle of the pebble, so I count on the bleach to at least get rid of anything toxic for my future plants! Once this will be over, soon I suppose, I'll just put some water in my tank with a regulated pH of 5.5, in order to launch watering cycles that will put all the pebbles at the same pH in order to begin with the best parameters! I want an "all green grow" I don't have a lot of practical experience growing, so I stick with my mineral Advanced Nutrients products (in order to finish the bottles ^^), then I'll be very interested by growing only organic, I just heard its harder to use than the mineral ones. What brand are you growing organically with? Or maybe you do your own nutrients yourself?
  15. Hey y'all! As a french person who follow, from far, the legalization process in Canada, I have the impression that the road until a win-win situation between the consumers and the state will be still a little bit long, no? At the same time I heard that by january 18, the leagalization should be in place, but aren't you afraid of a total imposibility to be able to home-grow? For me the main idea of a legalisation would be to finally grow my own weed at home... So, how is it perceived by the citizens, the canadian members of this forum, and you @Shadey (you are from Canada right?)

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