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  1. RobertDen

    Branded grinders?

    Looks like a great grinder. However, it's cheap so I am having second thought. I remember my experience on buying a cheap korean brand bho extractor and I am very disappointed because the extract tastes funny and weird. From that day, I don't purchase cheap items anymore unless there's a great review from other users. So is the grinder really worth it?
  2. RobertDen


    I am going to have a urine test this coming Wednesday and I am screwed coz I smoked weed yesterday all day long. Damn, I just can't help it. Now, I don't have a choice but to use a synthetic urine to pass. My friends said it's effective and they passed using it. I'm not confident on using it but if I will fail the test then I will be broke for months with no money to buy my needs and weeds. Better to use it at least I have a chance..
  3. RobertDen

    Beating urine test for cocaine!

    I've been on the same problem before and you know what helps me? Synthetic urine. I am confident that I will pass because there are a lot of good reviews on using it. I don't know if they can now determine between synthetic and authentic but you can still try. If you don't do anything you will fail too.
  4. I would like to ask for any advice from anyone who has knowledge on BHO. I'am using Korean brand that is cheap and it seems like the outcome is really bad. I tried it and it taste different from what I've tasted before. It tastes weird I can't explain it. My girl said it taste funny. I am thinking of changing the brand I'm using but I don't have any idea what is the good one. Any one can give advice will be appreciated.
  5. RobertDen

    Does anybody love decorating?

    I only love decorating during December for Christmas day. Aside from that, I don't decorate anything.
  6. RobertDen

    New Member

    Hello I'm Robert new member of this forums. I joined to discuss and learn more about cannabis. I am planning to grow outdoor in the future. I saw a lot of experience member here when it comes to growing and that's caught my attention. Hope everyone is doing okay.

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