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  1. Sounds good! I'm in the UK unfortunately but I'm sure I'll find an equivalent/the same But yeah the only arseache I can see is finding something that won't harm anyone and another idea I had for paints are the ones made by citadel miniatures/Games Workshop, good for die cast steel, don't know how it'd be with aluminium though! Have you seen the reusable roaches too? Never got them myself but I was thinking about getting a few
  2. Bbakedd

    Branded grinders?

    Not too expensive either 👀👀 looks a little like the one I got in Dam last year!
  3. Ahhh I feel you! That's a good shout though, I might have to batter a couple before I start selling them just to make sure! I was thinking about making spliff holders too, very easy to carve out of a bit of wood, just wondering what resin/laquer to use to heatproof
  4. Hey guys! Doing a little research on grinders There any specific brands you like? Types? Some prefer metal over plastic, some like tiered w/dust catchers (my personal favourite)
  5. Didn't think of that! I will from now, I guess it'd depend if an individual customer wanted more of a matt/glossy finish though!
  6. Acrylic paint w/a metal primer as the Base Layer!
  7. Hey guys! I'm starting an online headshop, with that I'm attempting to make all of our smoking supplies as cheap as possible! But another thing I've been trying to do is come up with ideas for funky things to sell on the site I.E frosted bongs, psychedelic style grinders that I paint myself etc. Just wondering if there's anything you haven't seen on other sites that would be a good addition? I've also got a page on there for special orders; find something cool/a bong from a film/a picture you found on a website and I'll try to find you one for a good price! Thanks for your time peeps!

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