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  1. Седан

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    No, Bro, this time I'm not happy with the result for a clear reason!
  2. Седан

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Bamdat fem. about 130 days from the helmet- Month of the Vega, two weeks before the flower ... Flash Aka Ripen
  3. Седан

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Harvest will be in two weeks somewhere. When the twins grow up, we'll look at them more closely, as they will develop .. This time I got the most uniform cones on the whole plane for the whole testing time of the installation. So we can make an unambiguous conclusion that the garter technique has been brought to the ideal, and we will not return to this issue any more. You understandthat I'm not happy with this cycle, and I'll be honest, because of the biggest bush that ruined by stupidity. to be continued...
  4. Седан

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Another 24 hours passed. Now I remind you one important detail: very many believe that the two tails is a mutation. I can answer you with complete certainty-absolute nonsense !! These are not mutants, they are ordinary twins, as in humans. Usually one is dominant, and the second is weak. The roots are fused, the crowns are different. As a rule, in such cases, after the root develops, the weak process is removed.What will I do with this plant, time will tell. Of course, I will study, and maybe, something will extract useful from this experiment.
  5. Седан

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    I doused eight grains .... 5 hybrids. First for 12 hours in a glass with water, then in non-aromatized cotton wool discs. After another 18 hours, the seeds cracked and showed tails.Sprout on 100% One of the hybrids showed a phenomenal dynamics of growth, in 18 hours this result to be continued...
  6. Седан

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Now it's time to talk about my new grow project. This time I will test the installation on a shorter vega. Now it will be four plants in a vertical arrangement and two plants in the horizontal. And of course the auto that will occupy the audit area. In the Vega, I'll raise the light higher, and when the rods reach almost to the top, I'll connect the powerful lighting at the bottom, grow a little, and translate for flowering. Thus, due to weak light, I will shorten the time of the Vega several times, but for this, accordingly, it is necessary to plant more plants. And that in the plant to transplant already adult plants, I will soak the grain the other day, so I'll save a month. What else will be new in my new project: firstly, of course, everything will be done much more qualitatively, because the installation has almost been brought to perfection, and even my wife can act on it without straining, as you have already seen with your own eyes. Secondly: I plan to replace the upper lamp sodium 400 on LED. It will not be Chinese LED, with which our colleagues are loaded up to their ears. It will be a quality LED. Well, at the same time we'll look at everything together and compare the top of the technologies with the sodium (the philips green power is the top, since the sodium is going to fog already.) And the best of LED lighting that the manufacturers can offer now. I will use the Osram diodes with two modes of operation - color and vega. Also, I plan to purchase moisture sensors for the salt meter and PH for the soil, in order to eliminate miscalculation or error to a minimum and improve the installation more. CO2 is also planned..I also plan to further insulate Pegasus, and make it even more heat-resistant, because ahead of summer, and after it high temperatures ... So, expect in the coming days the landing of a new hope, new aspirations, new horizons.

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