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  1. Hello, Bro! The progress of civilization never stands still. A person has this feature, he does not stand still, but always goes forward, looking for where better. And those people who, when they reach a certain result, stop, they are not progressive people. 2016 In the article we are talking about 1 Watt per 1 gram (1 gram = 0.035 oz). I received a 450 watt sodium lamp from a single plant-1.25 kilograms = 1250 grams. This is obtained in the coeficient 1 Watt = 3 grams almost. That is almost three times higher than the data from the article. This is my personal achievement, and you can not read it anywhere. In general, with the installation of 1 m square / 1000 Watt, I will get this time around 2500 grams minimum! Next time I will increase the rates!
  2. Yes, Bro, you're right! The smell during drying is very strong. It smells of hay))). Only the horses in the apartment are not enough, but in general the whole kit)). That's why I cut one bush first. It dries, then the second cut ...
  3. Now I'll ask a little attention. I want to tell you how I dry the plants. A little destroy, so bored you stereotypes, and I will say that the method of to the cracked branch, is complete rave!! ! How do I. As we all understand, on a plant not all cones are the same, and not all branches with the same cones. After I manicure and hang branches, I, every other day, begin to approach the plant and feel the worst cones (I do not pay attention to branches). If I have a suspicion that the bump is on the way, I do so .. If it burns down more or less smoothly, I cut those bumps, or that branch that is slightly smaller than the others: And so, until I reach the biggest cones, at the very end ... In fact: This plant was illuminated with less than 500 watts, and its weight exceeds a kilogram !! And this is not all-this is what I am sending to the preservation of a long-term refrigerator. I still have an incomplete liter to smoke and Bro share, who went to the seaside, I twisted a couple of small twigs, and wrapped him in the "tormozok", even on the beach, he dries))) And there is another plant, it will be more... . Let us also recall the two auto and one photo, which I have long been smoking with the Bros .... I think 2.5 kilograms from the installation called a bicycle is not the limit !! Ahead is the most interesting!
  4. The last tree, it is the largest
  5. Sorry My foul! My wife's height is 175 cm (5.74147 feet)
  6. My wife's height is 175 cm (5.74147 feet) The second tree is bigger !!)))
  7. ))) Today is an event for me. The harvest festival. I'm so tired that the main report will be tomorrow. Today .... teaser)))This is one plant of two .. the second a little more ...Ahead is the most interesting ...
  8. Yes, you're right, we guys also use something like that in out. But they do it to nail the plant to the ground. To ensure that it is less noticeable to the police or to the vandals scouring in search of prey. And I decided to try an alternative method of plant training (Horizontal cultivation), to which we are accustomed. Just do not just draw branches to the ground, like here: But also to drop them in order to get a double benefit from this.
  9. Plastic tubes is my method, I called it "Forced Rooting," it's like cloning, but I do not cut off the food from the trunk. This increases the root without stimulants and special skills. Over time One branch pulled out to check how the root The tube is shortened. To see the strength of the drop.
  10. Still a small addition to the easy installation little Big
  11. If there are no questions, drive on Now pay attention to the top of the installation: If someone doubts me, I'm swimming here too http://www.rollitup.org/t/vert-600-400-5-plant-from-ukraine-with-love.938560/ To be continued..........
  12. Now I will show you how I created the installation "SDU Pegasus" in photos. Now a small upgrade. If you have any questions, I will answer you with pride!
  13. My beloved cat destroys the bottoms of plants in box of veg ...
  14. you are welcome! I have been to the Russian-speaking forums for cannabis cultivation for almost 3 years. I met almost all progressive gardeners of the former USSR. And as the guy said above, I was not enough of this. And I now went around the world, although I do not really know English, to exchange experience and establish international relations. I noticed that your approach to cultivation is fundamentally different from ours. No, the common types are similar, but the priorities are different. I think that if you combine two styles, that is, take both of them, then you can achieve the ideal. So come in, say, take part, I will gladly share with you my experience, and the experience of my colleagues !! Some fresh photos of my garden: On the street 35-40 degrees in the afternoon. At night to 30. Although I did in the room day instead of night, the temperature averages 34-36 degrees Celsius. Plants are very affected !! ... fuck, I do not have money for air conditioning, so please do not talk about the yellow leaves ... to all the blame ... the war, the Gentleman and the Ladies !!))
  15. It's easy to fix, Bro. There is a technique called a trim-cutting (I do not know if I said correctly in English). So, there is such a principle, the tops of branches are cut off, and the plant grows in breadth. You can grow 1 plant with a height of 1 m, that it will weigh 400-500 grams, respectively, in the installation of "Pegasus" 4 plants, a height of 1 meter, working area of the grid 4 meters square, light 400 + 600, productivity 1.5-2 kg . Ideal for Canadian legislation. It's all right, Bro, you will not have problems with the law!)))) Sketch Air circulation at the bottom of the unit Bro, all people want tomorrow was better, so that tomorrow it was bright and happy!=))