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  1. Tonneau cover as a plant bed

    Hey, guys, it may sound strange, but yes I'm planning on using my old tonneau cover as my plant bed. The reason for this is because I bought a new one from 4WheelOnline and the old one has to go so instead of throwing it in to the trash can, I was thinking of converting it. would you think it's possible?
  2. War on drugs in the Philippines

    OK on Monday would be the 2nd SONA( state of the nation address) of their president. Let's see and hear what he would be saying.
  3. War on drugs in the Philippines

    Some pal of mine date Pinay as they called it when the had a vacation in the Phil after 2 weeks of vacation they all came back broke and high....
  4. War on drugs in the Philippines

    Hahaha, be careful with them they are gold digger literally.
  5. War on drugs in the Philippines

    Filipinos are really crazy... Most of them are illiterate and just wasting good opportunities to fly by.
  6. War on drugs in the Philippines

    Any other thoughts or opinions with regards to the war on drugs of the Philippines?
  7. War on drugs in the Philippines

    I heard that the President of the Phil has declared recently Martial Law in some parts of its country. I guess this is a part of his war on drugs campaign or just a propaganda?
  8. War on drugs in the Philippines

    I have to agree with your sir... I just hope this barbaric act would stop!
  9. Hey guys what your opinion about the war on drug specifically in the Philippines. I heard a lot of rumors about extrajudicial killings due to this.