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  1. 8wks on

    Hi L/R & Shadey, Have installed Carbon Filter in grow-room, Extractor fan, attached to Speed controller, and finally Silencer attached to Extractor fan, result it's dead quiet, running at around 50% or there a bouts, really no Idea how fast it's running, but my speed controller is perhaps a quarter on. I'm on board with what you are both saying. However, when lights out, and the thermostat tells the fan to stop, won't the plant suffer from lack Co2, as there is no exchange of air? or is this the time the plant produce oxygen ? Also are your fans on a timer My temps at the mo lights out, 63f = nutrients 73f grow room, but I have seen the grow room fall below 70f, not often but it happens. I might add the the temp grow-room dictates the speed of the fan, I have no control over humidity. Have trimmed my Plant it's now 2 wks into flower. pic attached. Hope this finds you all in good health, and again many thanx
  2. 8wks on

    In my life time, the money was pennies and pounds, it changed to decimal, 240 pennys was a pound, now it's 100, I was a joiner, it was inches and feet, simple, now it's mm and cm, and I still convert back, I have better visual sense in the old ways. I ran the fan in the kitchen with the filter stuck on, and I had to hold the silencer in place, but it was very quiet, even at full whack. many thanx for your help,
  3. 8wks on

    Hi L/R, so can I assume, the extractor I bought will be ok ? Shadey thanx for the heads up, on Amazon UK "Inkbird ITC-306UK" about £30, do I still have to add a speed controller ? The extractor is 8" at the mo I use "DROK® AC 220V 4000W High Power SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator Governor Dimmer Thermostat Speed Controller " Amazon bought this early summer last year, it runs the old squirrel fan I am using, but unsure if it will run the new one? the old squirrel fan was built in 1974, for a colliery where I worked for a while (down pit) ... was in the skip because the case was dented, I took it, and kept it all those years, finally I found a use for it ... wont throw it out, it has sentimental value. Huge thanx to you both
  4. 8wks on

    Hi Shadey, 1000cubic mtrs, 55 cubic feet, I have no idea so boot it all up wait and see if I need a controller, that I can do. Re: the air, I draw it from under the foundations, through the grow closet and out into the attic, this way it's cool air, even cold, but it keeps the temp down, however I must slow the extractor down when the light is off, so as not to chill the plant, nutes normally around 67f, grow room around the 77f. I have a fan mixing the air all the time. many thanx for the interest.
  5. 8wks on

    Hi L/R, my squirrel fan I am using at the moment, is pretty quiet, but it has no force, tried to attach a carbon filter to it, and it stop working, it kept on turning, but did nothing. so I had the idea that a squirrel fan is quiet, so this is what I bought, although I didn't bank on the size, it's fech-n huge :), but it is quiet, when I add the silencer it's almost silent. I didn't give any thought to the controller, as the old squirrel fan runs ok with the controller I have, so thanx for the heads up, will have to look into this. I to was thinking about the Vortex, they look the real deal, why is everything so complicated now-a-days ?after all it's only a fan ....... Thanx for looking into this for me, very good of you, the price of the controllers are frightning, I plan to add Co2 down the road, but at the moment just glad to kill the smell. regards
  6. 8wks on

    Shadey I never thought about the attic and condensation, will keep an eye on this, although I have a very small grow closet, interesting info re: THC degrading, I'm ok with that, although I began to like a bit of head stone just before bed. I have just taken delivery of the extractor fan and the carbon filter, as well as 10mtrs of insulated trunking. Shadey chk out the picture the size is not what I expected, it probably could run 5 times what I have and remember there is a huge silencer to be attached.
  7. 8wks on

    Glad to hear your plants are doing well, for me at least I hate it when my baby isn't happy you cant settle, it's always on your mind. Is your Humidity low?...................I think it doesn't exist I cant control humidity, it's just is what it is, I am faced with extracting the air to keep the temp down, and thats it... Yesterday the air Silencer thing arrived, and it's huge I have no idea what to expect but it's huge, it will go in the attic, still awaiting the Filter and the Fan, will take some pics when this arrives, but the scale of the stuff is allot bigger than I imagined I am sure I read you were thinking about hydroponics, have you decided yet ? I would love to grow a few plants like you, but just not practical, I will be using the scrogg net again, the last time it really worked well. The head hit has almost gone, it's all body now, although before bed I take some with tin pears, (I eat it) I like the relax effect it has on you in bed, there is an ever so slight buzz, and a sleep for 8hrs no problems, I suffered from insomnia for years, was addicted to sleeping pills, had to then go through hell to get off them, and years followed and many many sleepless nights, now I don't hate the idea of going to bed, good sleep constantly is half the battle, and for pain relief, I find I have reduced by half the painkillers I take, and I could cut them out altogether, but I don't have enough cannabis to last me till the next harvest, I can honestly say It has changed my life for the better. Look after your self, regards
  8. 8wks on

    Hi GBuds, I have topped the plant only once, "didn't know you could do it more than once" I am using a DWC system, and the Nutes = PH Perfect, Advanced Nutrients The Strain is Medical, and there called PainKiller XL, thanx for the interest.
  9. 8wks on

    Hi Guys, just an update, thanx allot for the help with the sick little seedling, got past that now it's a large plant, and still growing, just over 8wks old, it's taken a gallon (uk) RO water everyday, placed it in flower on the 21st, I hope to thin the leaves a bit in the next couple of weeks, it amazes me how fast they grow. The extractor fan I am using has zero resistance, so I cannot add a carbon filter, and boy does this plant honk when it's a bit older, so I am thinking about buying a Gekko Fan it says (fingers crossed) it is ultra quiet, also I bought a carbon filter and a Phresh Silencer, silence is very important, so I hope it's what it says on the kan. Hi Shadey hope all is well........ Attached are some pic's
  10. A seedling in need

    Hi Shadey, at the mo I have my head straight, how goes your canaba plants, (think that's what there called) there close to harvest, I am very plz you have your license, it's what you have wanted for awhile, it reads like you can only grow a certain amount, is this correct, and if you have a large place to grow, wouldn't this be a good earner for you when you get the other license, over here it's a complete ban on the plant, we are told if we use this our soles are lost, and we will all land in hell, but before that happens we go crazy, drug induced maniacs. So hats of to your country for being so open to the health of there people.. Re: the wee seedling, it looks like I am again at fault, the rockwool cube I use for stability of the seed cube, is allowing the roots to wander into the wool, but there isn't any nutes there. ( I hope) Regards
  11. A seedling in need

    Hi L/R, I hope your feeling better, your back in your home and settled. Re: seed problem, I have know idea what 1/4 strength is, I use advance nutes ph perfect, I added equal parts of grow and micro, added some RO water, till EC reading was 250pp, and began to feed the rockwool cube, and I think there is an improvement already, will wait a couple of days and take pic. L/R knowing I am using the DWC system, what is the best way to do 1 seed, many thanx, and get well soon. regards
  12. A seedling in need

    Unsure the PH of my RO water I did soak the cube in RO water, then with some gentle pressure squeezed out allot of the water, placed the seed into the cubes and roughly 3 days the wee thing was showing. Thank for your interest...
  13. A seedling in need

    Hi L/R, long time .... I am using Root Riot Cubes, "txt clip from there page" Made from composted organic materials, these new cubes have a great spongy texture which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth. Suitable for both cuttings and seeds, Root Riot consistently outperforms alternative media. The cubes are specially inoculated with micro nutrients to nourish the young plants, and also beneficial rooting fungi to aid root development. I place this little sqr cube into a rockwool cube because it sits better, doesn't fall over, and feed once a day with RO water. thats all I do I have also noticed it's not growing upwards very fast, I am using 2 cool white tubes set up, pretty close to the plant. That said unsure if they grow upwards fast at this stage Good to see you back L/R many thanx
  14. A seedling in need

    Hi, I am using those root riot cubes, you place seed into cube, it meant to have all the nutes the young seed needs, as for the rock wool, I am growing one seed, and it sits better in the rockwool cube, I only feed RO water, I water once per day carefully,last grow, I damaged one of 2 plants, had to toss it out, this was due to drowning the poor thing. Shadey it's very good to know you have my back just loving this stuff.........
  15. A seedling in need

    Hi Guys, this is my 2nd grow, although I was pretty pleased with my 1st, I still had problems with it, the main one was, the plant didn't look a healthy green, I based this from some of shadeys pics in the forum. Anyhoo Back to my 2nd try, it's from seed, my set-up is a work in progress. But already I am seeing ill-health. I did let it dry out a little, but I thought it had come back, it was only one day. Any help would be much appreciated, and it will save me pestering Shadey See picture.. Thanx in advance