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  1. Thanx Shadey, it was touch and go for awhile..........
  2. Hi L-R, I bought a T5, and this has reduced the temps in the nutes to around the 70 to 72f mark, I added a large reflector over both pots as well, and increased the extraction, grow-room temps are around 75f, with nutes around the 70f mark. Today I serviced the DWC 1st time, it has been about 2wks, I added R/O water brought the levels up to around an inch below the pots, reading are Small plant = 380ppm temp 71f, added only R/O water no nutes large good looking babe 400ppm 71f added only R/O water no nutes Leaf Temp is 77f, grow-room is 74f Come Tuesday 25th july both are 4wks old. Have attached a few pics, the gorgeous one has some cracking roots, the runt has 2. Have raised the small plant up with wood so both are at the same height. I know you will see all the mistakes in the pic's , but in my defence it's my 1st grow. Can I assume the bigger they get the less prone to death they become, I.E. if I get it a bit wrong, they will live to tell the tale. Can I ask about the PPM, as the plants grow, do I increase the nute strength, and if so what is my ceiling. And what are the strength steps. Many thanx, thanx for your patience
  3. Hi L/R I thought I would give you a bit of a break from my incessant questioning Do you have to lift the lids to do any of that? Those two are separate from each other aren't they? The 2 pails are separate, how ever my nute temp is 75f, I think it's the light at 18” from the plant, I am waiting on coke bottles to freeze will toss these in with the nutes, to cool them down a bit. I knew there was something up re: the A N calculator, it was so far from what you were saying, very much appreciated the 3,2,1, method and how to calculate, it all seems to you very easy, but I am over thinking everything at the moment. Using 60ml syringe to feed them, I cut a hole in the top of both pail lids, then used rubber bungs (homebrew) to seal the hole when not in use. What you think about T5 tubes rack of 4 tubes, less heat it reads, so it might help the nute temp problem, just until they have grown a bit and the main light can be lifted higher. If the frozen water bottles does the trick then the T5 question is irrelevant. However thought I would ask your opinion on the matter. Again, Many Thx
  4. Hi L/R, Re: the ratio, I hadn't a clue. 3.2.1. I was using the which is completely wrong, now that I have mixed using 3.2.1. ratio, I have to say it took me a bit of trial and error to mix 15ltrs at 350ppm I got roughly 380ppm would this be ok ? Can I ask what's the method of calculating, say 15ltrs, with a ratio 3.2.1. I went low/mild mix then added 3,2,1 mls at a time and it did indeed rise, but I went a bit over-board 380ppm. Added them to DWC system, I remove almost all the rock wool, 1 weak plant had no roots into rock wool at all, the better looking one had a few. L/R how do I know if the plants are getting fed ? What I mean is, the water level in the dwc is just touching the bottom of basket (15ltrs), when air pump is on there is allot of micro bubbles, when I placed plant into basket it's about 3” “roughly speaking” from the bottom of basket, sitting in red clay pebbles. Light is about 18” away from plant, and the light is at 165w setting. I have bought a temp thing you point at your leaf and you get the temp, so again thanx for the tip. Bet all you wanted to do was pass on the moments/memory's to your grand-kids, it's so sad when your not allowed to offer what you know, you remember fishing many years after the event, and remembered with fondness, that's all we have to offer now, is memories, no fault of your own, I am sorry........ My grand-kids are female, bossy, no-it-all's Would have been nice to have a guy, fishing wasn't my thing but diving was my love. Thank You... pics attached
  5. Hi LR, You might say “we have a right yin here” but unsure what you mean by “3-2-1 ratio” I did feed them and was very generous with the 350ppm solution, but not this 3.2.1. ratio......... I have bought Advanced Nutes PH perfect. My PH pen gave up the ghost this afternoon but glad to hear I'm not in a hurry to replace it, the pen was abused going by what you said about looking after it, I didn't. LR... can I ask when is it time to put the plants into DWC ? I bought the DWC system, the air pump was very poor, had to replace. I am sorry to hear about your grand kids, about 5 yrs ago, my daughter/son-inlaw marriage was touch and go, and we (gran & granddad) thought the worse re: the grand-kids, but no, they seem to be doing well now. Some parents don't understand that there not just denying the grand-dad seeing his grand-kids, it's also her denying her kids a grand-dad. Keep trying LR, for the little I know your the good guy, just look at the help your giving.. Again many thanx. will look at your tutorial ......
  6. Hi L/Rat I hope I'm not taking advantage of your kindness, pics were taken 7/7/17, worried a little, looking at the leaf you can see a dark patch to them, ? should I be worried plants just over 2wks old, under 2 tubes, cool white, temp is 74f, feeding them a 3rd of recommended strength, (very little daily) the larger leaf plant, doesn't seem be effected, indecently this is the one with the seed problem at the beginning, the smaller one is the one I over fed. many thx
  7. To be honest, I never away from it thanx for the encouragment, shelf is strong enough, there is also a brick support in the centre. I just wish I could speed it up a bit
  8. Huge amount of info, I've read it a number of times, and I am beginning to understand a little, these tubes I have will do, but for a short time (is this correct) ? Your grow room looks about the same as mine, give or take a foot my cupboard dimensions are 44" wide, 31" deep, 8ft high. It has taken over a year to build this, and to buy when I can. RW = ? How do you plan to grow them as they go along? my plan is to grow them up to a size where they can be placed into the DWC system and the CMH switched on, the light has wattage settings 165w, 205w,245w,280w,315w,345w,380w.. I have also attached an inline fan to the light, and this will draw some heat (via trunking) direct from the light, and expel it out the grow room, I have a 2nd hand squirrel fan that can turn over allot of air in the grow-room, the fan speed is adjustable, the fan attached to the light isn't, noise dictates the speed of the squirrel extractor fan, noise is my worry. I was hoping I could get some help on when to place them into the system proper. I bought Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect, solely for the reason I don't need to worry about PH, I don't know if there any good. The DWC system reads very simple, unsure when I must replenish the nutrients, but again I am learning as I go along, I bought a larger & quieter Air pump, the ones that came with it were noisy as hell, The shelf that the seedlings are sitting on, will eventually be placed close to the floor (4" of the floor, the DWC bins will sit on shelf) the tube lights will be removed, and hopefully the system will will run well, 15ltrs I think the DWC bins hold. I have still to finish the floor, and cut a hole in the roof for the inline light trunking, the hardest job is light proofing the door, this is proving challenging, at the moment draught excluder kind of heavy duty is ok, but unsure if the rubber will become stiff and thus useless. It has taken me so long as I must move slowly, my memory is very bad, and notes are the thing, I have sometimes been stuck on the same thing for such a long time, but I read more and more about the benefits of cannabis, I am hoping to come off most of my meds, once I can grow them consistently Many many thanx for your help, you guys are above and beyond. PS what do you think of my grow room, a work in progress....
  9. Thanx for this, it's very much appreciated, I am using Advanced Nutrients, PH perfect, I think about half strength or a little weaker, The lights, I thought I had bought the correct tubes they said cool white, now I know better, looking for a replacement, I planned to use the tubes until I can figure when to place the plants into a DWC set-up, I bought a Dimlux Ceramic MH 315/942 Blue lamp, but as I said unsure when to actually place them under it, the lights can be switched to a lower wattage setting. My growroom is I think pretty good, based only on what I know at this time, will add some pic's later today.. Again many thanx for your advise. my wee cherubs are looking great...
  10. Hi Shadey, thanx for the heads-up Re: the nutes what is the wattage and Kelvin range? 2 x 2ft F18w (18w) T8 Triphosphor Fluorescent Tube Colour: 840 Cool White [4000k]... ?
  11. Hi Guys, I think I over watered 1 of 2 my plants, leaf drooped badly, the other one was bad from the start, unsure what happened to it. (1st time grower) 11 days old anyhoo thought I might up-date you, with a couple of pics, and thanx to your kind help I think I have saved both. the one with the sort of burnt leave or half brown, plant number (1) was the good plant from the start, but I over watered and it had droop. the other was the one that wasn't doing so good from the start, plant number (2), see pics a few days ago, just look at her now though I noticed roots coming out of the cube side, so I thought I would place cubes into rockwool, I have made up a mild nutrient solution, i.e half the recommened strength, and I feed very carefully now. My tube lights are about 8" from the plants ? again many thanx for your help, chk out my pics
  12. Many thanx for the link with the PDF, vast amount of info, I think I have over watered my wee cherub, it's leaves are drooping a bit, anything I can do ? ginger hair, you cant beat it.............
  13. Thx for the info, alway nice to run into a fellow scot, I lived in Alberta for awhile, a huge country, and as you say less people. Re: D.I.D.. none taken, there are degree's of D.I.D.. thankfully I only slightly suffer from it.