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  1. Medical Cannabis

    Hi LabRat, thought I would drop you a line, haven't spoken in a while, I hope all went well with you, and your travels. are you moving ? have you moved ? did you get a better job?
  2. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R, unsure if your back, I hope all went well. Reading your reply, and looking at the vast 10wks or so experience I have :), I can say the DWC is far to small, I need 50ltrs, the humidity, I was never in control, it was/is what it was/is, so I think I will look for a humidifier, a thermostat running my extraction would be a plus, might need a small thermostat blow heater for the plants dark time in the winter, It's a closet the room is very small, adding all that gear might be a challenge. Dly checking nute, getting on my knee's to (1st) see the water levels in the DWC, (2nd) getting a nute sample to find out the nute strength is getting harder, bad knee, I am on my 3rd knee steroid injection, and it's not that good any more, max is maybe 4 injections, new knee after that. The Advanced Nutes PH perfect, I think are brilliant simply due to the fact that I don't need to worry about PH, and now that the plant is big, and has a canopy, the nute temp is always about 65 to 68f, the main light seems to be good enough, however this is based on nothing I have nothing to compare, but it's growing the plant well. I waited way to long to top, then to place into flower, looks like I might burn my buds, the light is at it's max hieght. Again I hope your travels bore fruit... picture
  3. Medical Cannabis

    5gal pails it's a PITA L/R your not kidding, I think I will buy 2 large 50ltr tubs, by the time I reduced the levels allowing roots to strech a little to the water, I am 12ltrs max, 50ltrs would be great. I have topped the plants, or killed them will let you know, I sincerely wish you well on your travels, BC have you lived there before ? work for us guys is hard to find, most just laugh when I ask, age age age, budtender ? is this looking after a crop ? in the UK it's all bad, if I have cuttings these are counted as a plant, "if the worse happened" so 2 plants plus 4 cuttings adds up £ billions on the street value, where really it's a couple of hundred pounds, also there is a good chance I would be evicted. your country is very liberal ... I think your doing the right thing, if your not happy, cut it out and move on, and hope things get better...... Veg area, wow, L/R I have been in this bussiness for well over 8wks already I want more room, I can build a shed in the garden 16ft x maybe 10ft those grow tents look good, at the mo I have a tiny closet 43" x 30", and thats it, I have 8 cutting in a propagator, and I really don't know where to put them, at the mo, there is no light to them, when do I add light ? but getting back to the shed, it would entail lagging, water, elec, doing it well £1500, on the cheap £1000 plus the cost of shed, but already I see problems with my tiny set-up at the mo, and I would so love to go out and mess about and have room to do so. What is cocobudder ? L/R I cant wait to try the meds, the pain killers aren't good, and I am addicted, and the only way forward is stronger and stronger, liver damage etc Depression, I mean just to have a break from the dark, bring it on, but I am a criminal now. Hopefully I can get a couple of oz per plant, fingers crossed, Not yet flowering I start my 8th wk on tuesday, the packet said 8 to 9 wks Can I ask the feeding ratio, it would be a great help when the time comes to flower, I simply have no idea on flowering ratio, thos disc came with the dwc, I thought I had to keep them there temp/rh controller Classic idea, thanx All the best in BC, take care, and I will keep you in my thoughts and if there is anyone listening, will put a good word in....... Many Thanx
  4. Medical Cannabis

    Hi,thanx for the chart, unsure how I can increase the humidity ? spray the leaves would this work ? I can decrease draw from extraction fan, this increases the humidity slightly, but increases the nute temp Have established both plants taking about 1 gallon (4.5ltrs) per day today I trimmed my plants a little, taken 4 clones from each plant, it seems to me now is the time to cross your fingers and hope cuttings root. Anyhoo have taken a picture of my plants, a little trimmed, what do you think, I still don't think they look as healthy as the ones I see on-line. Thanx for your help
  5. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R & Shadey Thanx very much for your candid answer to my questions, I am looking forward to trying these “knew to me” med's. I must admit it would be really nice just to feel a little up-lifted and pain free, even if it's just for a short time. Taking into account these 2 poor plants, have been abused, with my lack of knowledge, what kind of gram weight should I look for,? and how long will this last me, ? it sounds like 2 plants in a closet will not be enough. Update.. Today I chk-d both dwc systems, nutes etc. Nute temp was 69f growroom temp 75f humidity 50 unsure what 50 means, and I have no control over this. Leaf temp 73f to 75f Small plant took 6 ltrs. Nutes strength stand at 700ppm Large plant had no nutes, yip no nutes, half inch perhaps on the bottom, had to add 12 ltrs remember I topped up and fed them on Friday past, Tuesday there is nothing in the pail... Nute strength stands at 820ppm L/R what is happening here ? Will start checking dly from now on. Again thanx to both of you for your help......
  6. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R & Shadey Reading about the license you require, it got me thinking. As you may know this is all new to me, and without both your help I wouldn't have got this far. However can I ask, how good is the medication side of it, I suffer from sever arthritic pain, all I can do is take stronger and stronger pain killers, and these in there self bring other ailments, and before you know it, I am boxed. I also suffer from a mild form of D.I.D. And anxiety and depression. What can I expect from using cannabis medication, I am growing Royal Queen Seeds.. Painkiller XL CBC and I am doing all this, and I have very little knowledge to go on, can I ask your good self, how you find it helps... I am hoping it will cure my anxiety and depression, fix all the arthritic pain, and I go dancing into the sun......... ok perhaps expecting a little to much...
  7. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R, thanx for the read, will these clinic's sell you bud ? and what is the £250 for, ? is it to join there clinic ? L/R why do you need to join this clinic ? you can grow your own, and very good at it, do you need this clinic, sorry for the questions, UK we are all criminals, the attitude towards this medicine is very closed of, a normal guy on the street, cannabis is accepted. the people in power however have a different attitude, our NHS staff seem to recite the same retrick that the news papers print, i.e. it's the devils way we are far from legalising cannabis.
  8. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R, many thanx for the help here, when do you know when to take cuttings, ? and if it's just before flower, when do you know when to flower ??? chk-d on Amazon, is this the stuff you use ............Growing Substrate Plagron ProMix............. ? Also chk-d on my plants, the nute strength was... (large plant) 220ppm, friday past they were 477ppm added 4 ltrs, Hope I'm not kidding. strength now = 674ppm small plant the nute strength was 373ppm, Friday past they were 420ppm added 1.7 ltrs, strength now 633ppm Temps today are grow-room 75f, nutes temps 70f, leaf temp 72f (with internal fan). Very Much appreciated.
  9. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R, 600 - 700pmm will do, Topping or training, can I simply refer this to you, plz take into account I have no experience, I would like to take 4 cuttings however, I assume this will be from the largest plant, as for the rest of the ScroG method etc, on u-tube topping made them bush, and it looked good, but they lose the newbie pretty fast, I have a heated propagator but not a very tall one, as always .. would appreciate your guidance in these complex growing methods, plz remember, zero experience. Re. a place for my cuttings, I haven't any where, so I thought a cardboard box, and I can move/hide them if I get visitors, however would it be the case, that the cuttings will grow kinda large for a cardboard box from amazon Many thanx.
  10. Medical Cannabis

    Hi Shadey, I don't think there could be anything worse, growing the plants, then having to dig them up and toss them, cause they went male, how does this happen ? DWC, well Shadey, I have never done this before, and you and L/R are the only ones I ask for help, and I think (I hope) I am doing ok, so DWC is pretty good for me, it might be just what an experienced grower like your self would thrive on, and L/R is always there Would this stop the transgender problem ? How goes your cuttings, L/R thinks I am getting close to this, I remember you had some issues with your cuttings, what did you do wrong ? I then can try not to do this Many thanx for your input....
  11. Medical Cannabis

    L/R at least I have it, if or when I need it, ordered epson salts as well chkd for slime inside pail, nothing so far (fingers crossed) Hi L/R & Shadey I chked and topped up the nutes today, plants don't look that great, and I am a bit worried, however, on chking the nute levels found that the large plant bin needed, 5 ltrs, honestly 5 ltrs, and nutes strength was at 230ppm, this drop was in one week, 5 ltrs I mean wtf. Small plant I added 2 ltrs of water, nutes was down to the low 300ppm. Was very surprised, I must start and chk them mid week as well. Nutes Strength large plant is 477ppm small plant is 420ppm I am running them under CMD as off tuesday past, temp in grow room is 74f, nute temp 71f, my grow-room extraction is pretty high, to hold temp down. Plants are now 6 and a half weeks in total. I can smell them, and when you lightly touch the top of the stem, the smell on your fingers, is very nice in deed. I have pic's, I don't think they look that great, is this because of the nutes strength being low, as was the water level. I have also taken some pics of the roots, but there a bit blurry (sorry) one from the small plant, the other from the large plant. As normal very much appreciated,
  12. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R, as you say maybe a bit worried over nothing, will buy in epson salts asap, just incase I am stunned at the speed of growth, I am far from a gardener, but boy they grow at a cracking pace. Thinking about switching to CMH on Tuesday coming, will watch temps....... May I ask if needed, how much and how often peroxide 12% strength,( just arrived) L/R your a star in my book..........
  13. Medical Cannabis

    Thanx Shadey, it does get to me a bit, I also want to have a go at Cuttings, I have a heated propagator, but not that tall, sorry to hear about your cuttings though.
  14. Medical Cannabis

    Hi L/R, yea ok it's me again I have attached a couple of pics, the growth has been unbeleivable, didn't think a plant could grow as fast. Is it my imagination or do the plants look like they need something ? tried to look at defisioncies, and so far I think they are defisent in almost everything. I chk pictures and I see a bit of my plants in all the pic's, all it's doing is stressing the hell out of me. So if I may take advantage of your kindness once again I chkd the large plants nutes it reads 380ppm temp around the 68f mark, however the grow room temp is 73f, leaf temp 76f. am I right in saying the plant or plants need mag, i.e. Micro ? Found if I increase the extraction a little growroom temp falls, but the nute temp also falls, which takes more priority ? Huge thanx .. plants would ahve died I think, if it wasn't for your help. PS still on T5 lights