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    Cannabis in Safety Sensative Position

    Hear is something I came across on my routine searches. The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety published an "White Paper" for dealing with impaired workers. I have attached the link to the file with is 45 pages long. https://www.ccohs.ca/products/publications/cannabis/ let me know what you guys think of this...
  2. Markopolo10123

    Cannabis in Safety Sensative Position

    CAMH with Dr. Benedikt Fischer is working on Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines Study (LRCUG) which will be erected in statues of the Cannabis Act and others related to cannabis use, etc... http://www.camh.ca/en/hospital/about_camh/newsroom/news_releases_media_advisories_and_backgrounders/current_year/Pages/Public-health-guidelines-aim-to-lower-health-risks-of-cannabis-use.aspx the panel members can be contacted as well for any questions or advocacy missions. Panel provides guidelines for safe cannabis use.pdf
  3. Dear Friends; I have been using doctor’s prescription Medical Marijuana to treat my medical condition. In December 2016 I have opened up to my employer’s Occupational Health and Safety department to protect my occupation due to zero tolerance drug policy. The employers in-house physician made a determination after receiving supportive documents (IMO); NOT to permit my Cannabinoid treatment after work while operating an Heavy Equipment. I have numeres treating physicians that are supportive but I feel that public perception of Cannabis use is still in a big stigma. There are millions of worker in a Safety Sensitive Position in Canada. I MUST ask in behalf of my fellow Cannabis users and advocates to contact your MP ans MPP and demand a pubic awareness campaign that would wipe the stigma out of cannabis use and focus an impairment and table an section in an regulatory regulation that would spell out if Cannabis can be consumed after work by the public who work in an SSP. MP "Currently Bill Blair is in charge of the Cannabis act" that's what I been told by my MP and each province will regulate it's use.

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