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  1. Nuggrocket88

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    now she's copin' a plea like you're the creep! Emperor got no "G" string...If you see Marc Shady...tell him Rock from US says hello. we sat and talked surfactants n things all day on Hastings awhile back...best time!
  2. Nuggrocket88

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    Hahaha...Shady aint so "shady"...so she asks for LED info...then posts a link, and says she'll stay with her companies LED's. Funny
  3. Nuggrocket88

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    "God doesn't roll the dice with the universe" Albert Einstein
  4. Nuggrocket88

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    Right on! I'm actually a Toxicology Scientist. Light is a bit out of my "spectrum" I know lame right? haha...Thanks again...
  5. Nuggrocket88

    New to LED's Best color spectrums?

    Hey There, What a great explanation! Thanks a million! R
  6. Hi Everybody, I'm not new to the show, I'm just new to using LED's. Here's the question. I have an LED with 3 light switches to control the Blue, Red & White color spectrums. I can basically choose the color combinations. From what I've researched it's "better" to use a "fuller" spectrum when in Veg, or Flower. Meaning I can add white, and/or red to the main color "Blue" when I'm in Veg. And the same for flower...I can mix the white & Blue to the main red. My question is...What is the best color combinations for Veg, and what is the best color combos for Flower? Would a "FULL" spectrum work best for Veg, and flower? My guess is...I don't know lol...Thanks...standing by fore the great info that I expect from CC readers. Hi Marc! I'm so glad that you are home!!! You and I spent a whole afternoon on Hastings awhile back talking about surfactants of all things...Be blessed Buddy

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