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  1. Got a clone plant

    Yeah hoping for better more dense buds this time also but a cob led in there too.
  2. Got a clone plant

    Girls in in flower now got new lights too.
  3. Got a clone plant

    yes I'm in the United States that's wierd you would think they would carry it out there.
  4. Got a clone plant

    Lol it's by Xtreme gardening
  5. Got a clone plant

    Azo is for cuttings just use it to get roots
  6. Got a clone plant

    Thanks man used azo spray atomizer and voodoo juice. Yeah heard good results with that light .
  7. Got a clone plant

    Here is a clone I took off of her seems like it is going to be bushier then mama gdp weird .
  8. Got a clone plant

    Thanks man no problem dude about the post. Getting bloom boss light 1000watt.
  9. Got a clone plant

    Yeah so far I am I liking this gdp I been blasting it with voodoo juice seems to like that. Dam that's a bummer bro . galvanized steel I built a cage for them for some reason I notice plants like the steel above them it might just be me though lol trippin. Vegging under t5s.
  10. Got a clone plant

    Sour banana
  11. Got a clone plant

  12. Got a clone plant

    Yes Christmas snow came early 😎 thanks man I got one gdp going and sour banana .
  13. Got a clone plant

    Finally cut her down
  14. Got a clone plant

    You sure are doing a awesome job man humidity in my room been 45 percent sometimes jumps to 55 in the day though hope I won't fuck up too man lol. I need a better camera to photos taken on a a twenty dollar Wal Mart prepaid phone lol.
  15. Got a clone plant

    nice u got some badass plants man love the pics 👍👍🔥🔥🔥