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  1. Got a clone plant

    You sure are doing a awesome job man humidity in my room been 45 percent sometimes jumps to 55 in the day though hope I won't fuck up too man lol. I need a better camera to photos taken on a a twenty dollar Wal Mart prepaid phone lol.
  2. Got a clone plant

    nice u got some badass plants man love the pics 👍👍🔥🔥🔥
  3. Got a clone plant

    Organics mostly advance nutes I got big bud and flawless finish for the final two weeks and black strap molasses for bud nutes and was given tarantula for veg and mother's Earth tea .
  4. Got a clone plant

    Yep sure does suck it up like Ms Pacman gobbling up balls lol .
  5. Got a clone plant

    She sure does love cal mag
  6. Got a clone plant

    Pretty sure 3 to 4 weeks to go more til harvest .
  7. Got a clone plant

    Update on her 6 week of flowers
  8. Got a clone plant

    She is 3 feet 4 inches.
  9. Got a clone plant

    Update on sfv og clone pic
  10. Got a clone plant

    Cool thanks for info man
  11. Got a clone plant

    Veg/ flower at least thats what I was told paid 65 for it on Craigslist
  12. Got a clone plant

    It's led don't know the maker I think it's 600 watts though
  13. Got a clone plant

    K cool will get it closer to light thanks man 👍
  14. Got a clone plant

    Got a clone from a buddy but keeps growing taller just wondering maybe transplant into bigger pot she is in a five gallon pot .
  15. I'm a greenhorn to growing don't know muc

    Thanks man haven't yet tried the bud yet I made some hash though that was good with some of the smaller trim buds. Can't wait for the bud to cure got it in Mason jar with the b 62 pack .