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  1. No where near as bad as mine lol.
  2. Any time you can do what you want to do with the plant is a good time lol. Looks like you started, but as you topped the plants already, there is no point pulling the main stem over as its the same thing. Pulling the top over is the low stress version of topping They are looking really healthy the low height is probably the strains genetics I had a Afghani in my last grow, which turned out to be a boy, didn't get over 2 feet until after it went into the stretch in flower, with 8 weeks of veg first. Light height is good, some just like to stay short but it has nice thick trunk on it
  3. The blog post was full of adverts selling CBD oil. You could cut and paste the article into your post rather than using a link. That way you there is only the information you want to impart to everyone without the adds
  4. Shadey

    Mtf Jeff grown.

    I give and trade clones I don't have enough seeds yet to trade them. So long as they are not being sold all's good. As lab said though, technically they should come from a licensed provider if purchasing them.
  5. Shadey


    Sounds great, never thought plastic could be so interesting lol. I have used panda plastic for a mother and clone tent, but it lasted only 18 months, mainly because I kept changing the design. My only dislike is the zero insulation factor in the tent. We have another grower using nectar of the gods, he loves it. I grow in no till organic, I like the simplicity once the pots are up and running. I use the clakamas coot recipe for my soil.
  6. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    Thats a lot of spaghetti lol, yes raise the water level a bit if its below the pot, I would put it into flower at about 60-65 cm, you don't know how crazy they will grow in the stretch. Better to be on the side of caution if they can get to 2.5 meters lol. Once you have done a cycle with one, you know what to expect for the next one and adjust your heights.
  7. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    It depends on the plant strain. It should say on the seed information what it's height will roughly be, so you can gauge from that how much more it will grow. How tall is she now? If you're bucket is full of roots it would probably be better to flower it now, as it will stretch and you have another 8-10 weeks of flowering, so those roots will keep growing.
  8. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    Looks good George, she has sprung up fast, it kind of topped itself, with the wind burn. Bigger roots, means faster growing, the plant can get more nutrients faster, which means bigger buds in the same time span, as well as a bigger plant.
  9. Shadey


    Looks like everything is spotless. Makes me feel ashamed lol Nice amount of bud there, what do you feed them on? We call it panda plastic here in Canada. Perhaps orca plastic is tougher haha.
  10. Why not indeed. If you wish to give seeds away there are no rules against that, just no advertising to sell please and do it in private messaging.
  11. Shadey

    Is this plant in bloom?

    Yes its flowering looking nice and healthy , so switch to bloom nutrients for that one, as for the light I wouldn't bother switching it atm, You can flower all plants under both red or blue spectrum's and if the others have to catch up then I would keep it in veg mode.
  12. Shadey


    Looks great, very frosty, what's your set up for growing?
  13. Shadey

    new member

    I have some Blue heaven growing atm, which is a X I believe of blue dream and something else. I just have 3, looking for a female mother plant, I think one is a boy, the other 2 aren't telling me yet. Blue heaven X with LSD gets your blue dream, brains waking up lol. Are they planted yet or still sitting in the packet, are you doing dirt or hydro?
  14. Shadey

    cat vs plant story (was shocked)

    This would probably be my end result lol.
  15. Shadey


    High Zech, welcome to CC. Appearances can be deceptive lol. Did you read the rules All new members have to send me 1 kg of their best weed....
  16. Shadey

    Autoflowering Soil

    Looking good Happy, apart from the front right one. it will darken up like the rest once it gets its roots going again. I like your redneck height adjusters, I hope you have finished reading them Looks like you have a few flowers starting on that middle left plant. Weekly updates with pics are good, lots of curious people here, they might not comment but they are lurking and watching from the shadows, just like my avatar lol
  17. Shadey

    CBD Offers or CBD products Coupon

    This is a growing weed forum, not a buying weed forum. Just google coupons for CBD products, it will be more helpful to you.
  18. Shadey

    new member

    Hi Stevewonders welcome to CC. what are you growing atm?
  19. Shadey


    Well rastaok88 I think you should contact CC,s advertising department so they can charge you for your advertisement, but I know that is not going to happen, so I am just going to delete your link, and ban your ass, goodbye.
  20. The dark green is just a good nitrogen uptake, happy frog has a fairly high nitrogen content soil, it takes time for the plant to catch up and fill in the chlorophyll when plants are growing fast. I normally re pot my plants when I see the roots around the bottom, but as you just did that, I would wait a week or more for them to spread out the feathery ones, off the main ones.
  21. Shadey

    Plant leaves turning color

    How much ?
  22. Shadey

    Plant leaves turning color

    Difficult to say could be too much water, or not enough. How often are you watering it?
  23. Shadey

    Mtf Jeff grown.

    Because it is illegal, and the owner of this site, Mark Emery was put in prison for allowing seeds and weed to be sold in his shops and online here I believe. He is out now, and doesn't want to go back, for failing to comply with his release conditions. If you wish to advertise you can contact CC advertising team and arrange it that way, but you will be charged money. That's another reason they don't want people advertising for free in the forum's.
  24. Not a good idea to use baking soda to reduce the PH, it's full of sodium (salt). That will kill your plant quickly, even as a foliar for PM it's a good idea to wash it off after a couple of applications. If you want to change the PH in a pot that size you just need to flush it with the correct ph water or slightly higher to raise it up to say 7 to combat the acidity. What do you mean by the leaves were dark?
  25. Will this device turn air extraction, dehumidifiers ect on and off, or just torment some one with the information their plants are suffering? I have an app on my phone that will give me all that info, as soon as I walk in the grow room.

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