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  1. Light advice

    It said, I have a year, but the cost of shipping it back would be more than what the unit cost @ $95 can for a 1000w light.
  2. Where Do I Get Peyote?

    Seems like it, I edited out the advertising.
  3. Light advice

    Yes, when I was looking at them that's the conclusion I came to, mars, platinum and others all looked to be just the cheap units with a fancy paint job done for a US companies to sell as their own products, as everyone was shy about using the no name brands from ebay due to the quality of the LEDs. The one I have has no name, it was the cheapest I could find on ebay, as they all looked the same, had the same light spectrum info, used the same amount of power, except for the color of the units their was no difference I could see.
  4. Light advice

    I dont have money to throw a light away every year, These lights seem no better than the no name cheap Chinese lights on ebay, that cost half the price of the ones on sale in Canada and the US which is why I bought those instead.
  5. he probably didnt say anything to dick durbin as he was about to make libel laws stronger lol
  6. They should also test for opiates and tetracyclic antidepressants.
  7. Quote With Afghanistan’s opium output now breaking all previous records, it seems that hashish continues to remain an important sideline for the country’s warring factions. This should read Afghanistans CIA sponsored and protected opium trade. Quote NATO’s Afghanistan Special Mission Wing provided air support for Afghan Counter-Narcotics Police in the raid on what was called a “Taliban drug cache” in Mohammed Agha district, Logar province. This is called taking out the competition to create a bigger demand for Europe's soon to be legal cannabis sales. Quote Ironically, ISIS, which has also now established a foothold in Afghanistan, has been taking the same propaganda tack as NATO, attempting to tar the Taliban competition with the narco stigma, and portraying themselves as keepers of the flame of an ultra-puritanical Islamic fundamentalism. They can presumably afford to do so because they’ve been bankrolled by the black-market oil industry run by the “Islamic State” in northern Iraq and Syria This should read bank rolled by CIA black ops to destabilize northern Iraq and Syria and provide an excuse to invade a sovereign nation to control their oil and steal their gold and prevent them moving away from using the US petro dollar currency.
  8. 0.2 gram raid

    Very true and sad.
  9. Free Pot Books etc.

    Hi Chilavert, welcome to CC lots of great info here so fill your boots bud.
  10. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    No I didnt, I just took a chance as I saw LED's were getting some good write ups and as I am tight with my money didnt want to increase my electric bill drastically lol
  11. CC Forums Monthly picture contest

    nice looking bud there Hydro, whats its make and model?
  12. Upcoming Legal Grow Laws (Canada)

    No, what your saying is plausible. From my last 2 plants in a 3x4 ft scrog I got a little more than 150grms dry but its a low yield strain. I am now trying a vertical scrog which if I get the same yield as before per sq ft should get me somewhere between 600-700 grms dry in the same tent. If you try the medical route they may make you use conventional treatments first, I did until it started having adverse affects, and most here want you as a docs referral. Re going to the US I am fucked if they find out I am a Cannabis user even if its medical so thats a negative and if I go anywhere out side canada I have to go back to normal pain killers. Just hang around here, read the information, ask questions, check out the grow log threads and you will get their quickly, everyone here is about sharing knowledge for successful growing tips and tricks.
  13. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Yeh I was thinking the same yesterday but I haven't worked out yet, how to separate and move threads. Personally I think cfls are more cost effective for starting off in veg but are a poor mans choice compared to LEDs. That sounds good if they will let you have it long enough to complete a grow, and you have a couple of grows under your belt so you can make a good comparison to non LED lights. As Happy smoke says, spectrum king, kind led, Marshydro and platinum are all good choices of lights. With any product that allows a test period you need to look at costs of sending whatever it is back to the seller which is usually very expensive compared to the cost they charge for sending it to you because they get special rates for shipping so much product. Some people will keep an item because of this so be careful, their is no such thing as a free lunch Yes dont rush buying expensive things it took me 3 month of re search for the best buy for my money.
  14. Upcoming Legal Grow Laws (Canada)

    Hi Lentils, welcome to CC, lots of questions some answerable some possibles depending on the gov and each province is slightly different, I am in Nova Scotia. Others will probably chip in as well if they know. You have to remember they are not doing this for your benefit, they are doing it to make money. I am not sure. I am a legal medical grower and the legal definition is one health Canada does not provide info about as far as I know. They will want you to use seeds for every plant you grow to make money. I wonder myself what the legal definition is. For myself a plant has to be self supporting so would have roots and will grow with just water and soil. So a rooted seedling would be a plant as would a clone once its established its roots. However the law may see a clone stuck in a pot just after cutting as a plant. So yes it would be hard to stay within your limit of 4, at least they removed the ridiculous height limit of 1 meter. Selling anything Cannabis plant related is not legal, unless you get a sales license, but Ontario is going to be all government run, all seeds need to be bought from licensed producers, which is a laugh because licensed produces will not sell their genetics, so I am not sure what will happen there. No commercial seed buying allowed as they dont want the public getting high potency genetics, so i doubt much will change with commercial suppliers. Yes I believe so, so long as its secure from children being able to get at it and you are not in a school zone. You can try this method but depending on your doc or the Weed clinic you attend, they will probably start you off on 1.5 grams a day limit, which will get you 8 plants inside not sure if its different amount for outside. Once you are in the system and registered with an LP, and have a prescription you can ask to grow your own, they will try and dissuade you from this, so stand your ground. They may want a piss test to make sure your not a drug addict using coke or opiates. This took me 8 months to get mine, so when everyone starts applying for their license for their 4 plants it could take years to get it. People probably will, but it will be against the law as you have to buy from a licensed provider. If you are checked up on they will probably ask for receipts and do a genetic testing to make sure you have LP seeds/genetics. I hope so but I doubt it, they are doing this to generate tax income, so if anything, I see them reducing or stopping it, if they are not generating the tax they need from it. If the tories get back in, I see them stopping it for sure. The alcohol and drug companies will be taking a big hit over this and are already pressuring for changes on personal growing. I have an 8 plant limit for 1.5 gr, which is more than adequate for personal needs with just 2 plants flowering at a time, when you start using techniques to improve yield like a scrog, and does allow a bit of wiggle room for mothers and clones running a perpetual grow, depending on when a plant is considered a plant. My next visit to the weed clinic I will be asking for a rise of another gram a day 2.5 = 13 plants inside so I can have more mother strains and clones for breeding, not sure I will get it as they want me to buy from their LP, so they get their kick backs. If I dont, I will get the wife to apply for the 4 plants, not sure if that will work but I can try
  15. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Personally I think in the lower to middle priced end of the market they are all very much alike, just having slightly different spectrum strengths due to the different LED manufacturers they use. When you start going in the the middle to high end priced units they offer a lot of different options that will increase your yield. Unless you have your grow environment dialed in exactly, and know what the specific strains you grow require, there will not be much noticeable difference in what you will achieve in productivity with the lower to middle end units. I think the more important things you need to think about is heat, airflow and power costs. If you are growing in a confined space and heat is a problem then they will definitely be an asset so long as you have enough height to use them. If your environment is on the cold side then you will have to run a heater with them which will negate any power savings from the light and you may as well run a ballast light and get the heat as a bonus to the extra light. I sat down and worked out my costs using a Ballast light against an LED light I have both. The initial cost of the LED compared to the Ballast at 1000W is considerable I just paid $300 for a dimable digital ballast with HPS and HID bulbs compared to $1500 to $2500 for the higher end LED units. Thats a lot of growing you have to do to make up that difference in money, just on power consumption it would take 5 years to re coupe the difference in cost. How much better are the the higher end units compared to the lower, again you are looking at almost double the cost, you will save little on the power use, so the only way you can recoup the difference is in yield production and potency which will not be much if the rest of your grow is not dialed in perfectly.
  16. Aeroponic - Aquaponic grow room

    Looks OK, hard to say really, depending on your type of grow it may be suitable, my area is only 4x4 so I went with a single panel type LED, but if you have a larger grow with different requirements that need individual tailoring to suit your needs then its probably a good buy. I am trying a vertical scrog so now these types of LED would suit me better set up in a group poiting at the walls instead of the floor.
  17. Greetings From Salt Lake City!

    Hi Wade welcome to CC, what plants strains do you grow in Vietnam and are you an indoor or out door grower?
  18. LED lighting on trial

    They are getting bigger and looking good, how high are your lights above the plants, they seem high?
  19. Mycorrhizae

    Good vid, next batch of clones I do I will put a little down the hole I create for the clone and see if it speeds up the clones rooting once they establish.
  20. what a great service to provide.
  21. Quick soil mix

    Cool I will see if I can find that thread, excuse my ignorance but what is a Boomer?
  22. Quick soil mix

    Yep its a PITA here, I see all the great stuff you get in the States and struggle to find anything here, without searching far and wide. Even the specialist gardening places and hydro shops have very little or its so expensive you cant afford it. I will have to see about the red wigglers when the bait shops open in March but they want like $50 a pound for them. Thanks for the compost tip I will have to drag all the stuff out from on top of the soil, I have 2 containers with about 50 Liters each in them. I was going to do it outside but I thought the worms would probably freeze to death out there. We do have the gardening centers in the home centers and Walmart but pretty much everything nutrient wise is miracle grow crap, almost zero organic, but Canadian tire I found has just started doing some organic granular ferts but nothing exotic like bat guano just bone, blood meal and stuff like that. We have an equestrian center behind our property is horse manure any good for weed?
  23. Quick soil mix

    Yes I forgot to say I have organic molasses which I add to my teas. Your in the USA I believe Walmart there is a totally different to Canadian Walmart.
  24. Quick soil mix

    Thanks Gbud, this is something I want to start doing, Sohum soil is expensive @$40 for a 40 liter bag, I would say though that walmart canada does not sell any of those, not at the ones I go to, nor the home centers, anyway. I have to track them down from gardening shops all over the place. I use and have worm shit, kelp meal, glacial rock dust, green sand, I sprout alfalfa seeds and blend them up to use. I use Jobes vegetable and tomato 3.7.5 and worm castings as the base for all my teas as it also contains minerals and mycorhazai bacteria (probably not spelt right lol). I keep my used soil as well and have started adding worms to the bins I keep it in as well as vegetable scraps and plant trimmings, roots and branches from my plants for them to feed on. I dont have enough worms really as I rescue them off the path where I walk the dog after heavy rain lol. I will try and get more organized, this year, as its going to be expensive If I quadruple the amount of plants I want to grow using just new bought Sohum soil.