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  1. Shadey

    Majestic12 LED

    Yep cant open or see them or your latest ones for some reason.
  2. Shadey

    Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Impressive amount considering you lost a plant. Next grow starting?
  3. Shadey

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Go Swamp go, make the state of swamps great again
  4. Trump says he will probably end up supporting individual states rights to decide their own laws for legal cannabis use. Probably doing it now as they are afraid of losing too much Canadian tourist business with this cross border crap. "Critics say the legislation undermines the FDA's authority to regulate drugs and could leave patients vulnerable to medicines that might not work or may even be harmful." So the same as what they have in place already with the normal pharmaceuticals. It allows certain patients to ask drugmakers for medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process but haven't been approved yet and are still undergoing testing. This sounds more like using people for guinea pigs for free without any come backs. Notice it is drug makers only, this will be interesting as they classify cannabis as a drug, but its not a medicinal drug according to the FDA. As natural cannabis is not being tested as they cant patent it you will only be getting their synthetic stuff probably.
  5. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Well you just still have a main stem atm, and the plants will still be getting over the shock of topping, so I would wait and let the tops do their split now and grow 2 new stems. and the bottom branches will catch up to the top stems that may take a week or too due to your low light power and heat stress. So just let them do their thing for a week and see how they are developing. patience is the key you can only go as fast as the plant will let you. Your just going to have to be satisfied with checking them 20 times a day, like I did on my first grow What training are you planning on doing? scrog would be the best option for your size of cabinet, can you fix a net above them easily to the sides of the cabinet?
  6. Shadey

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Good luck I hope you win with a big majority.
  7. Shadey

    Majestic12 LED

    I was wondering if you knew how much a decent light meter costs, when you originally said you were going to test the lights, $400 is cheaper than what I have seen, especially if it does frequency as well as par. I thought the light manufacturer was providing one for you. Pics are not displaying for some reason.
  8. Shadey

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    I think that is a better way to judge when you're indoor plants need watering as well, especially if you are growing organic and don't want the soil drying out, and reducing your bacteria.
  9. Totally agree, stay ahead of the game, go to an approved clinic and get a medical license. Its easier than most people think. Then you can stick your fingers up at any future provincial or federal government that want's to change or criminalize your ability to grow.
  10. Shadey

    Majestic12 LED

    So no light meter readings yet?
  11. LMAO I have heard some ridiculous excuses from this woman, but this is taking bullshit to the extreme. "Everyone will have a cannabis Tshirt on, on Canada day". Just like everyone has a Kieth's beer Tshirt on or a flag with john players cigarettes. Well if everyone has a cannabis Tshirt on, no one will be offended by people wearing a cannabis Tshirt, except her and the Tory party it seems. If everybody wants it, it is the will of the people, and sorry but its your job to represent and act on the will of the people. She is another megalomaniac, who thinks she knows whats best for everyone, and its her job to make sure they get it, whether they want it or not. "It will denigrate the people who have served our country???? Lets bring in the Armed forces being upset into this, because everyone supports them, except every government party that has been in power, and reduces the help they need, when they get back to being civilians. I don't think she knows, but a lot of the armed services, use cannabis, to deal with the problems caused bye being in the armed services, so I don't think they will be too upset about someone wearing a baseball cap with a cannabis leaf on it.
  12. That's interesting, how are they isolating these people from other things that cause osteoporosis in their test's like milk. Mostpeople drink milk in the West, and it's the primary cause of osteopetrosis, along with a lack of eating leafy greens that provides Vit K2 and low sun exposure for Vit D3. All these deficiencies are extremely prevalent in people living in the northern hemisphere, especially England and Scotland where this study was done. I have read that CBD improves bone repair time bye 10-15 percent. Its strange how, many studies, conflict with each other.
  13. Just google it it's top of the list
  14. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Are you growing mushrooms as well lol. They are not looking to bad considering the heat. Topping and fimming should slow the main growth now and they will start to bush up now. See it wasn't that hard to do was it.
  15. Shadey

    Need growing tips

    Sounds like the size is too big for the upload, how big was the picture you uploaded for the PM problem?
  16. Shadey

    First time using seeds HELP !!!

    Hi Ashleigh80 welcome to CC. #1 what are you growing them in? #2 when they are sexually mature #3 I hope you are joking lol. 18 on 6 off in the same day. #4 no they prefer a good tickle, barring that a sharp pair of pointy scissors or a scalpel. I would suggest reading some of the grow files on the grow file section, you will learn a lot. Without more information it's hard to make suggestions. At some point you will need twice the amount of equipment. I refer you back to question #2 which could be after 3-4 weeks. Again depending if outside, inside, and how high can you grow one. If you have been using clones previously just treat them the same.
  17. I have never bought from either, a guy on here who buys online a lot said to set up a Reddit account and google mom's list it will bring up a list of all the trusted sites. 99 percent of people on here grow their own, so you are not going to get much help on who to buy from. Personally I would prefer to see what I am buying before hand, so a dispensary would be my option.
  18. Shadey

    Mtf Jeff grown.

    Hi Jeff, you have some great looking plants there man, but I am afraid CC does not allow advertising on the forums, especially for seeds and Cannabis. I am going to have to remove your email from this post. Have you seen the Strainly.io web site they are set up for small breeder entrepreneurs to sell on their dedicated seed site.
  19. I use oil infused with CBD 3 times a day orally, for a base, and then use a pipe or vape before bed time as the oil doesn't make me sleepy like inhaling it does. You waste 80% burning and vaping it, so edibles and oil infusion is the most economic way to get the most bang for your buck. If your rich and can afford to burn/vape then go with that lol. Vaping gives you a better taste, and I think a better high, but I prefer the feeling of a wooden pipe in my hand rather than a lump of plastic.
  20. If you suffer from anxiety a high CBD low THC will work wonders, I use it in an oil base and it totally rids me of any anxiety. Great for sleep as well as pain and inflammation reduction.
  21. Shadey

    Fun with a USB Scope

    That's curious, mine will zoom in closer, every click, 4 times and the 5th will take it back to the beginning.
  22. Shadey

    Need growing tips

    Do you have a picture of the plant and leaves, it could be many things, depending on where the leaves are on the plant, where the yellow is starting on the leaves. What are you growing in, do you PH your water, what are you feeding them on, are they vegging or in flower, what are your temps and RH like. Could be just old leaves dying off or lack of nitrogen, or nutrient lockout. May be a cal/mag issue, without pics and a bit more information it's a guessing game 🙂

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