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  1. Yeh, give me a shout ahead of time before you come down this way and you know exactly when, and I will PM you my full address, if you want to stop in, and I am here. You can try out some Candida and see what you think as well. I was listening to Harley Smith on you tube, He does lots of vids on how to improve and maximize your yields. I put a link in for you if you haven't seen him. He is very good, I have him on in the background when I am painting, and hope it goes in subliminally lol. He says that fluctuations in RH cause the spores in powdery mildew to spread and multiply and offers info on how to protect your plants naturally from it. I am the same, I grew outside in the early 80s-90s and then only last year started indoors. I seem to be lucky and not have any problems, other than fungus gnats and stupidity lol. You can have some candida clones as well if you want, I have 4 I cant use, and have been trying to find a good home for them, I hate just throwing them out.
  2. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    I am not 100% sure, but i grew these plants last year and they seem to fairly stable. Mine are looking like they need another trim up as they are starting to get bushier again, so I think I will give them a snip tomorrow. I wont know until I push it.
  3. Time machine

    Looks great, you did a good job
  4. Your only 45-60 minutes down the road from me. Yes, doctors will say that your suffering with a disease, but cancer is a man made symptom of a bad environment, I believe its created by what we eat, drink and our surrounding environment, stress and thought patterns, combined with whatever genetic weaknesses we have inherited. If we have little stress, good food and drink, not processed crap, full of pesticides and herbicides, limited electrical radiation pollution, even with bad genetics you will have a good chance of staying really healthy. Unfortunately big food businesses have not been telling the truth about sugar and the substitutes they use, as well as doctors saying fats are bad for us and causing a heart and brain problem epidemic, with big agriculture lying about the effects of herbicides and pesticides, we really don't stand a chance. Cows milk is bad as well, casein, the protein in it, is the most carcinogenic protein you can ingest. Limiting protein stops cancer cell production as well as sugar. You need to become an organic vegetarian like me I have a friend in the UK who had stomach cancer 2 years ago, he survived the op and was doing well until recently his cancer cell production has spiked on his last test. I have been telling him for years to cut out the diet coke but he would not listen. He stopped using it after he op, as he has the same problems as you with bloating from a reduced stomach. When he said his cancer cells had spiked I asked him what he changed in his diet, and he was back on the diet coke and sugary stuff again. My buddy has just flowered out some GDP he gave me a mother plant, he really likes it for bedtime. He uses tinctures mainly made with vodka and has a puff before bed time like me, to help sleep. Yes no problem, hang around here, dont be a stranger, there is lots of good info to read. If I am heading up your way anytime, I will give you a shout and maybe we can meet up for a coffee at a Tims and try not to poison ourselves with the doughnuts lol. Or if you have to come down this way for a hospital visit or something and want to pop bye you can come and check out my grow and the GDP yourself. I have a thread in the grow file section "A Shadey spot to grow" you can watch my plants growing in that thread, and learn from all the things I am doing wrong lol.
  5. Hunting for rare seeds

    Thanks I will make a note of that.
  6. Yes that would have been good, if you can change the medium without stressing the plant you could try that, but you may just introduce more to the plant if the eggs are in it waiting to hatch with the right environment though. You could pasteurize the new medium to kill any insect eggs or larvae before switching. just put some in the oven not sure how high a heat you would need, there should be info out on the net for it, of nuke it in the microwave, anything with liquid molecules in it will heat up and hopefully die. Other than that just keep a close eye on them. With fungus gnats you can bait the larvae with bits of potato on the soil surface and remove them that way. with cacti though I would have thought the soil would be to dry for fungus gnats they like warm wet soil on the surface to lay eggs in.
  7. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Yes, unintentionally, and as soon as I found out they were male, they got cut down and composted, you could smoke the leaves but it will be rough on the throat. They produce tiny little flowers that dont do anything, except pollinate female buds. They will respond to your environment the same way as the females, so you have to get better ventilation and or cooling and add a humidifier, or run a sealed room with a humidifier and co2 then the heat doesn't matter so much but 33-35C is still a bit high for an indoor grow. Ideally you want to be around 24-30c with humidity around 50-55%. in vege and 24-27c 35-45% Humidity in flower you can go a higher with the humidity but lower humidity produces higher levels of oil and terpins. Higher levels creates the risk of mold and bud rot if you dont have adequate airflow through and around the plants. Big fluctuations in humidity create the opportunity for powdery mildew to develop and spread. Having a good light is only part of the setup. you need everything else as well for a stable environment. The strain of plant will change those heat and humidity numbers as well , they are just averages, so you have to work with the plant, if it is showing signs of stress.
  8. Hunting for rare seeds

    Thats good to know. which seller did you buy from?
  9. Hi asham and welcome to CC. First you need to make sure what they are. Are you growing organically ? How are you going to use these cactus. You dont want to smother them in something toxic, to you, if your ingesting them. Fungus gnat larvae are really tiny the gnat is only a couple of mil long. I have fungus gnats but never seen a larvae, mind you my eye sights bad lol. do cacti have a lot of roots? what are they growing in?
  10. A bit more sensible than Ontario.
  11. Ohh my god, Teresa May will sack him, he is far too sensible. This will get the alcohol and drug companies up in arms. I cant see it happening unless the Tories are ousted.
  12. Yes some docs are total shites, and just want to keep you on the pharmaceuticals. I was lucky my doc asked if I would like to start using Cannabis, as he was reluctant to prescribe opiates, which I wound not have used anyway. He sent me to a clinic and they set me up with an LP, and a month later after finding out how expensive it is, I told them I wanted to grow. I use CD1 Candida less than 1% THC although I think its higher, and 15-20% CBD does well for my neuropathic pain, carpal tunnel and anxiety. I have just started to flower my second lot now and have some grand daddy purple ready to go as soon as they are finished. I usually have a puff on my pipe in the evening as well as use oil, I find the pipe helps get me to sleep better. I will look into that painkiller, its good to have different pheno types to try and hit all the receptors. Have you changed your diet and cut out sugar and refined carbs, eating more alkaline foods?
  13. I am using a low < 1% THC, High 15-20% CBD also, called Candida CD1,its a cross of ACDC x Harlequin. Works very well for my neuropathic pain, carpal tunnel and anxiety. I have 55days left to flower this batch out, just switched to 12/12 last Sunday. I will have to check out pennywise not heard of that one. I am also just getting some clones together for the next veg session and they are grand daddy purple, which has a more narcotic couch lock affect for total body relaxation.
  14. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Male plants dont produce bud, so you will will only be able to use the leaves, and they will suffer in the same way as the others you have now, if you cant control your environment with the heat and humidity problems you have.
  15. Hi Patchgrower welcome to CC. I am sorry to hear you a suffering with cancer. I hope it goes into remission soon for you, cannabis can have dramatic effects on the disease, so keep a positive outlook and stop using the T word it just reinforces your belief system. I am about to send my renewal off as soon as I get a sig from my weed doc in April. Its not actually a license, although that's what they lead you to believe. From what I have read recently its a registration with HC that you are growing your own medicine. It took me 8 months to get my registration docs the first time, and the renewal apparently can take just as long. Once you have it though it doesn't matter how long the renewal takes as long as your doc has signed the renewal for it, he/she is the one giving you permission not HC they are just checking the legality of your status. If it expires while health Canada is processing that's not your fault and you will not be prosecuted, so long as you are abiding to your plant limits and not selling or giving it away to everyone. When I was dealing with HC to find out where I was in the system, I asked about renewal times, and was told that if I can get the renewal signed by my doc as early as possible, that would be good, if I was worried, but otherwise send it in when my doc re signs it. I got the doc, who was a new one for me, to sign the renewal last September about a month before I actually received the first application back, but for some reason he did it for 6 months instead of a year, so I didn't bother sending it, and will get him to do another in April, for a year this time which will only give me 24 days before the old registration expires LOL. So I don't think that's going to happen in time unless by some miracle HC has got another couple of hundred new employees dealing with registrations and renewals. What plants are you growing atm, how are you using them and how effective are they against the cancer, if you have flowered out any yet? You must have been using an LP before you decided to grow, how is there stuff helping you out, its always good to find these things out, to help others who may be suffering from the same problems.
  16. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Buds are pumping up nice, are you moving the branches around to cover the space from the dead plant or is it just defoliation maintenance?
  17. Hi Marcus and welcome to CC. Do you know what strain of CBD plants you using and are you growing any CBD plants atm?
  18. Monster Munchie Balls

    I think that would depend on how strong you make your canna butter.
  19. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Looking good, are you starting to grow catnip now LOL, It looks very content in the pot.
  20. starting seeds

    Hi Siky and welcome to CC. Do you mean Hydroton clay pebbles? Starting in Rockwool is OK , has its advantages and disadvantages like most things. Unlike soil you will have to feed it after the first day of breaking surface, as there is nothing in Rockwool to sustain it. For first time growers, germinating and first couple of weeks is usually the most stressful time for the plant, as they are usually killed with good intentions, too much water and food. If you re using clay pebbles you are doing hydro or DWC so Rockwool is a good starter for that. I grow organic in soil, so there are people here who are more qualified to help you out on that side. Like Lab rat who posted 20 seconds before me while I was typing lol.
  21. Yes it will, competition is a good thing for the purchaser. Spain has some big grows run buy Canadian LPs, starting soon over there as well. Morocco is a huge producer although mainly hash. I think its going to come down to trade relations and how many G7 countries legalize. Its still a big crap shoot atm.
  22. 7 plants and 15lbs of Cannabis if all the leaves are harvested. I expect the bigger the amount the bigger the sentence. As those plants are probably not even producing bud this time of year they got to get some kind of prosecution. What a load of crap. The poor guy should have moved to California or Colorado before he started his grow.