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  1. Shadey

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Yes they are stacking nicely. My one outside plant has done the same, but the buds did not develop to well, they look to be around where yours are now. I have put it inside in my flower room yesterday due to the weather here. I am hoping a couple more weeks will improve their size, but the trichs say they are pretty much ready. Indoor plants got harvested they did really well.
  2. Somebody got a back hander to slow things down. Cant have hemp taking over the market and replacing loads of different things.
  3. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Looks great Ueedlover, you done a good job of that, nice airflow spaces and still got a good canopy to provide growth. With your next grow, now you know what you are doing a bit more, you could start the scrog earlier and have it full all over the net. You could start the scrog a couple of weeks after topping them, when they are about 8 -10 inches tall, and have the net full 2-3 weeks quicker
  4. Shadey

    Nutrient Lockout

    Hi Girlw5huskies and welcome to CC. I have had nute lock out on my last 2 grows, not so bad on the last. To flush you just add water with a known PH until it starts to come out the bottom of the pot and then add some more. Collect that water in a clean container and check the PH. This should be around 6-6.5 PH if it is good. If not you will have to adjust your water to a higher or lower PH to bring the soil PH back in line. Dont feed again until the PH is normalized as as too much of something causes a lock out with something else being too much. What nutrients are you using? The water you are putting in should be between 6 and 6.5 with the nutrients you are adding. So check the PH after you have added the nutrients to the water. If its high PH down with something acidic I use Cal/Mag as its probably going to be needed and you rarely have too much. Or to Ph up I use potassium silicate again something that is hard to have too much of and very good for the plants.
  5. Shadey

    Cannabis Infused Peach Crisp Recipe.

    Yeh, I always use too much lol. The trouble is when things taste good, you are naturally going to have too much anyway. My current cookie recipe, which makes about 26 cookies, contains 10grms of 20% THC and 5 grms of 20% CBD weed. Although it makes 26 cookies most people just have half of one. Then the other half 2-3 hours later when they know what its like. In some cases just a quarter, when they are complete newbies to edibles. I also make hard lemonade with weed in, which is lethal I have one bottle left, I made it 5 years ago. There is one bottle left, as I am too scared to drink it LMAO. My first cakeI made with cannabis, had 6 ounces of weed in it. which had some, not so good, consequences from it lol. Here is a link if you ,want to read about it.
  6. Shadey

    Cannabis Infused Peach Crisp Recipe.

    Looks good, I hope that oil spreads evenly through the topping or some one will be on the floor lol.
  7. Shadey

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Lol I think big Larry is a perfect running m8. You need to be careful hr doesn't come out before legalization or he could get arrested
  8. Shadey

    Outdoor flowering advice

    Don't worry she is looking fine, although now with these close ups, it's not quite in flower yet, but I definitely see calyx, so looks good so far. As it gets more into flower it will stop making big leaves and focus all its energy into the buds which are made of small single leaves. Don't over do the nutrients, use the recommended amounts, or you may cause issues. When growing outside the plant's tend to move through their phases a bit slower. What type of nutrients are available there.
  9. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Great, keep updating the pics bud.
  10. Shadey

    Outdoor flowering advice

    I can see the bud you are holding in the pic now. So it's definitely a female You know it's hard to say, when growing inside you have to keep the room completely dark. I have one plant outside this year as a test, and it's the same thing with spurious light, the moon the other night here was very bright all night, and I could clearly see my plant from 50ft. There are also car headlights that illuminate it very frequently, but it seems very happy, probably about the same time into flower as yours. If it's low level, I would think its good. Watch out for mold on the buds if conditions are wet and humid for a while. Keep posting the pics as it progresses.
  11. Shadey

    Soil Moisture

    Actually, its ammonia, and chlorine, from everyone pissing in the pool lol. Chlorine will be bad for the plants though.
  12. Shadey

    autoflowering seeds

    Hi Luis, welcome to CC. I have removed your link, as advertising anything, and links to places selling things, is not allowed on Cannabis Culture forum's. As your in Europe I would suggest buying seeds there, this is a Canadian site, and most Canadian seed seller's don't ship over seas, as far as I know. Seedsmen in the UK are reliable, I have had seeds from them, but not sure if they ship to your country.
  13. Shadey

    Outdoor flowering advice

    Hi Sckorb and welcome to CC. You never fully know what they are until sexually mature, and then when in flower they will definitely let you know. It looks very healthy, nice color, no deficiencies. Basically, keep doing what you are doing. When does the amount of daylight reduce to below 14 hours a day, because that's when it will go into flower. At that point you will need to lower the nitrogen, if you are supplementary feeding, and use more phosphorus and potassium. Add some organic molasses to the water, it will boost your soil bacteria, and the plant will use some as well. Even though it's good soil, that plant will soon burn through most of the nutrients in it, fairly quickly, especially when it starts the flower process, and starts to stretch. You will probably need some calcium and magnesium supplement, cannabis uses a lot of that as well. Depending on how much longer you have vegging it, you might want to put it in a bigger pot. It looks predominantly sativa, so it will need a longer flowering period. Where do you put it at night? The problem with growing on your balcony is it will get different dark times from spurious light around your building which could affect it, and cause stress in its flower period.
  14. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Hi man, I was just thinking last night you have been a bit quiet lol. The are looking great, really healthy, looks like you flipped them 2-3 weeks ago. You should get plenty of buds from them. Just make sure you have air movement above and below, mildew likes darkness and stale air. You could remove the odd big fan leaf on top to help get some air through the cannopy. How long have they got left?
  15. Hi Jasmine and welcome to CC. Sorry to hear you have cancer. Cannabis is not gender specific so it's all good for you. CBD will stop cancers spreading in your body, THC switches the cancer cells off. So the cells die as they should do normally so you really need both cannabinoids. The 2 best ways to treat cancer is by either eating it, which will cause you to feel very stoned, as you have to use up to 1-2 grams of oil a day, but you need to start with very small doses , to develop some tolerance to the affects. The other way, is using it as a suppository, this is better as it bye passes the liver, which magnifies the stoned affect, when eating it, allowing you to use more. If you're tumor is close to the surface of your skin you can apply it topically with good results. You will get no benefit from smoking it other than controlling some symptoms if you are getting chemo. Like pain and nausea. So what you need to be looking for is an RSO oil or Rick Sympson oil which is a concentrate Made with either CBD or THC or both types of cannabis. If you search for Rick Sympson oil on YouTube you will find lots of information. Then you just have to find a place that sells RSO online or from a local dispensary, or someone you know, who grows and makes it. Cost will vary, I was checking prices and sources for a friend of mine last week. I found prices between $60-$100 a gram in Canada from online suppliers.
  16. Thats a good link for upstart farmers, tones of info there, that will keep you busy for a year or two, reading and testing some of that.
  17. just go on you tube and search "no till organic gardening" there is loads of stuff on there. here is who you need to be watching for gardening with veggies, he is a bit of a hyper person, gets annoying as he wont shut up lol, but he is a mine of info. https://www.youtube.com/user/growingyourgreens
  18. yes it does apply, you grow nitrogen fixing plants in the pot with whatever you are growing like clover, alfalfa. You add worms to the pot as well and feed them on green waste, leaves, straw basically anything you compost, that has no meat or oil in it. They basically all work the same like humans. When you know how a plant works you are close to becoming a good grower, this takes time, practice, making mistakes and learning from them and not repeating. With organic you feed the soil bacteria not the plant. The plant produces food for the bacteria also to tell the bacteria what it needs. So you might add some molasses to the water to stimulate bacterial growth as well.
  19. Forget the nutes grow organic. Below is a base soil mix that will last you 3 years and all you have to do is add chlorine free water. Your plants/veg will get everything from this soil they need. Base soil mix: 1.5 cubic feet to a 10 gal pot. 1:1:1: Ratio CSPM (Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss) : Pumice/Lava rock : Compost -worm casts Amended per cuF with: 1/2 - 1 cup Neem or Karanja 1/2 - 1 cup Kelp 1/2 - 1 cup Crab/Crustacean meal 1 cup MBP (Malted Barley Powder) 1/2 cup Gypsum (nice sulphur source) 4-6 cups Basalt 6-8 cups Biochar.
  20. Thats because every plant is different in its needs, soil/water ph, food, sunlight. I don't think you are going to get much help on a weed growing forum, for vegetables though. What you read on the bottles is an approximation of what is required, and will be subject to varying conditions. Companies that spend thousands, researching the feeding, of the stuff they grow, tend to keep it a secret to beat the competition.
  21. I have to disagree, all Canadians who have been using cannabis prior to legalization will know exactly where to keep getting their weed from. It's the newbies who may not know.
  22. Shadey

    Budget-friendly marijuana

    Hi Amy and welcome to CC. I dont know any low priced Cannabis sales I am afraid. Its why the vast majority of people here, grow their own, so they don't have to buy and smoke, low budget weed, that is probably not much good for ones health. It's why I started to grow. Good luck with your search.
  23. If you're dad is fine then I don't think you have a problem from the joint anymore. Your blood pressure is low, and smoking a joint will lower it more, in most cases, which can reduce the oxygen to your brain causing headaches. Low blood pressure will make you feel groggy, like you are very tired. Blood pressure that is lower than 90/60 on either number or both is considered very low and should be checked out. You may have Neurally mediated hypotension: Unlike orthostatic hypotension, this disorder causes blood pressure to drop after standing for long periods, leading to symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, nausea and fainting. This condition primarily affects young people and occurs because of a miscommunication between the heart and the brain.
  24. As an ex psychoanalyst, I can quite confidently say, stress and anxiety can cause your body all kinds of actual, and psychosomatic symptoms, from blindness, paraplegia, deafness, split personality, irritable bowel syndrome and migraines are very common as well. You can sit about, wondering what is happening to you, until something does, or does not happen, if you want to take that chance, or you tell a doctor and get yourself checked out. Pain is how your body tells you you have a problem, if you have a constant pain in your head, probably the most important part of your body, you should not ignore it. We are not doctors, we can only offer you a very limited amount of information. How is your dad doing, does he have any symptoms from smoking the first half of the joint you picked up?

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