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  1. A little update. Coming up for week 3 tomorrow, for the eldest and 18 and 16 days for the other 2. I think they are coming on well they didnt seem stressed by their transplant to bigger pots last week. The youngest is the one that has been in the Sohum soil from the start and it looks like the best of them now almost level in growth with the first which is 4 days older. side view sorry its blurry, must be a bigfoot in there as well lol.. top view youngest at the front. I want to fim or top these, they have started producing their 5th set of fan leaves but as they are only 3.5 inches high not sure if I should wait a bit longer? The next 3 are 2 weeks old today, they all started at the same depth and the 2 at the back have been back filled to support the stem more. The poor little girl at the front was the broken tap root one, but she is a fighter, didnt think she would make it.
  2. Wow looks beautiful. I should think you would get a lot of people from the UK and Europe, bit of a hike from eastern Canada, and 6 hours longer from the west coast. I have been to Gibraltar, nice heat there, arid, I didn't sweat much lol.
  3. Hi Kazer, welcome to CC, LOL. Thats what you call a sea of green. Need a panoramic pic of it disappearing into the distance.
  4. My LP Cannimed, they irradiate their products, as far as I can tell their stuff is fairly potent, but has no smell after a couple of days after opening and is already ground up and tastes OK but its harsh on the throat. It has an oily feel to it as well, like its mixed with olive oil. I have used 4 of their products THC / CBD .......17 / 1, 15 / 5, 9 / 9, 0 / 13. Their 15 / 5, I like best so long as I dont use it before 14.00 in the afternoon 9 / 9 early evening if I am not going anywhere and 13 / 0 just before bed, if I use it earlier I usually wake up on the sofa lol.. Does it say "actual" some sites say AC or active THC which I think will be different to actual but not 100% sure, so correct me if I am wrong. I was given 30Gr of Sedamen >25% THC, 0 CBD. Really hard,dry stuff in bud form, felt like high density polystyrene lol. I gave about 3 grms away, to people to try, and it took me 13 months to vape the rest using it every day and I did not smoke anything else. It was very strong head buzz even after a year I was still not used to it.
  5. This could be a good guessing game. I am guessing, as you say they are not big yet, you have over watered them, and they have damped off, and the stalk has sucked in, and they fallen over..?
  6. I have neuropathic pain as well, problem with my neck which is getting worse. I think my Doc worked out I was self medicating, as he said he was amazed at how I was coping, I was only using aspirin and ice packs as far as he was aware. I was also using wine and Marijuana, he then asked if I would consider using MM as it would help with the almost 0 sleep and pain. I hate going to he docs as they always want to give pharmaceuticals which is not what I want, I usually just use them for a second opinion if I am not sure of the problem and then use naturopathic ways to deal with it. It wasn't until I had to visit the weed clinic and give a piss test, that concerned me so I came off the weed and wine for a week before the appointment and I could not believe how much less pain I was in, and how much better I slept when using it.
  7. Hi Ganjajuana, yes I think you are right, I had to do a lot of misting in my converted seedling box as I was only getting RH at 30-35% so I probably got some water on it. It kind of started with the leaf going dark green in the burnt area first, rather like baby spinach does before it turns to mush lol. Then it started to go brown after a couple of days on top and about 3-5 days to completely go underneath as well.
  8. OK more pics. These 3 are at 13, 17, and 18 days between them now, moved into my 4x4 grow tent with the LED light. All potted up into 1 gal pots. temps at 72 with 48% RH. 12 inch fan on low blowing out of the vent. The other 3 newbies are coming along ok, except the one at the front, as I snapped her root in half loosening up the soil after watering but it has grown some root back. The back one is the one with deformed leaves that always seem to look dry although growing well. The brown patches I think are from light burn but it got no closer to the light than the others. Close up of burnt one. close up of other 2.
  9. I definitely reduced my alcohol consumption by 50% since I started using MM. Those figures are very encouraging for the public not so Big Pharma and the alcohol industry, which means they will be putting more pressure on the government to keep it away from the public, with financial bribes, sorry I meant party campaign contributions
  10. Hi Bfaulkner, My experience using CBD with no THC, there is no psychoactive effect. I dont ingest at the moment just Vape. The effect it gives me is like when you have an afternoon nap and over sleep, I have a dozy very relaxed feeling of just wanting to go back to sleep, which is why I use it in the evenings rather than during the day. It gives me a great nights sleep, sometimes in the morning after waking, if I have over done it due to higher pain levels, I feel a little groggy, sometimes I get a very slight headache but that could be from my neck problem. As far as getting any kind of buzz from it, no. The Rick Simpson oil for use with cancer recommends THC to kill the cancer off but CBD will help as well. CBD is mostly used to fight pain and inflammation and a lot of other helpful things we don't recognize yet, although cancer is a direct cause of inflammation in the body. Removing refined sugars from her diet will also slow the cancer down, as it feeds on refined sugars and it is one of the major inflammation drivers. Protein causes a more acidic body which cancer likes as well as low oxygenation. So a more vegetarian diet and a little exercise, if manageable, can go a long way to helping as well. Also supplementing with vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 helps as well, the K2 helps D3 absorption. D3 is the control for cell communication so they know when to switch off and die. Every one who lives 200 miles from the equator needs Vit D3 supplementation as they do not get enough sunlight exposure. I have read that using capsules of oil as a suppository or syringing it in is better for absorption, going straight into the blood system, bye passing the liver and its metabolizing effects which create the higher psychoactive problem. Hope your mum gets better soon.
  11. Thanks 6K, I was hoping it would have some Indica in it, I prefer a more body to head high in the evenings, something with some CBD would be a nice surprise as well, but I doubt it will have much, if anything. I just got 2 feminized seeds from a buddy who bought some Candida, it has the highest CBD (10-20%) and lowest THC (less than1%) of any strain on the seed market from seed supreme in the UK and got 2 Grand Daddy Purple seeds for free, which is another a good medical plant, so they say. He has given me the Grand Daddy Purple seeds as he doesn't like to get a buzzz on. So I will be doing one of those next for a mom and clone it, he is going to give me a clone of the Candida as well, so I will be pretty well set up for my meds once they develop
  12. A little update. I now have 3 out of my first 5 seeds germinated. So I have stuck another 6 in to germinate as I wanted at least 5 female plants and as they are bag seeds and probably from a hermaphrodite, I don't know what they are except they will probably be Predominately Sativa as its recreational. I tried sexing the seeds but don't know if I got it right. I just want to get one good female for clones so all the rest will be grown and harvested. I will probably switch to 12/12 after they get 18 inches tall or I have topped all the branches and they have started to split. I was going to do a SCROG but as they are mystery genetics I think it may be easier to just do a straight grow to get the hang of it first as the second lot of germinated seeds will be about 9 days behind, so not sure if that would work well in a scrog. Out of my second germination I now have 3 showing enough leg to put in pots which I have just done, one more has started to sprout and 2 have now been discarded due to not cracking. 2 of the fist group went into Promix potting soil and the other I put into the Sohum soil to see what would happen. The first 2 had grown about an inch and a half before the last went into the Sohum but now its almost the same size this soil seems very good for seedlings despite the high PH. The 3 from the second group have all just go in the Sohum as well and we will see what happens to them. The plant back left had some shell stuck on the cotyledons and it burned of half of them so its a little sluggish, its the oldest by a day. The pot at the front is the Sohum soil and the plant went in at 10 pm about an hour before lights out and is a quarter inch below the surface. Next morning. Front right. look at how much that sucker grew overnight in the Sohum soil. Next pic is of my Airbrush Light box for tracing images, converted to a seedling grow box lol. Just had to change the bulb to a 2800K 60 watt and a 6500K 75 watt equivalent CFL. Also just put some white card over the opening instead of the glass that was there. I found the little fan at the dollar store it takes 2 AA batteries and they last about 4 hours, I have about 20 rechargeable batteries to keep it running. I found that if I Jam it against the tray it vibrates the plants and shakes them about so I dont need to point it at them directly Last pic so far, plant at the front is in Sohum and is 7 days yesterday the other 2 are 10 and 11 days yesterday in Promix potting soil. The one on the left has some deformation to the leaves but seems very healthy apart from that. Next time I take pics I will turn the lights off for a better view. They got watered this morning if you are looking at that dry soil lol.
  13. The problem with testing Metaphysical abilities is you cant connect it to a physical part of your body where it is received or transmitted. Where does the seat of conciseness lie? In the brain, heart or in our spiritual being. We tend to think of ourselves as physical beings but we are all just energy vibrating so slowly we feel solid. Everything we perceive as a physical thing is like this. We have a bio magnetic field which emanates around us, called an aura,as well as other things. Your energy field, aura, can contract and expand. When you meet new people you check out their energy at an unconscious level. Have you ever met someone and liked or not liked them without even speaking to them. Thats because you sense there energy, is either compatible or not with yours. Have you ever walked into a room after people have been arguing and felt something is not right it doesn't feel comfortable. These are all extra sensory perceptions which telepathy would be a part of. I am an empath, I can feel what others are experiencing when I am in an altered state of consciousness sometimes without realizing it. I see peoples energy fields as different colors, this I can switch on and off by altering my consciousness / brain waves using breathing or meditation disciplines. The energy harmonic of our planet is changing and so are we with it the ascension process for mankind is constantly happening and we are developing more and more extra sensory abilities as we do. For some tests I have seen they can also pick up our emotions when we are away from them as well, Plants do even better they have been tested to show that they have a connection with the human that is looking after them and have been shown to get stressed at the same time as their human up too 50 kilometers away. They recognize your thought patterns when you are armed with scissors and are going to damage them and will scream in their own vibration frequency. There was an experiment done with yogurt. Yogurt was put into 2 containers one was fed and the other was not. even at distances of ten feet apart, the yogurt that was not being fed would still get excited and behave as if it was. The scientists could not understand this and brought in someone who was good at solving these kind of problems Dr Richard Bandler, check him out, a very interesting guy. He managed to stop the 2 tanks of yogurt from communicating to each other by putting another container of different yogurt between the two that were split. We all receive and give information at levels we cannot hear, see or feel unless we learn to quiet the mind and observe. A little exercise you can do with energy positive and negative and the outcome can be applied to a lot of things on this planet including humans and your weed. Cook some rice split it into 2 containers put it in the fridge. Everyday take one container out at a time for a couple of minutes, talk to one as if it was the love of your life, compliment it, tell it you love it, then put it back and get the other out and treat it like you hate it, swear at it, get angry with it, tell it you hate it. After a week or so the one you are abusing will start to get bad and moldy, the one you have been kind to will be OK. If you cant deal with being nasty to some rice just ignore it instead, sometimes its worse than no attention at all, even if it is bad attention. Try it
  14. Hi Tangelon, I use a Davinci vaporizer, the older model stealth one that looks like an old style cell phone with a straw sticking out the top. It works well but you cant get much in it. It takes dry bud or oil, never tried the oil in it, I have never used the pen type vapes so cant comment. Vapes are definitely healthier than burning your weed but with vapes you still need to use a high temp to get the CBD and CBC as their flash point is higher than THC so if its for medical use keep it over 400 degrees to get all the benefits. Burning or vaping you are wasting 80% of the product. Once I get my 1st grow harvested I will switch to edibles to get all the benefits and no wastage, and zero damage to my lungs. The only thing that should be going in your lungs is air. Well at 15$ a pop for those pen vapes you have nothing to lose really, give one a go. They certainly improve the taste of the product and you need less to get the same affect as if you were smoking it.
  15. From people I know that have tried to get a MMP, most doctors don't know anything about Marijuana as its so new to them. They rely on Drug company sales people to advise them on their products and dosages, if they are not sure, they look the drug up in the companies information book, this doesn't happen with MM because its not even classified yet and has no Medical Ref Number assigned by Health Canada.This can be good or bad. The good thing is if your doc agrees, you can get a high daily amount on your prescription as the doc doesn't know what dosage to give. The bad part is they may be totally against MM and refuse a prescription. My Doc sent me to a MM clinic and I was asked to choose an LP there and then, so make sure you know before you go, as they will try and route you to one that they get a kick back from and not one that is most suitable for you, I got lucky with mine but still not 100% happy. Prices and quality vary greatly, some smaller LPs don't have product all the time, which means you could be without your medicine for a couple of months and you cant switch LP without a lot of hassle and sometimes cost. The clinic I go to charges $50 to change the LP if its not done at a regular check up time every 6 months + $15 for the Urine sample. If you are already self medicating with Marijuana for a health problem, tell your Doc and tell them how much you use and what it does to help you with your problem, they may change their mind and give you a prescription if they were not going to. They are mostly concerned with psychological problems and other drug usage like opiates and alcohol I had 6 questionnaires to fill out totaling about 350-400 questions some duplicate, before attending the clinic. No healthcare Plans currently cover MM in Canada as it has no medicine number from health Canada yet, unless you are ex services. Until then it will not be covered, although in the US, someone one won a court case that now forces their healthcare insurance provider to cover it, so it may happen soon. You can get %65 of your money back against taxes if you spend more than $600 a year on MM so keep the receipts. Personally I think it should even apply to growing your medicine as well, possibly in the future setting up you MM grow will be tax deductible