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  1. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    What are you seeing, that tells you that the roots are hot, I don't know what to look for. I am growing organic so I need my soil to be above 70f to keep the micro flaura alive and well.
  2. Your avatar is Ronin, thought you might be interested in that feudal system back in the 14th to 16th century Japan when there were a lot of Ronin provinces vying for power against the samurai for the Shogunate.
  3. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Wow yours are budding up nicely man, looking very frosty. Here are some of mine, buds are just starting to pump up a bit now, they finished stretching last week. I can only load one picture every time I try and add more firefox crashes
  4. Got a clone plant

    You got a tent at a garage sale. Didn't they have any garages left at the sale. Looks like a good buy for $20,
  5. Got a clone plant

    Where did the tent appear from Steveo, I thought you were growing in the bathroom. Buds look good, nice size for drying.
  6. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Not in Nova Scotia, no public smoking, unless in designated areas or your private residence. Although hotels here, as well as the politicians, are starting to wake to the fact that there is a huge amount of US tourists that come off the cruise ships, that may want to buy legal pot, but find they have no where to smoke it. So they could be losing out on some big money by there attitude at the moment.
  7. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Best western has blocked me in Fredericton and New Glasgow, I have been blocked also in the Marriott harbor front hotel in Halifax.
  8. clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    No need to make all the Canadians sick with envy. Its like rubbing salt in a wound lol Wow what a difference in your clones for just 12 days, amazing what a bit of sunshine does for them, and your bigger plants are getting a good head start as well. I hope all goes well for you Wizard.
  9. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Or Hotels, they seem to have a pot forum prohibition as well on their intranets.
  10. Hi Ronin welcome to CC Basically taxes, medical user's can claim 65% of the money they spend on medical cannabis, back against their taxes when purchased from a licensed medical producer, I don't think government retail outlets will be considered the same, but it will be interesting to see. I asked my weed doc this question about 5 months ago, and he said "Who Knows". So apart from that, do you have an interest in the Sengoku period?
  11. Final Trimming. When to?

    Hi Roonstone welcome to CC. Yourgoing to get very sticky, trimming in the dark. I can't see why it would be a problem to do that.
  12. All about Molasses

    They do have bulbs for cannabis not sure that's what they designed it for, but it may have well been. OK lo,l but it gets a lot colder than -10 here regularly in Jan and Feb. That was an interesting read, did not kn9ow that about tomatoes. Sounds OK, apart from the egg shells, I don't think you will get any value from using them in a tea unless powdered, table scraps so long as its not meat or oily, I am not sure I would go that heavy, with the molasses personally either, but give it a go you don't know until you try. You will make the yeast very happy with it. What will that type of yeast produce, carbon dioxide or oxygen? My brewing yeast for my wines, which I brew in my tent make extra CO2 for the plants, but if you are adding to the soil you really want oxygenating stuff for the roots, which is why I use a fish tank bubbler with my teas. You should add the molasses last about 24-36 hours before you intend to use the tea. Otherwise the bacteria will have used it all up before it gets in the soil and it will all become anaerobic. I like the idea of getting the neighbors kid to open it up after a good shaking though, lol. Wow he got a lot of potatoes out of those buckets, I might have a go at some properly this year if we dont have to move. We go through about 5-10 Lbs a week. Knowing and doing are 2 totally different things, and I am lazy lol.

    What happened to your plants when you did this? I expect they stopped growing at all and started to drop leaves and die. Where are you getting this information from?