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  1. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    Yep your first year growing is all about learning, no matter how well prepped you are for it, you are going to second guess yourself on everything lol. Your second will be more dialed in, you going to know what to expect roughly, seasonal changes will vary it but you will have a good idea in the direction you want to go in and switching either soil or hydro for one or another will not cost you much. Unless you are going to make your own soil, you will pay more for that than nutes, it costs me $40 to fill 2x5gal pots and I have to supplement on top of that. I am using second hand soil with 2 plants in my current grow and they have started to starve this last 10 days even with amending it a bit before planting in it. I am getting this https://hydrobuilder.com/titan-controls-spartan-series-basic-digital-environmental-controller-temperature-co2-timer-and-humidity.html I suggest to you it will be a good buy although its in the US. This is the next big pain that ties you to your grow worse than having a dog. Switching between RH and heat cool Temp controllers days and nights. Living near the sea I get big swings in the environment real pain.
  2. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    It does, but, sorry laptop having a spaz attack lol, Hydro/DWC is not that destructive to the plant if you mess up. The good thing is the plant recovers faster as well. If you are going to kill a plant you will probably do it in the first 2-3 weeks unless you accidentally cut it off at the base at a later date or you get some really bad root rot. Most of the time you will just slow its growth down. Res temps are more critical and nute strength as well, but if you follow the instructions and Lab will guide you through the first grow I know you would be able to handle it.
  3. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    Yeh no problem for getting advice, members here, are always willing to point you in the right direction when they can. Heres a link for the pen, its on sale atm, it comes with everything including storage solution, I have never used the storage solution as its always in use. What my favorite thing about this pen is, the cap. You can put the fluid in it and put it back on the pen and stand it up in the case an let it do its thing instead of having to stand there waiting with it in our hand. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01ENFOIQE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I use plastic pots for my clones and mothers and early vegging, I switch to the fabric for finishing vegging and flowering. The reason I like fabric is it dries out faster and breathes, as a newby grower over watering is easy to do, so it gives me more mistake room, especially if RH is high, the plants drink less, its easier to water from the bottom and it soaks in faster. The other reason I like my pots drying faster is, it gives fungus gnats less time to breed and lay eggs on the surface soil. If you are using soil you will have fungus gnats, it just goes with the territory I think I just paid $2 each for some new 5 gal pots on ebay. $5 for ratcheted light hangers pack of 2 from the same place. What size is the room you will have the tents in?
  4. Between legalization and being able to purchase legal weed could take 2 months, which means there will be a lot of people being fined for using illegal weed who assume its ok to carry it about without caution.
  5. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    An RO unit is not a necessity but it will make life a lot easier, and a big difference to you later on, especially if you try managing 15 plants constantly. If I know my water is clean and the PH is good then it eliminates a lot of possible negative factors, and stops the guessing if things start going out of whack. Its the biggest pain for me as I just use a Zero water filter which takes 40 minutes to an hour, to get 9 liters, and has to be filled 3 times to get it. I had to do that twice yesterday carry it down stairs and PH it, the bigger the plants get, the more they need, soon I may need to be doing this every other day . CO2 system I would wait, I use Labrats patented home made CO2 burner Get good basics. Lights, Tents, Extraction Fan and filter, and Humidity and Heat controllers for the Extraction Fan. Some smaller fans for moving the air around in the tents. A good PH pen not a cheapo they last only a couple of months, I got a good one last year cost $100 but well worth it, once the head wears out it can be replaced. I haven't had to re calibrate it since I got it, and use it 2 -3 times a week. I can check what its called if you like? I use fabric 5gal pots, very cheap on ebay from china, just have to wait a month. They are re usable and roots self trim in them. You may need some aircon in summer and heating in winter. My LED lights in winter will produce enough heat to raise ambient temps 12-14 degrees, so I only need to heat the room with the tents at night. Soon as it gets into +temps, I have to open a window so cold air can get in, other wise it just re circulates warm air, and does nothing to cool the inside of the tent down. This summer I will need some air con to cool it all down, but need to exhaust the hot out side which creates another problem of running duct everywhere or just cut a hole in the wall to outside next to the tent or use CO2 and let the heat stay higher. But you will need to have cooling for flowering in the summer, keeping in the low 70's with low RH to stop the possibilities of bud rot and mold and give a better trichome production. Something to think about for you.
  6. $700 buck is not bad, but why does it take 4-6 hours to take an online sell safe course how much have you got to know? Its the several thousand in security measures thats going to be the killer.
  7. Looks like it was written bye the Pharmaceutical industry to limit the loses they are going to make.
  8. TDD's No Till Super Soil Recipe

    Thanks for the recipes I need to start doing this this year its getting expensive buying the ready made.
  9. Why would they do that, surely people who are growing it need to know if its worth growing should they want to. Thats cool, should be like that everywhere. $30 a gram for a concentrate CBD is very cheap, hardly makes the cost and effort of growing it worthwhile.
  10. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    Very sensible, I spent about 3 months reading up on here, and getting advice before I started. Learning from others mistakes saves a lot of money, I am exactly like you, I want the best I can get for what I can afford. Check out growlights.ca if you live in Canada. Probably the best value for money on the net I have found. For what you are doing, 2 4x4 tents would be a better option as Lab suggested. In reality with that setup you wont need to use 15 plants, once you learn, low stress training techniques, you can get similar yields using half the plants. Most of what you will have, using up the quota will be mothers and clones. 3-4 plants vegging and 3-4 flowering on rotation every 60-70 days or whatever flower period the strain requires. If its strictly for personal use, you will never run out unless you have a catastrophe and your storage area goes up in smoke, and after a couple of years probably only grow once year with a new strain because your bored of what you are using lol. After legalization though, all your buddies will be looking for for hand outs lol. My first flower production in a 4x4 tent gave me about 175grms dry using 2, low yielding strain CBD plants. My next one, that's growing atm, in the same tent with 5 of the same plants, will probably get me about 750-1000 grms dry, if it goes according to plan. I could probably get the same amount with 3 plants next time as they are running out of space and 2 of them are really just hampering the grow atm, If it does, I really dont know where I am going to put it all lol, starts creating other logistical nightmares, like having enough room to dry it and cure it and store it properly. You should read though some of the grow files in the forums, it will give you insight into the problems you may have deal with and how to circumvent them.
  11. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    Just had another look at that tent. It only has one passive air intake for the main tent and 3 on the seedling tray side. Should have it the other way round, Thats going to work your fan hard with only a small intake for that whole side of the tent, you could always use the bottom cable and ducting holes. I use 6 inch galvanized steel 90 degree bends and cover the outside end with furnace filter the amount of dust and pet hair that gets sucked in is amazing, point the opening at the floor to mitigate light leaks.
  12. Most efficient setup for 15 plants

    Thats not going to work for 3 stages, unless you can separate the flowering from the vegging with zero light leakage between the two. Or you grow all your plants at the same time through veg and flower. They have different light cycles. 18/6 for vegging 12/12 for flower. Flowering plants do better in a lower heat and humidity environment especially near the end ,and then vegging in a slightly higher heat and humidity, so you will need separate ways to control those things in each tent unless you can get and keep a happy medium between the 2. Would to better to run lower RH and temp and just have slower vegging plants and keep your bud quality higher. Your best option would be a tent for mothers, clones, and vegging and another for flowering. Stagger your clones at different time intervals through vegging so you have a constant harvest every 3- 4 weeks. Use strains with a similar flower period and environment preference. Thats a nice looking tent for the money though.
  13. I agree, Legal weed will be tagged some how, to allow it to be differentiated from illegal.