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  1. Shadey

    Help! Male or female plants?

    That's a boy as well, sorry to say. You can use the males for butter, sometimes the leaves of males are fairly potent as well. Just chop them up fine for maximum absorption.
  2. Hi Jean welcome to CC. Why are you worried about an increase in heart rate, do you have a heart problem?
  3. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. When on dangerous ground wait, when on deadly ground fight. A few of the quotes from the book of, Sun Tzu, The Art Of War, that I can remember.
  4. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    You could make a small clear polythene tent over them outside, keep the rain off them but allow air flow. Either Tepee style or 2A frames with a ridge polfe between them. Put some poly half way down each side.
  5. Why dont they just allow the dispensary's, that are already operating, to keep doing what they are doing, doesn't make sense.
  6. Shadey


    Hi Dyester and welcome to CC. yes I was thinking about what the costs would be to convert one for growing in. Its a couple of thousand $ to buy a used one here.
  7. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    Yeh that's good it looked like it was coming in on the bottom left of the picture. Yeh, just bend it over gently, the stem will crack a little. Wrap a bit of tap around it to stop any infection starting, I never have, when doing this but it's better safe than sorry. I don't think the LED light is going to be power full enough, for that plant and the light from it will still burn the plant if 2 close, just not as much as the other light which is hot as well. I am almost in the same position with my flowering plants ATM I vegged them too long bye a couple of weeks now I only have about 14 inches of light adjustment left, and they are still stretching out. Nice looking plant in the pic, a good size considering the small pot. The weather looks good in your pic, maybe it would be better to leave them both outside to finish flowering, and start your next batch in the tent.
  8. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    Hi man, If its not an auto, then yes you will need to switch to 12/12. you don't want to re veg it. Its very tall, good job you didn't put the big one in lol, that's where you would want it to finish flowering, at that height. Its going to stretch more through the flowering process. To be honest, I am not sure what to suggest you do with that plant for the best, being so tall. Its very close to the light now. I would crack the main stem a third of the way down the plant, and lean it over at a 45 degree angle, and support it with a length of cord tied to the tent strut somewhere, so it doesn't drop and break of completely, as It needs to be further away from the light, then watch it go crazy with the branch growth. Its either that or physically chop off the top third but that would lose you all the major bud sites that have developed. if you do nothing the light may burn them up. yes it will make the temps higher slightly, during flower it would be better to have it on permanently, to reduce the chance of mildew or mold if the humidity is still high with you. it looks like you have the fan ducting taking air from the bottom of the tent it would be better taking it from the top where the light is. A small 16 - 22 cm clip on fan in there to move the air about would be good as well. there is always something extra you need See if anyone else has any suggestions for you in dealing with the height issue before you do anything.
  9. Shadey

    What direction to head in now?

    I think you covered your points well for indoor outdoor, they would be my main concerns as well. I love the idea of free light, but the stress of the plants getting fucked by nature, makes it not worth it to me. In a greenhouse you have the best of both worlds, climate and environment control and free light. My main concern would be keeping light out during the 12/12 period. Why monster plants ? 3 months of veg inside will get you a pretty big plant, after its done its stretch. Not sure if you have have read this thread. Its interesting may give you some ideas.
  10. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    I would go soil it's easier, doesn't raise the humidity to much.
  11. I am all for sustainable food resources, I have been a vegetarian for the last 26 years. Coconut oil has a unique fatty acid that is able to pass through the blood brain barrier. This makes it an ideal brain food. The fact that it not only stops further damage by the protein plaques, it has in some cases reversed the damage. My mother developed dementia after 8 years of statin and metphormin use. Once she was dependant on us to make her food, we had her diabetes controlled to the point she didn't need the metformin, but the damage was done bye then with the statins. You can find K2 in high quantities in fermented foods as well. D3 is in a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as sunshine. They both work hand in hand with each other helping absorption.
  12. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    So at 30-40 grams for 10 liters, so for one liter of water, it would be 3-4 grams. I would go the lower amount, which would probably be somewhere around a tea spoon full. You can always give it more if it doesn't improve, in a week or so. Better than over dosing it.
  13. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    I use 100% sulfur,1 teaspoon sprinkled around the base of the plant in a 5 gal pot, what does the instructions say on the packet for dosage? what is the other 20%?
  14. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Just sprinkle a teaspoon full around the base of the plant on the soil and water it in. You May be able to use it as a foliar as well, added to water in a spray bottle. I ts good to add some half way through flowering as well, it improves the smells and terpenes.

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