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  1. Medical Cannabis

    Magician said......Hi Shadey, I so wish I had room like you I could see myself becoming very obsorbed into the hobby, having the room to do what you want with veg and flower even being able to walk into the same room the plants are in would be a luxury. Anyhoo I hope all goes well with your grow " I think it will you know allot " I have attached a few pic's, I have small buds (hurray) what do you think, very close to 4 wks (26th Sept) in flower. worried about the light though it's to close, and I cant do any more. Have a good day, in your garden,
  2. No, that's got to be fake....sorry alternative, news lol.
  3. Its worth a read quite interesting. https://www.leafly.com/news/science-tech/taking-drugged-driving-seriously-what-does-the-science-say?utm_campaign=Roost&utm_source=Roost&utm_medium=push
  4. Looking good, bulking up quite fast now by the look, reminds me of the big desert cactus plants you see in the cowboy films lol.
  5. yeh the seeds came out of a bag of weed from a plant that had done the same thing. As it was my first grow I didnt want to waste money on good seeds if I messed it all up lol. It was a good learning experience.
  6. I have a 4x4 tent and started with six plants also, all mine transgendered from girl to boy, crappy seeds, I worked out 4 plants is a max, space wise, now I have just 2 in there with a scrog net which seems to be working well at the moment, fingers crossed lol. If your yield was 7-8 ozes a plant after drying that is very good for a 1st grow, give yourself a pat on the back.
  7. Paul N

    I agree with Lab I would not use it unless I had no other option. Your body and brain has receptors specifically for it so why put something that is close but not perfect in that receptor. Its like running out of gas at the side of the road in your car and someone stops and gives you some gas but its not the right octane level for your car. You can use it and it may get you home or to a garage but you wouldn't want to keep using it all the time because eventually it will cause you more problems and damage your car or yourself permanently. The majority of pharmaceuticals are like this, they will help short term but long term use causes more problems for which they will be happy to give you something else to counter act the new problems and so it goes on. Its called creating repeat business. Remember "pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of helping people they are in the business of making money" and I quote that from the ceo of Pfizer. So for trips abroad I might consider it short term but not long term use. If its cost that is making you want it, you can claim 60% back on your taxes in Canada for the real Medical Marijuana.
  8. Got a clone plant

    you want it about a 8-12 inches away from the light thats how close I run mine and its around 600w says 1000w equivalent but its not.
  9. Got a clone plant

    what type of light is it under
  10. Got a clone plant

    you need to get it closer to a light to stop it stretching, you got a while yet before you need to up pot it.
  11. Dont be, thats how they try to go unnoticed, Lab didnt notice either.
  12. Mangolicious - recent cultivation

    Looks good, I wish we had smelling internet net capabilities
  13. He doesnt require information Frmrgrl, he sells them and is trying to start a conversation about them and develop interest, only the links to his web site in his personal info has been deleted now Same for Lara Johnson she's selling her services writing papers for university students so all her business links have also been deleted. spammers are getting sneaky.
  14. Doob's Outdoor Grow

    Nice everyone is posting garden pics today. Lovely colors starting on your first plant pic, you certainly have a great herbaceous border going there, with some monster leaves.