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  1. I applied 6 weeks ago and as of last Thursday I am still not in the system yet and they cant advise a time until I am in the system. I was told that it was still very early and to call back in 3-4 weeks and I might be in the system Hopefully if they have taken on more people to deal with the backlog it may be sooner than later.
  2. I was thinking about the 4 plants per household for my wife as she cant smoke my medicinal marijuana and I would like some recreational to go with my medicinal lol. The problem the government have is that they have been trying to convince everyone for years how bad this stuff is for you, and now they have to try and justify that when allowing people to use it without making themselves look even more stupid and hypocritical than we know them to be. As for some of these regulations its obvious they haven't a clue how its grown.
  3. I am wondering what the costs will be for a license to grow the four plants. Applying for one will take forever, I have been waiting 6 weeks so far, for my Medical Marijuana grow license, and I am not even in the system yet when I called yesterday.
  4. Any of those producers you would recommend for price and quality. I was looking at seed banks last night and found BC Seeds $35,000 for a 10 pack of space buzz continuum or Elephant Bud, worlds strongest marijuana @ nearly 38% THC and produces over 1200grms per Msq on sale for $2,990 WTF.
  5. A picture I painted on a Tshirt of Chucky smoking a big fat Doobie. Painted with an airbrush and createx transparent paints.
  6. Hi Lucy, I do custom airbrush artwork, I dont like to be too wrecked while I work, just a gentle buzz going on helps get me in the zone. If I am doing portrait work it helps me spot differences in the reference pic to my work easier as it helps me focus much more intensely. Also improves my visualization ability working out color combinations in my head. Unlike you I dont have to be sociable to my canvas, so I usually have head phones on and listen to music as well which also improves my creativity when combined with weed. Some times I will get stoned and just sit and look at my work for an hour, painting it in my head stage by stage working out where everything goes and in which order.
  7. lol I thought those breaks looked nice and square and clean. I see you have a net in there why dont you use a scrog that would keep your plant tops more level and you wouldnt have to keep your lights at different levels or are they different, speed growing strains.
  8. how did you manage to break that it all looks like a solid construction.
  9. Dollar store has 50 watt 6500K LED bulbs $4 each. Dont know how accurate they would be for spectrum, I was thinking of something similar for vegging and mother plants
  10. Where did you buy your tent from thats a good price for the size.
  11. I have just been to the local garden center again to see if they have the sohum soil, which they did. I asked for 4 bags and the lady said, Oh I cant find a price listing for it, so she said I could have it at $5 a bag +taxes I asked for another 4 and she said no problem but if you come back for more it may be more expensive, I said, I think you can guarantee that it will be lol.
  12. Boiled the oil in water yesterday afternoon for about 5 hours and cooled it in the fridge, reduced the smell and taste by about 30%. Tried a bit this morning, about an inch square by half inch thick, didnt get a gag reflex lol, drank some orange juice to wash it down. See how this works
  13. Well I tried a bit this morning just plain without any curcumin. It wasn't very nice, I think it must be an acquired taste, so I put some on some peanut butter and toast. Nearly threw up after the 3rd chew, I am not sure I would make it taste any worse by adding curcumin lol. I think I may try cooking with it to hide the taste and smell. Maybe it tastes better when using nice bud, instead of rough old leaves and a bit of popcorn bud.
  14. I just made 600 ml of coconut oil with 45 grms of leaf trim and popcorn bud, my neighbor gave me a year ago. Its been sitting in a paper bag for about 8 months tastes like burnt rope when you smoke it lol so I thought I would give your recipe a go. I have another 15 grms but there was not enough oil to use it all. So I will have to get some more when I go to Costco on Friday. I eat fresh cumin which tastes ok, I will try a small amount of dried mixed in before chucking a load in if it makes it taste crap lol.
  15. yes I will, I will look out for the stuff you said you use, Jobes Organic or a similiar organic with those nute levels. Your tea is almost a straight 50% reduction of the Jobes are those percentages that critical?