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  1. Shadey

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Just thinking the same thing Lab, advertising as a growing advisor.
  2. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    If they have roughly 3 weeks left, I would feed them with a light feed with a drop of molasses at the beggining of the second week, before finish, and then just let them use up the energy in their leaves. Just use water for your flush after that.
  3. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Wow Man they are coming on well 😛, getting some great trich development on the leaves and the kolas are staking well. First I would trim off all those little buds under the canopy they are just using up your nutrients and will amount to nothing down there. The leaf problem looks a bit like nutrient burn but could be just old leaves dying off, now your getting close to harvest time. Leave the molasses this week and give them some more in a week if nothing else develops. What has your humidity been like, if its low it could be causing the plants to uptake more water and nutrients. You dont want any more nitrogen unless in very small amounts cant remember what your feeding them atm. The canopy looks really healthy I don't think you have anything to worry about, how long until they are supposed to be finished?
  4. That's good, maybe they will stop asking stupid questions at the border now.
  5. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    A nice breakfast selection of Buds. I am pleased its worked out for you. Next time you will get double that, now you more about what you are doing, and dont have to grow outside. Hopefully you wont burn through that lot before your next harvest.
  6. Shadey


    As Labrat said, you have nothing to lose by leaving them at this stage of flowering, I would let them go the distance.
  7. Hi YeOldeBaccyFarm, and welcome to CC. If you google licensed cannabis producer's you should get a government list of LP,s in Canada. Or just click on this link. https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-medication/cannabis/licensed-producers/authorized-licensed-producers-medical-purposes.html
  8. Shadey


    Hog all trimmed up. Good luck, I just lost 3 plants, they turned into boys
  9. Shadey

    clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

    Getting bigger and looking good Wizard. We had a guy from India post during the week, as it's illegal he digs a big hole six ft deep and grows them in that. Can't see them until you are practically standing on them lol
  10. Shadey

    LED light burn?

    Looking very good, so maybe 4 weeks left to go, they should stop stretching soon, this is the time they start to focus all their energy into fattening up those buds. Give them some mollases to boost up the bacteria in your soil as well as feed the plant. 1 table spoon a gallon of water. I think your using some soil ferts, if I remember correctly now, so if they have an equivalent for extra carbs use that instead.
  11. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    Sounds like Robin Williams doing the voice.
  12. Shadey

    Noob experiment

    LMAO, don't panic, I am not trying to introduce you to another grow technique, or whatever that grow pod is. No I dont repeat mantras to my plants, but I do talk to them. I was trying to convey, a sense of becoming at one, with my grow lol. That's a wonderful view, and you have a horse, disguised as a dog. I bet he eats more than me, and I am 140 kilos
  13. Shadey


    A pic of the Hog just before trimming, with a handy note from Justin to tell me how to be responsible LMAO.
  14. Shadey

    When to harvest this bud ? Any ideas ?

    You have 2 landrace sativa strains, native for southern India, Mysore mango and idduki gold. So its probably one of those. Most of the plantations are in Kerala. One also goes by the name kerala gold. Supposed to be very strong 😁
  15. Shadey

    When to harvest this bud ? Any ideas ?

    Again I can only say it's sativa dominant. There are so many strains to identify it properly. What part of India are you in?

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