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  1. There is even more room for electric suppliers to use efficient technology in safer renewable energy sources as well, instead of oil, coal and nuclear, but they dont want to do that.
  2. Looking good so far, the base looks like the only complicated bit to build at the moment.
  3. Thanks, thats just reminded me that the dollar store has humidity domes.
  4. Horrraayyy getting nice and bushy.
  5. Hi Labrat, I agree diet is the majority cause of most western ailments, too much refined carbs/sugars and bad types of fats,compounded by pharmaceutical drugs. They were administering the vit a with injections, so its probably by passing the digestive system and probably high doses, here is the link. On a side note, something else I was reading about tobacco and cancer. They recon that the petro chemical ferts they use, contain above normal levels of radiation and its the radiation that causes the cancer, slowly building up in the user. I might have read that on here somewhere cant remember.
  6. Just been reading an article on COPD which was interesting. I know there are some people on these forums that suffer from it so I thought I would pass on the info. Some scientists looking into COPD have found that all COPD sufferers are vitamin A deficient. So they looked into cigarette smokers Vitamin A levels, and found they were all vitamin A deficient at some level. The tests that they did showed that smoking causes Vitamin A deficiency. So they blocked Vitamin A absorption in experiments with rats and found they developed COPD, and when they started giving the same rats vitamin A the COPD went away. They are now looking at this as a treatment for it.
  7. Cheers Unregistered, it seems to be working well, wish I could say the same about my clones, they have all snuffed it. They damped off, we had a big spike in temps and RH and I don't think I made the sohum soil fine enough for good contact either. I will have another go when my rapid rooters arrive, hopefully soon. The heat mat and dome has been canceled by amazon as the seller does not respond to my emails and its 3 weeks late now. Got my money back but everything else on their is 3 times the price I originally paid
  8. Great keep us posted on your progress, thanks.
  9. Here in Canada its going to be 4 plants, 1 meter in length, so which ever way you grow it, it cant exceed 1 meter from top to bottom of the stalk or branches as I am reading it. No limit to the number of branches though
  10. 2 moths of veg that's very good to cover that space. If you are vegging for 6 months this time with 3 plants, so that's half the plants for 3 times as long, I know its an experiment, but I would stick to the 2 months and more plants with a faster turnover of harvest, if it were me, but it will be interesting to see how it works out.
  11. It certainly does look like a very good use of available space compared to a normal tent grow. I see area where they are planted is at the bottom of the cage, I missed that before. Very nice set up. How long from start to harvest using this method?
  12. Interesting, so the plant pots are outside the frame, and you bring the plant through the wire net on the inside, like a vertical S.C.R.O.G? how many plants are in the cage?
  13. Hi Седан Welcome to CC, they certainly look very good, whats is the rest of your set up in regards to what they are growing in and nutrients you use. I have never seen a light wired to the cage of a fan before, does the fan oscillate or is it stationary.
  14. Another week goes bye, plants are growing, not as fast as last week, except for 1 which grew another 4 inches. The temps have been lower outside and I turned my little heater of on Tuesday. Temps have been low to mid seventies and Rh around 60-70%. I finished my mother/veg tent and put 2 of the plants in there, one of which is looking a little deficient in (N) I think looks a little yellow all over. One will be a back up, if any of the ones flowering turn out to be a boy. Decided against putting it outside for that reason. The 4 that got flipped on Wednesday are starting to show sex, I think I have 4 females as I am starting to see some long wispy pre flowers in a couple of places on all of them, but I am not counting my loons yet. The 3 shorter bushy ones I think I will thin out some of those leaves there is hardly any light getting to the stems. Probably whip off those bigger leaves lower down. some pics of the flowering plants. Bit blurry sorry didnt turn the fan off. The one in the left back corner is the one that will not stop growing fast. Heres some pics in stages of the tent I built. covered the top and bottom of the frame. Sides added and seems sealed Vent pipes made from plastic bottles duc tapped to make light proof. All operational. I am venting the flower tent through this one, in at the bottom, out at the top, and it seems to be working well atm and acts like a fan, a little dankness of smell but I quite like it. The one in the little pot is looking a little anemic, so it will get some tea, not much I don't want it growing a lot as its going to be a 2nd choice mother or gift to a buddy once the clones are stable and I can add them to the flower tent to see if these 2 are girls..
  15. Hi Chelle, You need to know the amount of milligrams of CBD, per milliliter of oil, to work out the strength. This is what I use. Even with this amount of THC I get no high effect from it. I was having some anxiety attacks before using the oil, as I am waiting for workers compensation to to decide what they are going to give me. I have had no income for several months now which is scary. The last few weeks I have been using it, I have been very relaxed and calm, thinking about it now. I started on 0.3mil twice a day but now up to 0.4mil 3 times. Yours may be different so dont use my dosages just work up from a low dose the LP should ave given you some literature advising a safe start dose. Oil 1:20 60ml · 55g Actual THC 1.0mg/ml CBD 20.0mg/ml Total Content THC 60mg CBD 1200mg CanniMed® Oil 1:20 contains virtually no THC and as a result it has little to no psychoactive effect. Children and other patients sensitive to the effects of THC find value in this product rich in CBD. For ordering limits, a 60 ml bottle of CanniMed® Oil 1:20 is equivalent to 10 g of herbal cannabis.