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  1. TDD's No Till Super Soil Recipe

    I use a JAWS organic mix By Sohum soils, which contains Azomite, its expensive and probably doesn't need anything for vegging but I do add teas I make up, but dont use fish meal, just Jobes 3.7.5. some worm casts, kelp meal and organic molasses when in flower I just omit the worm casts. I listen to Harley on youtube I just have him on in the back ground when I am painting and hope it all sinks in subliminally, I quite like him and his side boards lol.
  2. Thats why they dont want anyone growing and taking all their profit away with the 10 kilos a year off of 4 plants lol.
  3. I dont think they have realized the black market does not charge any taxes on their products, If the so called reason is for our protection from these people with their terrible weed, they will need to do better than this, or no one will buy their stuff.
  4. Marijuana Arrests Hold Steady in 2016

    Not quite the same but when Gas regulation came in I thought, wow the government is going to stop the big oil companies ripping us off and keep the prices down. How stupid was I, worst thing that could have happened. This will be the same, control for profit, no different from organized crime, strong arming there way in and taking over from the small guys atm.

    Hi Herdee, welcome to CC, lots of great info here but it sounds like you are doing good, be nice to see some pics of your grow when you get time.
  6. DWC help

    They are looking healthy a little stretched though, you would be better to use the fluorescent tube you were using for the first couple of weeks until they get some proper leaves developed, you can get it closer to stop the plants stretching and save money on your electric bill, those little plants dont need all that light atm.
  7. Lab's latest efforts

    The seedlings are getting a better shade of green on them now and your light mod should be more than enough for them with the other tubes going. The big sativa plant on the left looks more like an ornamental bay leaf tree lol.
  8. Seedlings advice

    yeh well you should get a lot of choice from all of them, just wont be a lot of each. At least they all flower fairly close together. I have 2 candida in scrog and one is Indica dominant, the other Sativa which takes 3 weeks longer to flower out I learned for next time, grow the same phenos at the same time.
  9. Seedlings advice

    Sounds like you are all set. Are all those plants the same pheno types or are they a mix of sativa and indica crosses? I just looked, you going to have 6 plants in a 3x3 ft tent in DWC with a scrog. I think you may regret that lol. You probably would only need one plant when they get going in DWC.
  10. Lab's latest efforts

    Thats what happens when you give her carpentry tools so you dont have to build the chicken coop lol.
  11. Sing the petition please http://donttaxmedicine.ca/NoTax/letter/
  12. That would be funny stoned racing drivers all going round the track at 20 miles and hour thinking they were doing a 160 lol.
  13. Seedlings advice

    you got it cracked, just keep it like that until you want to flower, they will grow fast if you can.