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  1. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.
  2. Medical Marijuana Update

    Wow, Man you are certainly dedicated Notsofasteddie. A lot of interesting info here,
  3. They are your water problems as well Weedmen, they were pumping millions of gallons a day out of reservoirs in California and refused to stop even during the drought and with an expired permit, they have not paid for it in several years. I feel sorry for you guys America is definitely no longer the land of the free.
  4. yes, those barstards as well lol.
  5. outdoor growers beware: chemtrails

    Fukushima earthquake moved the earths axis, and is still pumping tons of radiation into the pacicfic. I read the other day that a lot of sockeye salmon returning to spawn are testing positive for high levels of cesium.
  6. Monsanto joind Maximum Yield Magazine

    lmao, he has his eyes fully open to what Monsanto are doing. They should all be put in jail for crimes against humanity. I would not touch any of their or their partners products.
  7. interesting wish I found it a month ago when I spent 3 hours trolling though all the providers in Canad checking their prices. I use Cannimed and I would have to say that if they didnt have their 12% THC product for $4.46 their average price would be closer to $8.
  8. Although I agree with your sentiment, Mr Weedmen Nestle is actually a Swiss company. My dad was one of their tax specialist in the 60's and we would travel from their head quarters, in Switzerland, to the UK and then to the states, each for 4 months at a time, while he audited their books. Personally I think Nestle's board of directors should be imprisoned for a long time for theft of public water supplies.
  9. To do anything very well takes time, patience, education and a love for what you are doing lol. The scientists say, that for the average human to master something, takes 10,000 hours. From all the great info I am getting from your posts you must be getting close to those numbers. I have done lots of different types of work not mastered any yet but getting close on some. I played at growing in the UK about 30 years ago, no internet so couldn't get any info. Just stuck them in a grow bag outside and watered straight out of the hose, feck nose what ph it was lol. Hit them with miracle grow until they were about 7 feet tall. Problem in the UK they would never bud soon enough before heavy frosts started so we would cut them down and smoke the leaves lol. Best crop was 43 plants out of 57 planted. I saw the recall, their was an article posted on the Cannimed web site lol, they had a claim posted next to it saying they don't use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and all their products are certified free by someone, until they get caught using it lol.I hate having to use it but needs must when the devil drives, I am vegetarian and about 95% organic and I want to keep it that way or better, which is why I want to grow my own then I know exactly what is in it and also save a shed full of money not having to buy crappy weed
  10. Lol sorry, I didn't make that very clear, pot, not paperwork, more than $600 on medical marijuana and you can claim 65% back against your taxes, so she said. I am booked for my taxes next week, so I will ask them, it will be a bonus if its correct. I have some seeds already but I will buy some from them, to keep it legitimate in their eyes. Not sure what make and model they are but the weed that they came out of was pretty good for me. I germinated 4 out of 4 last year 2 died from over watering as I now know from the wonderful information on here, The other 2 Helen and Jemima were assassinated by a deer or rabbit it left their mutilated corpses for me to find, but I managed to revive Helen and she ended up about 18 inches tall, with 2 little buds about an inch long lmao.
  11. Thanks for the welcome LabRat and the advice, I did check out the supplies part but you have to go through Health Canada not the doc to get any seeds legally. I looked up different suppliers and had a couple but they were not needed by my weed doc. He just handed over a new prescription with a higher %THC and said send that to them. At first he said it was a long process and he wasn't sure what forms I needed. As soon as I said I had all the forms with me, he said, no its OK I think they are on my other computer he went out, came back 30 seconds later with the form and filled it in. I thought it was going to be a problem as while I was waiting, a woman with whom I was speaking with before and after her appointment said that she had asked him about growing her own and he told her it was a long, difficult, drawn out process to get the license, so she capitulated and said she wouldn't bother. I corrected her misgivings and bad advice from the weed doc and she said, she would check it out online. So I am just about to post this form off and hopefully soon I will get a license. One thing I learned from the woman I was speaking to that if you spend more than $600, I think that number is what she said, you can claim 65% back on your taxes when you get them done
  12. Hi guys, I have been lurking around the last month absorbing some great info, I guess I am lucky as I was asked by my Doc if I would consider using medical marijuana for my neuropathic pain and sleep problems caused by it. I was surprised to say the least and tried not to have a big grin on my face. Although I have used marijuana for the last 35 years on and off (stopped for 5 years while our application for emigrating to Canada was being processed) I told him I had considered it and actually had been given 30 grams by a buddy of mine who is ex military and has similar problems plus ptsd. He asked how it worked for me and how long did it take to use it up. I said it certainly put me to sleep well and that pain was reduced significantly I said as it was 25% THC it lasted 3 weeks, I use it daily but 30 grams lasted me 7 months lol. He said he would send me to the cannabinoid medical clinic to see if I was a good candidate. Before I attended the medical clinic I had a long questionnaire of drugs and alcohol I have used and amounts I am currently taking, medical history about psychological problems, pain levels and any criminal convictions ect, I also had to take a urine test. The questionnaire was not well thought out and ambiguous, so it made me think they are not really interested in getting real answers just making it look like they were trying to do clinical analysis. I have a deep mistrust of government and its organizations ( currently dealing with workers compensation for this this pain I am experiencing) as well as pharmaceutical companies. I was interviewed by the weed doc as I call him, he was not interested in my criticism of the questionnaire and its ambiguities, I did manage to get a wry smile out of him though lol. He said I was a good candidate for MM and said that the synthetic would be a good choice, I said NO!! no way and stood up, saying I was not interested in big pharma crap lol.He said, that it was ok but if I wanted the real thing then he would start me off on 1.5 grms a day up 15% THC and unlimited % of CBC, I inquired to what the piss test was for and he ignored the question and sent me next door to see his colleague who would guide me through my choices of medication. I was told that unless I knew who I wanted to use now it would cost $40 plus $15 for another piss test to come back and let them know who I wanted to use, apparently one of their rules for using them, like I had a choice lol. So I went with their supplier Cannimed, I was also told if I didnt use their choice it may take up to 6 weeks to get me on someone elses system. . I was ecstatic thinking my MM was going to be free, paid for by my medical insurance, that bubble was burst as soon as I contacted my medical insurance people I am seeing the weed doc again tomorrow to apply for a grow license as I cant afford $360 a month for 1.5 grms a day as I am currently not able to work and getting no help from workers comp. I sent them the first months costs to see if they will pay it, I am not holding my breath lol. So thanks for the info LabRat I will just ask the weed doc to hand over the original doc and do it myself. I have a feeling he will make some excuse, if he does I will probably grow it anyway but would like it to be legal as I am only a permanent resident and can be deported for criminal behavior. I used to be a psychotherapist in the UK prior to coming to Canada. I would have to say Highroller that psychological problems from my experience are not caused by Marijuana. The person already has the problem, marijuana merely makes the person more aware of their symptoms, just like meditation does or anything that has a psychoactive affect. People who use lsd, mushrooms, ayahuasc, weed, all experience at some point paranoia fear and anxiety. These feelings come to the surface from our unconscious caused by trauma usually in the formative years of our lives. Research is also showing that some types of fear come from memories stored in our genes as well. Unfortunately most people are not aware of this or that they are suffering from psychological neuroses because they develop strategies to avoid and ignore them. Our subconscious is constantly trying to distract us from these repressed events and when we take marijuana it opens doors to these closed of areas in our unconscious and allows us to be either more aware of our internal anxiety's or more anxiety to be released due to our muscles relaxing, emotions are stored in our muscles. Marijuana slows us down, makes us think introspectively, and alters our brainwave frequencies to more therapeutic states. Either way marijuana is made to be the bad guy for this happening due to ignorance and deliberate deception promoted by the pharmaceutical industry. I hope you find a sympathetic doc soon Highroller.