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  1. They say that fine bubbles are better than giant bubbles for some reason. If you are into really small bubbles you might consider Nano-bubbles produced with a Nano-bubble generator. These little dudes are really impressive… they make fine bubbles look like a basketball comparatively. A major problem with all fine bubble stones as you know, they stop-up often because the pores are small and those little pores are impossible to clean well. Those bubblers are basically disposable but the do work well before they stop-up. Have you ever seen or read this by chance? Understanding Dissolved Oxygen by Kurt Becker 2/27/2017 http://www.ballpublishing.com/GrowerTalks/ViewArticle.aspx?articleid=22058
  2. Would appreciate 2nd and 3rd opinions please from experienced hydro canna-growers about this. Guessing and bro-science appreciated too. The internet dissolved oxygen chart says @ sea level, 79F fresh water, my reservoir water DO will be 8.2 PPM DO and 100% DO Saturation… air pump humming like a champ vibrating the floor and 4 bubblers are frothing the water. I have ask and been told by some hydroponic forum gurus that this DO Concentration/DO Saturation is considered “plenty oxygen” like Perfect Oxygenation. Through actual DO testing, I have discovered over the last year that the internet DO Chart is no more than a DO prediction which is often very different than an actual real time DO test result. I am shocked a so much difference. I tested water with a DO meter and found the actual DO test results to be dramatically different than the predicted DO with the DO Chart. The tested DO in 79 F water was actually 4.1 PPM DO and 50% DO Saturation. This is great dissolved oxygen levels if you are growing hydroponic lettuce and tomatoes. What in the world does this 50% difference in the DO Chart predicted vs. actual tested / confirmed DO Conc. / DO Sat. really mean? My guru buddy says, “50% DO Saturation and 4.1 PPM DO Concentration is definitely considered low-oxygen in a RDWC canna-grow and the oxygen most probably evaporated, like water evaporates.” Why is there so much difference between the predicted DO chart values and the real tested DO values? What could have happened to half of that dissolved oxygen in the reservoir water? I have heard and read about the negative effects of low-oxygen problems negatively affecting (suffocating) roots and Benny health, sick roots and sick Bennies, suffocation, root rot = one stinking, slimy, decaying mess that can happen overnight. She suggest, “buy a larger air pump (buy a quiet air pump) and several more new air bubblers… bubbling more air = bubbling more oxygen… low-oxygen problem will go away, roots and Benny’s will be healthier and crop more productive if not suffocating.”
  3. It’s April now, res water temp constant @ 81F, room air temp 72F, DO Sat. constant @ 100% - 105%, root growth great and healthy, no fungi, bennies prolific, everything looking lovely.
  4. Thanks for responding Rat, I have a YSI 550-A DO Meter, the operation manual came with it. It’s easy to operate, a great instrument, but the meter manual does not say anything about the questions I ask in this thread about these DO ranges for hydroponic pot res water. Last summer, I ask a water chiller salesman these same questions and he basically told I needed a water chiller, "chill your res water and there will be 'plenty oxygen” and no need for a DO Meter. He told me a thermometer will basically do the same thing as a DO Meter. I don’t think he had a clue, but he was a classic water chiller salesmen and had his sales pitch memorized well, he had it down and didn’t miss a beat in his pitch. -- but I really want the benefits of higher metabolism, maintaining res water temp in the low 80's F, not in the 60's. I bought this YSI meter so I can predict any low oxygen developments early and correct the low O2 before roots die and fungal infection sets in, I'm not interested in prevention vs. rotting roots, crisis intervention and the race for the cure. Been there, done that and know that low oxygen insults always negatively affect plant and microbial health even if you are lucky enough to salvage some of the crop. Although most DWC hobbyist say the never have fungal outbreak some of us do... treatment and attempt at the "cure" is a mess to deal with.
  5. Most hobby DWC pot growers say you must have plenty dissolved oxygen in the res water all the time or the roots and microbes die and fungus takes over. I have a new DO Meter: What test numbers on a DO Meter mean “low dissolved oxygen?” What numbers mean “too much dissolved oxygen?” And what numbers mead you have “plenty dissolved oxygen” Thanks