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    Lab's Lazy Man's CocoBudder method

    I've been up all night reading Jorge's "growing basics" book. really good. gotta sleep tho. I'm out of work this week. had a hernia surgery last friday, so taking the week off and getting lots of reading and perusing done. nice to have this time to do this. later...zzz
  2. healthseeker56

    Lab's Lazy Man's CocoBudder method

    Hey! I'm so sorry I never responded to you! I never even saw this response from you until just now! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your knowledge and expert opinion. I've never really used any kind of forum, and didn't use to use my gmail account much until lately, so I didn't even know you replied to my earlier request for some info. I will certainly download the books.and I have to agree that edibles are the most efficient use of all that the herb has to offer. You are absolutely right. I am just beginning to use and learn about essential oils and some of what I learned in chemistry 40 years ago resurfaced. I understand more than the average joe, but can't really put it to use because I don't know the basics. It took me a minute to figure out how to reply here, my brain is getting so feeble these days!! And I did put my jar of thick oil into a larger container of hot water to soften it up. I added a few drops of fractionated coconut oil and it's fine. I drew it up into a 3 cc syringe and have 2 cc's, plus some still in the jar, and my sister has the same amount - maybe more. So, I guess we got a pretty good yield. According to the lady whose video I watched one ounce of medical mj should yield 2 to 4 grams of oil. The hydroponic weed we used was very high THC - or so we were told. Does 28% sound real? Is that even possible? Or are they bullshitting me? Trust me, it's very potent. I didn't use it all to make RSO I certainly will make use of your info regarding the different strains, some growing info, and how my sister's needs and mine differ. Hers is for cancer prevention, mine is to stop my fingers from getting more crooked than they already are, and both of us would benefit more from making edibles. Not sure I could do what you do when you make your budder tho. Too complicated for me. There are docs writing scripts and/or dispensing medical pot here in Florida finally. My husband just drove by one today - took a pic and texted it to me. I don't have a lot of pain in my ugly, gnarled joints, but anything to make this better is a good thing. I'm pretty sure any doc would look at my hands and not hesitate to write me a script. Also, there's a vape store in town that has a sign in their window that says "hemp derived CBD oil". ?? Hm. Gotta go in there I guess. I'm only just getting started with all of this, my new interest in essential oils, my new interest in Canadian pot stocks, (American, too), and starting a side business so I can stop driving to work every day, My brain is on overload. Not sleeping at 3;40 a.m is a good indicator of that. I will be back with more questions. One of them I have right now is about buying seeds, which is why I visited CC to begin with. Gotta start growing now!
  3. healthseeker56

    Lab's Lazy Man's CocoBudder method

    Wow. I am so impressed with all of this. My sister at 71, has had cancer 4 times. I'm 61 and have arthritis; a little rheumatoid, a little osteo. Been smoking weed almost 50 years or I'd probably be worse than I am. I just made RSO for us for the first time today. I'm afraid I over did it, tho.:/ The oil isn't oil, it's glue...Not sure if I really overheated it and ruined it, or if I can just thin it out with some coconut oil. Everclear is illegal here, so I used white 151 rum as my solvent and a high grade hydroponic herb. Maybe the rum did it? I don't know. I'm no chemist. I will be making a road trip for some grain alcohol before I make the next batch, tho. I guess I'll warm up my cannabis paste and mix it with coconut oil to make it easier to use. I put it in a glass jar rather than a syringe at least. Glad for that. Any suggestions Mr LabRat? Oh yeah...the whole reason I started looking at this forum was to find out about growing my own medical weed and what the difference is between the sativa vs indica strains. Rick Simpson recommends the indica strains. I may be a product of the 70's, but I never studied botany. Educate me please!

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