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  1. first gen from seed i am running all seed gear thru here . I like running scrog but i am trying my way thru a bunch of seeds so the plants can be all over the place.
  2. ha ha just joking I cut it in three as the one side of the tent has three different tiers of plants.
  3. Man my ghetto strip fell down and broke in three pieces better run to lowes for some repair parts. Stay tuned.
  4. My flower tent with a single 315 and 200W of supplemental off the shelf ghetto strips. plants seem to be happy. started at 3 nodes 2.5" 12/12 from seed. This illustrates the need for a vertically adjustable grid for the growers and laggers and anything in between. this photo showing the tall plants hogging the limited ghetto strip. Mono cropping with long boards would be easily dooable.
  5. several guys killing it in small cabs on I-SEE-mag great stuff.
  6. Howdy I'm argo.
  7. bulbs and the 3 way thing 150 bucks 16x 6=100 for the three way adj thing 5 in hardware another 80 a buck a watt no prob.
  8. i have most of the materials 3/4 in the tent alredy 300W worth and enough bases to do the 16 variant.
  9. I had a stoned thought about outfitting my 5x5 tent with a grid of sockets with a three headed lamp mounted to a piece of square aluminium or wood or steel simpsion strong tie steel plates (think grounding lug for the third wire for safety) with a tri-band of bulb colors every square foot (think one per plant ) in three customiziable color temps and wattage options for varying penetration 2.5 , 3 and 5K temps on a 1 ft square grid with 9 or 16 times three bulbs so 27 or 48 indivudially adjustable points of light think of the angles individually vertically/horizontally adjustable points of light. either 3x3 like the tray or 4x4 like the plant canopy and plant count no more than 16 plant canopy 16 points 16x39 =624 or 9 x 30W = 270 W or 9 sqft grid x 45 W (3 bulbs) = 405 W or some where in the 300-600W range using the following items 6/7 of the items found thru home de Pot. with the cost a buck a watt and a goal of 1GPW in a 3x3 tray in a 5x5 tent.
  10. My buddies grow went up last night luckily he was at home and the smoke alarms did their job. It was a cheap circ fan plugged in to a cheap powerstrip. he said it was all melted together so he could not tell what the cause was. check you smoke alarm batteries invest in some extinguishers. maybe a nest smoke alarm/camera so if your phone is around you know what is going on at all times. I also am thinking about getting a flame defender or elide fire ball for the tent and flower closet. and veg trays small price for a piece of mind.
  11. I just stumbled upon a thread of guys growing using off the shelf bulbs i am going to give it a crack. The pics of the grow are from a guy named scrog frog i am going to do some supplemental lighting in the tent with it i am excited to say the least.
  12. I put another net up in the tent 45 more days to go on the durban poison F-3's. Un tamed durbans in the closet getting their chunk on! Tent at lights out . The scrog nets are defiantly taking the durbans down to an even canopy.
  13. Thanks man. is there like a place all the grow journals go?