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  1. "...didn't think she would make it." They are resilient - Had one from the last batch which didn't do the geotropism thing, the root tip broke cround instead of the seed leaves. I caught it before the tip completely dried out, reburied it the way it should have grown, and in a few days it broke ground with a wierd looking stem followed by twisted leaves. A couple weeks later the stem had split in two and it was pushing past it's sister.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Hello and Welcome
  4. stupid, useless surveys Well, OK, it's probably not that bad, but when I see statements like: "...U.S. respondents were stoned on more days in the last 365 than any other country..." I can't help wondering just how sloppy the rest of the conclusions are. If 100% of people said they had a beer everyday, would that mean they are drunk everyday. If you take the Tylenol-3 your dentist prescribed, are you getting high on opiates. I've been smoking multiple joints a day for the last year, but haven't been "stoned" once - and it is starting to bother me that a large segment of the population seems to have the idea that if you smoke some pot you must be stoned. Maybe it is because they've also been fed nonsense about how the pot is waaay more potent than it used to be, or think there is much reality in the Hollywood-420 portrayal of pot smokers.
  5. Hello, welcome, and thanks for the nice picture.
  6. yup, "ACTUAL" The most recent (arrived yesterday, same variety, different crop) is: POTENTIAL 20.7 ACTUAL 0.5 THC POTENTIAL 0.06 ACTUAL 0.005 CBD The THC Drops (CO2 extract in MCT), 1 mL dropper, are labeled with: POTENTIAL 27.8 ACTUAL 22.8 mg/mL THC POTENTIAL 0.14 ACTUAL 0.057 mg/mL CBD I can work with that... ~20 drops from a fully squeezed bulb -> 25 mg/mL (+/- 10%) / ~20 drops/mL = somewhere in the vicinity of 1.25 mg/drop (+/- 10%) [which seems reasonable given the recommended starting dose of 3-drops for inexperienced users] ...but 0.5 to 20.7, what's that, somewhere around 10 (+/- 100%)! 20.7 could be an extract, but 0.5 would need to be THC vs. the entire plant instead of just the dry buds! 10% THC (w/w) of dried marihuana would be some very potent weed, this ain't that, but I can get a buzz off it so it is likely better than 0.5%.
  7. I was taking enough T3s at a time for the doc to get alarmed and pushing past the amount of codeine I could take before side effects become a problem (24/7/365 neuropathic pain) - it was move on to opioids or smoke pot. I went from 90mg+ codeine as often as I could tolerate it to 30-90mg once a week or so. I could do without the codeine now, and have been more comfortable on pot alone than I was on codeine alone. Apparently it will only get worse, but the pot doc says that his patients have typically reduced their opiod use by 50% so maybe I'll be able to stay off the extra heavy duty painkillers for awhile. One thing that could be interesting to watch is if self medicating has any issues attached to it. A recreational user could potentially transition into an unsupervised medical user without realizing it if, e.g., that little pain which could have sent them to the doc wasn't as noticable as it would have been if they hadn't been toking everyday after work. Not seeing a doc or delaying a visit could result in someone treating symptoms only and not getting to the real problem quickly.Sleep problems look to be the most likely to be masked by pot use.
  8. ...sounds like a broken system to me. My pot doc said the 90-day prescription renewal was on Health Canada, but family docs not knowing enough about it to prescribe is coming from the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons (or so the GP told me). The clinic housing the pot doc thinks they will be able to have pot on site in the future; talks involve them, the College, and Health Canada. @Squilly When things are not reasonable then something is broken, if it is not the logic then it must be the system the logic describes. Does it seem reasonable that anyone can go to the garden center and purchase plants that are deadly poison but I need a prescription, registration, and have regulations to follow if I want to grow a non-toxic, apparently healthful plant. Logical inconsistencies like that just spill out of the proposed system and existing regulations because they are built into its design - there is no equivalency or even well defined correspondence between things like: how much yield you get from a plant, how potent the dried plant is, or how many nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood it takes to impair someone - yet they are trying to regulate how many plants you can grow and how much pot you can store, how much of any sample of plant material you should need, and how anyone's body will respond to a given amount of THC at any time. What is and what's coming is better than what was, but it is not what it could or perhaps even should be. I suppose you could call that `arguably broken'. They are continuing with the same prohibition for a large segment of the toking population and a (so far, afaict) similar strategy, which will not accomplish their aim of shutting down/out the black market. That's really broken. Restrictions that are effectively unenforceable (e.g., number of plants you can grow) are broken by design. etc. [my assumptions] If they have based the system on questionable or bad assumptions then no amount of tweaking will be able to fix it. If their assumptions were close to reality the resulting breakage would mostly be at the edges, corner cases, extreme situations, small cracks in the system... ...but it looks broken in some way, everywhere and from whatever direction I look at it from. So I gotta question whether it is worth trying to tweak, or would we be better off simply rejecting the proposal.
  9. Supporting a broken system only serves to perpetuate it.
  10. These are looking more like male flowers, and I've always seen lots of pistils (white hairs) before a plant starts switching to alternate phyllotaxy (which the last pic appears to be showing)....
  11. "hand waving"... the CO2 being heavier than air and drifting down to the plants, but some may be swept away, stuff. You'll get some of that in a still environment, but gases expand to take up all the volume they are in and all them fans should ensure it happens quickly. It sounded like you weren't quite sure how efficient the set up is, and I was wondering - why bother with the hard pipe at all if it is causing unknowns when you can inject exactly to the level you want at the air inflow point?
  12. Hi... and thanks for the peek I'm wondering about the CO2 setup though. If it is a fresh air room wouldn't it have a single point where you could inject theCO2; so wouldn't it be easier to measure that flow and inject whatever is needed to bring the ppm up to where you want. As long as there are no circulation dead spots the level will be the same everywhere in the room, no hand waving about CO2 being heavier than air needed or wondering if any is being swept away.
  13. <sigh> lost my distillation glassware years ago... looks like fun though I haven't been keeping up with this stuff and it looks like a bit has changed, especially on the home front, in the last couple decades. Is there an easy and inexpensive way for a kitchen chemist to track the progress of extractions and reactions yet?
  14. I'll guess it's a girl, probably... I'm looking at the calyx and noticing that it appears to be a well formed tear drop shape, symmetrical, and doesn't appear to have a stalk. Male flowers will sit on a short stalk instead of looking like they sprung right out of the junction of the petiole and stem, they are also unsymmetrical in that one half of the calyx will be slightly smaller and round while the other will have a spiky looking bit at the top.
  15. They do seem to like that, eh.