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  1. Unregistered


    The ability to edit posts can time out, and doing so can mitigate a class of problems arising from users editing posts after the fact. Enabling the timer also makes it difficult/impossible and just plain unappealing for users to create content which requires updating. I would like to add the yield from the one plant when I get it, along with some photoperiod specifics, flowering time. Followed by data from other plants, aggregate data including reports from other users posting similar info about their Kilimanjaro grow. I like the idea of a strain index, but don't see the point of simply copying the aromatherapy stuff you find posted elsewhere. Why not set this forum up as a place tailored to Canadians growing their legal plants and sharing what they have learnt about them; the basic gardening info you don't usually see because the seed sellers are trying to market you into something new, and the growers are more concerned with hiding maximized yields and bag appeal. We are going to get to garden with Cannabis, it is a different mindset than an illegal or for-profit grow --- SCROG, defoliating, tweaking light spectrum, etc., to get the most out of your stealth cabinet grow is all meaningless babble when your plant is out on the patio, the centerpiece of your flowerbed, or growing in the corner of your living room beside the picture window... Maybe this whole aborted effort of a forum should be archived and replaced with one designed from scratch to cater to legal growers generating and collating Cannabis gardening info. I think we will be different enough from both the heirloom tomato growers and the grow-ops to warrant our own set up.
  2. Unregistered


    Is it possible to config this so I can edit my own posts?
  3. Unregistered

    Senate vote results

    I see the laws and regulations being drafted today as a transition period. It doesn't really matter how restrictive or biased they are, eventually a more sane regime will take over... it may take some local mom'n'pop grow'n'sell's to get busted'n'fined or jailed first, hopefully not 70+ years worth though.
  4. "Booze can" is apparently Canadian slang, "tea pad" is obsolete US. @LabRat Bud House, `see you at buds', ... I like it, but I like buds. It'll be something more modern consumer orientated... Dab Hole.
  5. I'm not sure what to say about that pic, it is just so wrong...
  6. Lounge type establishments seems to be the 2nd most natural form of social use (the 1st being impromptu gatherings whenever someone sparks one up), I expect that illegal lounges will pop up in jurisdictions that don't allow them within the legal framework. What are we calling the Cannabis version of a Booze Can? I recall reading somewhere, long ago, that "Tea Pad" was used.
  7. Unregistered

    organic or canna

    I have probably never grown "organic" (like my 44:0:0, 0:44:0, and 0:0:44 too much, just because it is quick'n'easy when required), but compost, soil, sand, and other organic bits in the potting mix seems to always result in better flavour than plain peat and perlite based soilless mixes. Others will need to chime in on how effective the specialty organic Cannabis growing potions are at faking real soil, but I suspect that you will get pretty similar results from making your own compost teas. Yield is mostly a function of root ball size; as long as the plants are getting everything they need to grow, the one with the larger root ball will yield the most. Unless a brand is missing something critical to growth they should all perform about the same wrt yield.
  8. Unregistered

    Gotta do without for awhile

    I never noticed anything like that back when I was a regular recreational user. Buzzed all day and stoned most evenings and weekends for close to 15 yrs. The only thing I'd feel when I went without was extra buzzed for a few days when I started up if I'd been abstaining for more than a week or so. There is probably some kind of receptor count or neurotransmitter uptake whatever going on - the same, `it takes 2 weeks for the drug to reach full effect', stuff some pharmaceuticals are labelled with - so there is the potential. I only know of one person who seemed or even mentioned having any kind of withdrawal though and it appeared to be more closely tied to not knowing where to get more than actually not having any.
  9. Unregistered


    World of Seeds - Kilimanjaro PRELIMINARY 1 seed sample size, could be a mutation not quite finished flowering ODDITIES partially seeded (x Sugar Haze), not heavily enough to completely shut down flower production compost wasn't quite finished and required a significant dose of N to keep the young plants green container 8" x 8" dia medium 2:1:1, Sunshine Mix #4 : cheap compost : perlite height 42" spread ~18" stems slender very stiff, self supporting and then some! branching upright 30 of them below the main stem cola 1st and 2nd node branches were going to be tucked under the rest so they were removed the 3rd and 4th node branches are the longest at 21" and 24" respectively buds slim sparkly dense with trichomes low odour, citrus when disturbed thoughts, so far... The buds are slim but there are so many of them and the little ones that have been shaded in the center of the plant are just as sparkly as the more exposed buds that it should be a decent yield. It doesn't look like there will be a lot of trim, and not much of the trim will be worth doing anything with, which should make for an easy harvest. Here are some shots of the main plant: - working on sucking nutrients out of the fan leaves - main stem cola and upper branches - the tip of the top branch (likely would have been the base of the cola if flowering hadn't been interrupted by pollination), ~12" of cola are above it, keep an eye on the orange spot between the two leaf tips in the center of the image... - the orange calyx seems to be a sure sign that there is a ripe seed under those trichomes Here are a few shots of a rooted 1st node branch, recently moved from T5HO @ ~18 hr days to CMH @ ~13 hr nights: - 24" tall, 8" container - the growing tip, with mom in the background - a couple young flowers These next ones are of 2nd node branches which were removed ~3 weeks after turning to flowering. The cuttings were placed in a jar of water on a shelf (covered with a Ziploc Produce bag, the one with all the little holes) for ~2-3 weeks before being given some rooting gel and stuck into 3" containers of starter mix. Ten days to two weeks later they were strong enough to move into 8" azalea pots and get back under the CMH. That was a few weeks ago... ...the necrosis on the fan leaf in the center of the image is from where the cuttings were starting to suffer before getting around to rooting them, and these... ...were barely visible bits of green when the cuttings were taken - seems to be a fairly resilient/tough plant.
  10. Unregistered

    Elephant Bud question

    Nope, but funny you should ask... Back in the early-mid 70's I just missed out on some Elephant Grass one summer, very potent, supposedly came from Africa. Fast forward a few (okay, handful of) decades and - https://www.worldofseeds.eu/wos_en/kilimanjaro.html It doesn't look like this new one is claiming any African roots though - https://cannasos.com/strains/hybrid/elephant-bud
  11. Unregistered

    Measurement of pH in Plant Tissue

    It is just a meter they sell which is more convenient to use like this because of the small sensor bulb, afaict. I'd try to find a thimble just a little larger than the probe's tip, then try to squeeze out enough juice to fill the space... if simply dripping juice on the tip wasn't working. Try all three: drips, thimble, and dilution with distilled water, then let us know the results.
  12. Unregistered

    Measurement of pH in Plant Tissue

    "It is often necessary to measure the pH of plant tissue to determine plant health. ..." - https://www.westlab.com/blog/2018/01/09/measurement-of-ph-in-plant-tissue
  13. Unregistered


    Feminized seed, is seed which should only produce female plants. The seed itself is produced by forcing a predominantly female plant to grow male flowers, pollen from those flowers will produce feminized seed.
  14. Unregistered

    Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Where about on the plant? new growth, old growth, high up, all over the plant, confined to near the soil, etc... Kinda looks like it was splashed with a fairly strong fertilizer solution which wasn't rinsed off; that'll be my guess if it is near the soil and appears in splotches rather than all around the plant or on all of them.

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