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  1. The laws are there because some people think they can, not because some can't.
  2. I'd be wondering if something could leach into the soil.
  3. weed

    8 or 9 weeks, give or take a couple weeks. It looks like it has a long ways to go.
  4. I've started using the bags produce comes home from the supermarket in...
  5. It is one plant, 9" container (729 in3), should be watered every day. The bushy lower part is from its start under T5HO and CMH lighting, it stretched up after being placed in front of the window but was looking short'n'bushy until then... left: Thai Lights (F) - center: Amnesia autoflower, African Buzz (F) - right, males: Thai Lights, African Buzz ...I'll be taking a few cuttings of this one.
  6. I find the process of smoking more satisfying and rewarding (preparing the herb to the right consistency, rolling the perfect joint, etc.), and it tastes when burnt.
  7. Looks good!
  8. Ya. I'm still considering that a strong argument for 12/12, and the best option if there are no other considerations (at least until I do a few side-by-sides ). I am a bit skeptical (maybe even hostile) about taking leads from the "large scale" crowd - they are Agribusiness. Profit is just too powerful a motivator to trust that they are working towards the same goals as I; and even if profit isn't #1, just having staff relying on the crop changes the equation to favour quantity over quality. I also would not expect them to give away any trade secret-like discoveries if they did find that tweaking things like photoperiod had real effects, or have any motivation to dissuade others from venturing down dead ends.
  9. Thanks! We always need more data... Should the conclusion be that 12/12 produces twice as much THC, or that dropping the amount of light received during the last couple weeks by almost 20% decreases THC production dramatically. Maybe there is a minimum amount of light (moles of photons during the light period) needed for proper cannabinoid production and they dropped below it when they changed the photoperiod (no point producing cannabinoids if there is barely enough energy to produce the flowers and seeds they protect, eh); maybe a steady 11/13 or 10/14 would produce better results although with longer flowering time, but since they were trying to speed things up the experiment couldn't see that; etc. ...so much of the common-wisdom on the 'net ends up boiling down to that sort of thing. We are all really just guessing. All I know for sure is that 14 or 15 hour of dark appeared to kick relectant plants into full-bloom (they'd go back to 12 or 13 hrs dark after a week or so), and that 13 hrs seems to be a nice compromise between growth and the fullness of the bloom - with seed that probably came from SE Asia (12/12 -> 11/13 during flowering), grown under T12's. Most of the seed I purchased claims Thai heritage, mostly because I figured that would give me the best chance of translating what I think I've learnt to a new grow environment.
  10. an inch shy of 6'... ... it has been neglected a little (dry and hungry too often), and the top doesn't catch any sun.
  11. The Thai Lights are both getting close to 100% cloudy trichomes on branches getting good light, so they can start being taken down now. The shorter African Buzz is looking like it has a few weeks to go; the tall one is developing branches at different rates and the least mature racemes are a little behind its shorter sister's - when the Thai Lights are removed I expect the African Buzz to pick up the pace a bit, simply because they will get a bit more light. This pic, a close-up of the bottom-right corner of the broad-view image above, show the difference light level can have... ...the bud in the center and its fan leaves (along the left side), and the tip of the branch at the top, have been recieving about as much light as the close-up of the branch in the previous post; the still green stuff is even more shaded. I've read a couple posts claiming that it just prolongs the process, no bigger yield or nicer looking buds. It sounds interesting enough to try but I'm holding off trying until I have a more capable controller. I have compared 12/12 to 11/13 photoperiods, and hit plants with 9/15 when they were still putting out a lot of new leaf 2-weeks after flipping them. Giving a longer dark period supposedly cuts into yields. I dunno about that, but think it results in a bit less leafy buds and I hate leafy buds...
  12. Gottcha... nice. I've been keeping an eye out for lurkers but that kind wasn't even close to being on my radar. haha Here is a shot of the shorter African Buzz pulled out of the tent... ...soil to tip is 51". With it out you can get a little better view of the others... A closeup of the branch bottom, center in the pic above... ...that's about a 10" length of stem; the tip is ~31" from the lamp and the lowest bud ~36" away. Here are a couple pics of getting too close to the sun. The first is a branch whose tip flopped into the kill-zone 3-4 hours before lights out and wasn't noticed for 3 hours after lights on, so, 6-7 hours of ~6" from the lamp... ...and this one has been growing right at the edge of the kill-zone... ...the tip fried and I shifted things a bit, but it is still on the edge and the branch (foxtail if you like) growing away from you is showing some signs of slow frying. I'm thinking of it as a kill-zone because it appears to be just too much radiant energy.
  13. It is more mold that I'm most concerned with. I ended up tossing out a 4' mature Kush and 4 nice 2' clones last winter because of spider mites - that's what you get for having plants out on the patio - with this grow having the potential to be interesting from the start I made a little extra effort to control stuff I knew about.
  14. I like kits... Thanks!