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    Best light and reflector?

    Hey there! Just curious what brand of lights did you buy for the 1000w Kits? From personal use the Gavita light fixture 1000w is very efficient. The double ended Philips bulb that comes with the set up kit is magnificent. If you don't want to go gung ho with to many 1000w's then I would suggest getting a 630w Double end light fixture. The Suntech DE 630 are a great price and have a nice spread utilizing the most space for your grow.
  2. Good morning! Cannabis is a great plant we have from mother nature. Its use daily in the right form of consumption can be a proactive way to keep your body at a top tier health. If you want to smoke for the form of your consumption then Dabs or Vaping is the route for you. Yes dabs are very potent but in the process of smoking them their is no extra plant matter being burned causing damage to your lungs. Like there would be smoking that good ol' flower. Vaping is a good option to for those who cannot handle the strength of the oil. It is very cost effective and efficient. If you choose to not smoke as your consumption you can take infused oil pill, edibles and a huge array of topicals. Mary Jane contains the following cannabinoids, CBD, CBN, CBL CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBCA, Delta9-THC, Delta9-THCA, Delta8-THC, and THCV. Each one has healing properties that can be applied to every aspect in life. I recommend researching them and seeing which apply to your needs and go from there to see what you should be using as your daily remedy.
  3. TrippyDJMC

    Odor in studio apartment

    Hola! Sounds like your going to be growing some pungent flower! Have you considered using Ona gel in your place to help neutralize the smell? Also I would recommend getting a small Can-filter, a 4' seems suitable for your tent, with a 4' fan to really pull out that pungent sweet odor. Along with the refreshing Ona gel your problem should be dealt with my friend. Best of Luck and Happy Growing
  4. This is Awesome News!!! I am for global legalization, and this is one step closer. I hope Germany keeps pushing forward, its the best medicine.
  5. TrippyDJMC

    Scotts Miracle-Gro Marijuana Industry Takeover

    This is a great article, I'm glad I took the time to read this. Me and My co-workers were talking about how when people first started using Miracle Grow on their plants the bud would smoke like pop rocks! Making the yeild not appealing at all.
  6. TrippyDJMC

    C99 germination.

    That was a good idea incorporating the H2O2 into the mix to help speed up the germination process. I use superthrive myself and it works like a charm for me. I just use a few drops, along with a Turbo Kloner. I have never grown C99 but I will keep the notes from this forum in mind. I found helpful information on a app called Canfinder, I heard of it from a fellow grower at work. Check it out for future reference.

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