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  1. Delta2022

    C99 germination.

    Hi. Indeed, Superthrive is good stuff, used to use it myself but stopped for some reason, just didn't bother buying it again a couple of years using it. When the plants get going, i also add H2O2 to irrigation water as the plants soak up Oxygen through the roots and is good for them and the Oxygen hangs around in the Perlite used so plants can soak it up over time, is why i had H2O2 hanging about to use on germination from a few years ago. When the girls are at the stage they are now, i also add a teaspoon full of Blackstrap Molasses, or Black Treacle as it is here in the UK to half gallon of water, which adds quite a few micronutes into the mix as well as simple sugars which the plants thrive on during budding and i think adds to yield. I also have a Female Seeds "Easy Sativa" which is supposed to be for outdoors but a bit of trimming has it growing well behaved indoors, also a Lemon Kush and i have pollinated all of them for some crosses, the C99 are being crossed with Leda Uno x Haze as well as Thai/Haze/Skunk x Haze, the Easy Sativa the same and the Lemon Kush has been crossed with Afghan x Haze, which will make for some nice crosses. But after this grow i will be doing 4x auto's as given them as freebies and after that will start making all feminised crosses and same strain seedstock so i don't have to keep on buying the same strains. Quite by accident, with a KC Brains KC 36 i was growing back in 2008, i found that in order to get female pollen, all one has to do is wait until main cola has a profusion of flowers, a good hundred or so, and then crush the hell out of the main cola and the plant then goes into survival mode and puts out male flowers on the female plant, so no mucking about with Colloidal Silver or anything, just make the plant think it's about to die from being attacked and you soon get female pollen, male flowers at every internode and at the buds all over the rest of the female plant. So from my main seed vendor, dope-seeds.com, who now has a varied range of female seeds which cost a couple of pounds each for singles (or very reasonable prices for seeds sold in 4's and 5's, 3's), will buy 3x singles or a 4/5/3 pack and sacrifice 1 to hermy for female pollen so i get all feminised seedstock of each strain i buy as well as a profusion of crosses over time. Depending on how the Auto's smoke, i may switch to growing all Auto's at some point in the future due to faster finishing times, never grown Auto's before so it all depends, i like the diversity of photoperiod strains but over the years the range of Autoflowering strains has expanded and dope-seeds.com has a good many Auto's for sale in same format as photoperiod strains, single seeds you can multiply when ordering so only need to buy 1/2/3+ as well as packs of 3-5 seeds at very reasonable prices. Regards the app you mentioned, i have tried to install a couple of Cannabis apps but my phone won't allow them, just won't work, think it is because growing Cannabis it technically illegal, although personal grows by otherwise law abiding citizens where it is obvious the Cannabis is not for profit but purely for personal use is basically tolerated these days, but UK Smartphones won't allow cannabis apps to work, i've tried. Peace.
  2. Delta2022

    C99 germination.

    Some pics have been requested, so... http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/190118-my-2-c99-plants/ Peace.
  3. Delta2022

    My 2 C99 plants.

    Just thought i'd post these pics a few days ago of my Female Seeds C99 at 6 weeks and after having such a hard birth... http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/190051-c99-germination/ Growing nicely. Now been on 12/12 for 9 days. Peace.
  4. Delta2022

    C99 germination.

    Hi. I'd say the vigour was likely due to crossing them. I'm going to cross the C99 with some Leda Uno (Which will make for a great cross.) and Thai/Haze/skunk x Haze and Afghani x Haze i made back in 2010/11 and think that will add some vigour as well, especially with the Afghani x haze as they are really energetic when germinating, germinate really fast and put out long taproots in days. As said above, when they get going properly, will likely post some pics of the ladies. Peace.
  5. Delta2022

    C99 germination.

    Hi Shaghnny. Actually decided not to top them out. One is a bit faster than the other but think neither will outgrow my flowering rooms height with phototropic stretch so left them alone as no need to worry about height, unlike Thai/Haze/Skunk x Haze and Afghani x Haze, i know they grow to some height so they need topping out at sexual maturity around 6 weeks.. When they get to flowering, may add some pics then. Peace.
  6. Delta2022

    Hi, used to be Delta2012.

    Thanks Shaughnny and Hate_Life. Things could be worse. BTW, posted about my grow on Facebook a few days ago somebody asked if i meant to do that and was brave if it is intentional post to public timeline. Na, i just don't care! But yes, i have never hidden my grow, never tried to cover the smell as i consider it deceitful to try and hide my 'hobby', i don't care who knows as deceit isn't in my nature, i'm not gonna stop now i've started again after a couple of years stopped as i started using synthetic Cannabinoids which i should never have done as natural weed is so much better for ye, in effect and benefits to the system, synthetics are a road to nowhere
  7. Delta2022

    C99 germination.

    Hi. I recently purchased some Female Seeds C99 feminised and of 4x went to germinate 2x. One produced a root in a week, the other went 3 weeks and i gave up, the first which i planted when the root was about 10mm decided it didn't want to grow and in 2 weeks of nothing happening i prised it out of the compost showing not much more root growth than the 10mm i planted at and pulling the seed hull apart, found the cotyledons had died, were a brown colour so i threw it away as a no hoper. So i went to germinate the last 2x seeds but this time i added about 1ml of rocket fuel, aka H2O2, aka Hydrogen Peroxide solution @ 6%in 20 volumes, i did this to add more oxygen to the 7 Fluid ounces of water in the cup which i knew would boost the seeds. This time both seeds germinated in a week with slimmer roots but roots which quickly reached about 13mm, i prised the seed hulls apart to expose the cotyledons and planted them, a couple of days later i saw the cotyledons were also dying so i carefully prised the cotyledons apart to expose the tiny pinhead size first true leaves. This did the trick, it took 2 weeks for the tiny true leaves to catch up and reach an appreciable size but are now growing nicely. As C99 seems to be a bit tricky to germinate with not much information available regards germination, thought i'd articulate this recent experience with C99 seeds as a tip for others to follow. Bit of H2O2, few drops or 1ml into a cup/glass of water with about 7 fluid ounces of water, and help them along a bit when root grows to 10-13mm by pulling seed hull apart and prising the cotyledons apart so first true leaves get light, easy. Peace! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Update from when i first tried to post this a couple of weeks ago.... Both plants are doing well and at five sets of leaves/internodes, don't know whether to prune out the apical tip to get two cola's as would have enough time to recover before i switch to 12/12 at the end of the month, another 10 days. May just do one and see what i get from her as nobody seems to have posted much about C99 as far as grow diaries to see what effect pruning has on C99 ​Will also cross her to get some different phenos from their seeds which will be interesting when i grow them out, will cross by Thai/Haze/Skunk x Haze, Leda Uno x Haze and Afghani x Haze males i got for pollen. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  8. Delta2022

    Hi, used to be Delta2012.

    Thanks Hate_Life, lols. Wish i could get back to work, i now have something called "Claudication", blocked Iliac artery which supplies my leg muscles with blood so need an operation to insert "Stents" into various places along the Iliac artery so my leg muscles get blood supply back, so called Iliac bypass angioplasty, walking is very painful these days never mind working, used to be a gardener and do miss work.
  9. Delta2022

    Hi, used to be Delta2012.

    Thanks Shaughnny.
  10. Delta2022

    Hi, used to be Delta2012.

    Thanks for that LabRat. Be grateful if you could look into the missing post in General Growing, the post i made first in New Growers primer can be deleted anyway as the post is better served in General Growing forum. I posted the same on PlanetSkunk earlier so that info/tips saved and searchable elsewhere. Hi Da Doom Guy, thanks for the welcome!
  11. Here in the UK they have a bad habit of cutting Cocaine with Cocaine synthetics or derivatives like Lignocaine/Lidocaine or Novocaine/Procaine because buying bulk is so cheap. This has proved to be fatal by stopping peoples hearts, a friend of a friend back in 2007 died of a heat attack brought on by cheap street coke cut with Novocaine. Peace.
  12. Hi. I used to be Delta2012 several years ago but stopped posting then stopped growing for a few years but am back growing again... http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/user/88211-delta2012/ Forgot password and requested a reset but after my primary email didn't receive it, thought it must have been registered in an email i gave up because UK BT started charging £5 a month which is far too much for an email considering Gmail and Hotmail are free. So have rejoined as Delta2022, well 2012 has passed us by years back so needed an update anyway. Just posted about germinating C99 which was tricky to say the least, but post hasn't appeared yet, if i did something wrong and it doesn't appear will repost as have also posted same on planet skunk forums earlier. Nice to be back, shall have to make the habit of posting more again. Peace!

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