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    Marijuana Arrests Hold Steady in 2016

    What do you expect when the government gets into bed with big daddy corporation? The rules are made up by those with the money and the influence. Here in Canada we think we're ahead of the game because of the boy wonder in Ottawa, but he's just a puppet being pulled from many influential masters that are set to take over the industry. Rules and regulations are implemented for a reason and it's not to keep the public safe, it's to keep the public controlled and the corporations that benefit rewarded. Once July 2018 rolls around don't expect it to be a heady day filled with dancing hippies tossing smoke into the air, there may just be a few more regulations thrown in while we're all too high to bother to notice. I read a book called Zentiva and it made a lot of sense at the time and now it seems to be ringing true. I don't trust the mania surrounding legalization, the black market won't ever go away and perhaps that's a good thing. Arrests and shutting down illegal grows will still be the norm even in an age were it's deemed by the bureaucracy as legal.
  2. Just like Trudeau and his promises before the election in Canada, no polishitan is ever going to fully go down that road of legalization because it's not only a scary road (based on how well-funded they are from corporations), it's a career-ender in terms. The DEA is mandated to follow its own guidelines often not those of certain political entities. The DEA is heavily funded and it's easier and more cost-effective to deal with cannabis than any other scheduled drug because cannabis is so widely available and used. It's their cash cow. Read Zentiva.

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