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  1. Social media took over, too many squares in that circle for me though.
  2. I've heard of doctors charging a 3000$ fee for a 1000 plant license. I was offered this a few times by a friend who was the owner of an LP in or around the Frasier Valley. Ultimately he lost his license for running to high of a plant count on multiple occasions, and the connection to the doctor disintegrated. However, aside from the fact, I don't think many doctors would risk their careers to strong arm patients into buying product off a certain LP. If this was the case simply go see another doctor. Someone will be willing to prescribe you marijuana, especially with the changes going on this year. I agree with what you are saying, but there is no reason to be strong armed into anything from anyone. Production licenses will be given out, provided you have a legitimate illness, and reasonable doctor. Keep your head up!
  3. That room doesn't look anything organic, 0 meds here. I would replace all the flood tables with dirt beds! Now we are talking medicine. Thank you for caring Privateer Holdings!
  4. Hate_Life

    Job in Cannabis Industry

    What a great first post.
  5. Just wrote a 5 page essay and hit some sort of button and it deleted my entire post... Biggest buzzkill of my carreer... I'll come back to this later.... SMH SMH SMH Can't believe I just spent 20 mins+ explaining it all in detail however the mood swing is real, and I will give you a brief explanation. The cover crops is a mix that I designed myself to alleviate soil compaction, combat soil born disease, and to colonize the entire bed with the appropriate microorganisms for optimum root development and health root system at all stages. This allows me to transplant without even digging into the dirt at all, I just split the grasses and place the plants down (also allows for air pruning to ensure the roots go straight down, and that the plants mind their own business for an optimum canopy pentration. So it minimizes my work day down to about 1 hour to fill the entire room the way I want it. Not to mention some of the cover crop I have in there, when crushed and decayed creates a natural biofumigant to combat any soil born disease. This is all aside from the fact that fungal populations are able to translocate nutrients through their own pathways other than the roots of the marijuana plant, essentially creating an amazing root zone environment, capable of letting my clones be exposed to the full 660w's from day 1 (through enhanced nutrient absorption). It is now day 11 and the plants have doubled in size from the day 9 panoramic photo. 15 inches are my tallest plants and almost 2 more weeks of stretch to go, potentially I may end up with 2 foot tall colas. It is a little bit of work in the first 2 weeks of growth to maintain the cover crop, however I enjoy the time spent in the room, and I feel great after putting some hard work into this passion of mine. Let me know if you need a cover crop recipe tailored for your uses.
  6. Hate_Life

    Hi, used to be Delta2012.

    Good lord mate, sorry to hear that. Those stents work wonder's though! My father just had a heart attack about 6 months ago, they put a stent in his heart, and now he is on a quarter dose of his blood thinners, back to his old self. But yeah, it is quite painful, hopefully these stents can get you back in order for future grow logs! Here is a link to my introduction page, and a start of a grow log to keep you busy. My apologies if I was insensitive on my first post sir!
  7. It would also be safe to lookup co2 toxicity... It causes shaking and damage of the nervous system. I am not a doctor however I have felt the shakes from being in high co2 rooms such as the one I run. Taking in too much co2 into the blood system can cause a number of effects include some of those you have decribed. I believe the term for co2 toxicty is Hypercapnia. Here is a brief description and I think we should all have a laugh at how they phrased the term. Here is the description: Hypercapnia is the opposite of hypocapnia, the state of having abnormally reduced levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. The word is from the Greek hyper = "above" or "too much" and kapnos = "smoke". HAHAHA! Too much smoke lol!!!! I am dying here...
  8. Hate_Life

    Cold climate & humide...

    Monster Cookies would be good, Guerilla Glue #4 would be good as well. Both stay short and stocky, and finish quick, with the Guerilla Glue #4 finishing pretty quick, if those don't satisfy you, then there are blueberry varieties that finish pretty quick. However the Monster Cookies grows these really nice thick indica leaves allowing lots of light absorption. However those would be in clones form, if you are looking for seeds then I have a couple suggestions as well. Burmese Kush is stated as a 7 week flower, also White Widow can be harvested at around 6.5-7 weeks. Anything with the words Critical in it will also be quick flowering. But now that I think a little more about it I would go with an Afghan landrace, you can find seeds all over the net, and the landrace genetics seem to be cheaper as well. Afghan landraces grow in similar mountainous regions as us, similar climate as well.
  9. Hate_Life

    Hi, used to be Delta2012.

    Welcome back, now get back to work!!!
  10. notsofasteddie I mean, not Super Stoner lol... SMH.
  11. Hate_Life

    Brothers Grimm are back C99!!!

    Edit, they are selling at Attitude Seed Bank now, save your money and order through them!
  12. Hate_Life

    Im the new guy! Talk tome! I has many boreds!

    Also thank you for introducing yourself. Let's get some content going on the site!
  13. Hey guys so I said log coming soon, not sure if I am going to post an entire log, but I don't see why not! What better way for an introduction than a good old grow log . Not the best photographer as I don't have a camera of my own, and don't own any Iphone or new tech. This is all new to me. Anyways I'd like to show you about half of my room (5 x 600 watt bulbs). Here is a photo taken from a tablet of day 4 flower, everything was flowered day 1, from clone, as this is a perpetual flower room. Here are the first two lights from the left of the room. I am having a little bit of a problem uploading the last three. I will add them in later. In this photo we have 36 Tangerine Kush's under 1 600w operating at 660w from day 1. In this photo, second from the left, we have a mix. 36 plants once again, however this time I placed 1 Tangerine Kush, succeded by 1 Monster Cookies (Yeti OG x Girl Scout Cookies). This is my favorite combo so far, the Tangerine Kush's orange peel smell comes off on the Monster Cookies, giving the MC's an amazing peach smell! Very potent strain and great meds for sure on the MC's not to mention the Tanj as well! Here is a panoramic view of the entire 5 lighter, I will edit in photos of the middle to the right after I find a suitable website to host. I really like this view, however is is a little hard to get a nice photo standing from the mid point, I will have to walk from left to right to get a better shot. The panoramic view was taken on day 9, so quite a bit of growth, and the cover crop has forced all the shoots to push through the shaded areas around the plant, I call this forcing the lollipop. It is a great technique, and on the right side you can see where I have patted down the cover crop, which allows the light to hit all the way to the bottom of the plants, I have shoots coming out from under the ground! Well I hope you enjoy, I got a bit of work ahead of me to finish the patting down the rest of these babes, after that a daily watering will keep them down for the rest of the grow.
  14. Seeds have never been cheap, most online websites have seeds for sale at about 100-150$ per pack of 10 regular seeds, or for a pack of 6 feminized seeds. As someone who has spent tens of thousands on seeds, for the sole reason that all clones around British Columbia are limited to; Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Rockstar, "Kush etc... I needed diversity, with over 25 strains tested for quality and always grown organically I have achieved what I set out to do, however I can't help but feel robbed after whole packs worth over 150$ were all duds, and none of them popped. The home growers need proper avenues to obtain seeds stock at a reasonable price, for example 50-75$ Canadian for 20 seeds (regular or feminized). This would ensure all who buy just a single pack, are able to find the keeper phenotypes advertised per each strain purchase. Thank you for the information Super Stoner, and nobody will be selling 5 plants for 750$, not on my watch. If this is what Health Canada approves, then our whole forthcoming law changes are obsolete. This is how I feel, I would like any other opinions to be heard as well!

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