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    How Safe is Your Vape Pen?

    There's a new companyhttp://www.cannabisculture.com/advertise. They got pre-filled cartridges online that get you faded. I just had my first order and the beautiful golden MJ e-juice hit perfectly ( i got strawberry flavor) and after like 3 solid hits got gone off my mind. They got a bunch of great flavors & also flavorless if thats your thing~ http://www.cannabisculture.com/advertise Definitely ordering more from this place! I recommend ordering from this place if you are into vaping clean, safe THC. Cheers! vape dat cali kush
  2. BrexitHate4Love

    Post Your Favourite Online MUSIC Videos Here II

    storm & stress makes you feel like you dont exist
  3. hoping for trump assasination~ on the mj legalization note: YAY!
  4. BrexitHate4Love

    best features in a bong

    got a free bong from my bro's ex. she said i could have it, she only had it new for like 3 months & gave it to me. i forget the brand though. pretty sick, base is purple and it fades to clear to the top. about a foot tall with a slide out bowl. anyway, any bong is sick if: A) It works properly B) Not super disgusting C) Packed proper
  5. any recipes on making cannabutter with OG wax? i can't seem to find any DIY's on this. open to any suggestions thanks

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