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  1. Stay away from them, use bongs instead for a clean hit. See why http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/188492-do-you-prefer-smoking-weak-or-strong-weed/
  2. MikeBlazer

    best way to smoke budder?

    Is budder the same as this stuff? http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/187195-no-love-for-the-flower-any-more/ I've never heard of it before
  3. MikeBlazer

    organic vs salt based

    I'd love to try an organic grow but finding the nutes is not easy. Making your own isn't something I have time for either. I found a cool guide on here that shows you how to grow and smoke your own organic buds if anyone wants it; http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/187195-no-love-for-the-flower-any-more/
  4. I'd just go with a bong, but sure I guess a hookah could work with some mods made to it. Check out what this guy did to make a bong for ideas http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/189214-meanwhile-smoking-a-bowl-after-vaping-for-3-weeks/
  5. MikeBlazer

    Let Big Joints Roll

    What is this from? I thought it was in regards to this old topic? http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/index.php?/topic/189214-meanwhile-smoking-a-bowl-after-vaping-for-3-weeks/
  6. MikeBlazer

    Do you prefer smoking weak or strong weed??

    The perfect scenorio for me is having several jars of different strengths. When I start off with my first smoke of the day I tend to prefer the weaker herbs as I prefer to keep a light high throughout the day. By the evening my tolerance is high, so I bring out the heavy herbs!
  7. MikeBlazer

    no love for the flower any more?

    I was never hyped for dabs, I tried some and left it alone pretty fast. I love herbs, juicy, stinky fruits. Unless you are using cannabis as a medicine via edibles I think herbs should still be the way to go. But each to their owns.
  8. MikeBlazer

    Meanwhile, smoking a bowl after vaping for 3 weeks..!

    That is great news, tobacco is just so bad. Too many people put tobacco in their joints and then smoke without a filter! How are you getting on with your vape? I still use bongs because the vape seemed a little weak on effect
  9. To be honest your hand should just be strong enough to grip any bong, I don't think it needs a particular feature for this
  10. Interesting stuff, about the gateway theory, I have witnessed first hand that this is not true. One time me and some friends were having a smoke and somebody came by with some cocaine and offered it around. Everybody who was high turned it down. A few weeks later with the same group of friends we were drinking alcohol and that same person who offered the cocaine last time turned up and people proceeded to buy some. The real gateway drug is alcohol because of the unconscious state it puts a person in. 6. VAPORIZERS Don’t Go Up in Smoke I agree that a good vaporizer can produce enough to make a person cough but you'd have to be really sensitive and prone to coughing for this to happen. The problem I have with branded vaporizers and vaporizer shops like these, is that there seems to only be 2 or 3 different styles of vaporizers that are being manufactured. All these brands are doing is slapping a label on and making up random prices based on their advertising costs. As far as I know only Volcano are using their own methods that they designed.
  11. MikeBlazer

    Buying a bong

    To be honest mate it really depends on your budget. I know people who have bought boughts for crazy cheap prices and also very expensive prices which make my stomach turn! At tne end of the day a $20 bong will do the exact same job as a $200 bong, granted you could go with percolators that make a good difference but I would stick to the cheaper places like these guys or maybe even aliexpress.com, they have the percolator types for the cheapest prices seeing as they are straight from the factory!
  12. MikeBlazer

    How to clean a glass tobacco pipe?

    the classic salt & alcohol and shake my friend.
  13. I'd give them longer but don't get your hopes out, I have seen buds like that before and I don't think they will be filling out but if they mature it will still be a nice smoke.
  14. MikeBlazer

    growing plants in rain

    Like above, a good cover for those rainy nights. Something easily moved back and forth and keep an eye on the weather cast. A good way to cehck for rot is to gently tug on the sugar leaves, if they slide out look closely for rot.
  15. MikeBlazer

    Grow Wizzard's 2015 outdoor

    Coming along nicely, need a good flush of balanced food to fight that yellowing.

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