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  1. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    I've been very busy and didn't even notice the appeal in this case was won more than a month ago. https://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2017/08/15/police-need-search-warrant-to-get-hydro-records-in-grow-op-cases-appeal-court-rules.html I'm absolutely thrilled for Edwin, Paul Lewin and everyone else whose life was negatively affected by this violation of rights. Too bad the other charges had to stick but the case is won nonetheless. I hope the crown has no plans to appeal. This is a huge victory for all Canadians who have the surveillance device called a smart meter installed on their homes. Having my smart meter data recklessly and illegally shared with police by Toronto Hydro caused a really dark period in my life, one which I am still paying for. I hope the info I provided to Lewin helped this case be won. If it wasn't for my father who helped me through this things could have turned out a lot differently. I really wanted him to see that I was right and this case would be won. He was old and didn't really understand the data and how it was used. Too bad he passed away in June. Now we don't have to worry when we grow "4" plants legally next year LOL! Just remember to exercise caution out there fellow growers. The device is still on your house. It hasn't been removed.
  2. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Well well look how the government is going to check if you are growing more than 4 plants when it is "legalized". http://www.torontosun.com/2017/04/30/privacy-violation-at-heart-of-citys-potential-plan-to-mine-smart-meters-expert-2
  3. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    So I was searching the appeals court website to see if there has been a decision on this case and I see nothing. Hopefully they are just taking their time carefully coming to the correct conclusions we would all like to see. BTW - I found an old smart meter case from 2009 on their website that proves Toronto Hydro is looking at your electricity consumption every 15 minutes: [6] On April 21, 2009, Detective Constable David Wallace received an email from Debbie Kupcho, an employee of Toronto Hydro Electric System, alerting him to a possible marijuana grow operation at 39 Patricia Ave. [7] Kupcho provided DC Wallace with hydro readings for the property and two nearby properties, 37 Patricia Ave. and 40 Patricia Ave. She also provided him with a Smart Meter graph, which showed the hourly consumption of power at 39 Patricia Ave. The Smart Meter takes amperage readings every 15 minutes. This information is then transformed into a graph that shows a building load over many days. Here's the link to case if you would like to see it: http://www.ontariocourts.ca/decisions/2013/2013ONCA0285.htm You are not billed in amps so I guess they think it's ok to take a reading every 15 min rather than every hour and not tell you this. Amps are easily converted to watts so what's the difference really? I knew the smart meter was capable of 15 min readings but this is the only evidence I have ever found that a Canadian utility is actually doing this. Be safe out there people and use this knowledge to your advantage.
  4. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    That's great news. Think of all the implications of this case considering we have Bill BLIAR looking after the "legalization" process. We should expect zero tolerance for recreational / medical growers and we should expect our smart meters to be watching. Remember Bill the narc, Bill the liar was the first police chief in Canada to oversee warrantless smart meter surveillance investigations. Think Bill cares about your rights? Not one bit. The police, firefighters, utilities etc will be pushing for warrantless sharing of the data. You've got some power lobbyists to fight and it will be a tough one. You've got Lewin on your side and that's a big bonus. Hopefully you will have a decent and honest panel of judges that recognize the invasive abuse of rights at play here. Btw - it's funny that Lewin says the privacy commissioner doesn't care in his video. It's so true it made me chuckle. Also very interesting that he has contacted the utilities and asked them if they continue to spy without a warrant and share the data. If what the utilities are saying is true - that they are not at the moment but waiting for the outcome of your case, then that is a serious win for all of us. Keep lighting a fire under their asses. We are all routing for you!!
  5. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    I'm curious about the status of this case. What is going on? I checked your site a while back and saw a great video of Lewin talking about this at 420. Now when I try to visit your site my computer blocks it and I get a trojan virus warning. Perhaps some "stakeholders" don't want you spreading the word about this?
  6. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Fantastic news! Without reading up on the entire process it appears that three judges will be making a decision with this appeal. Let's hope they can see the bigger picture here. Smart meter surveillance violates section 8 of the Charter.
  7. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Another case of the sunshine listers all with their greedy little hands in the pot: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/10/08/grow-op-sting-lengthy-court-case-ends-with-whopping-10-fine#disqus_thread I bet smart meter data played a role in this raid. Good luck with your case Edwin I hope Paul Lewin will help you to proceed with the appeal if the necessary funds are not raised. ​
  8. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Edwin, Any news on the status of your case? When will Lewin post his opinion piece on CC's website?
  9. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

  10. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Here's an interesting case: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-police-mistook-fruit-experiments-for-marijuana-grow-op-couple-alleges-1.3055625 I'll bet police are hiding the use of smart meter data on this one.
  11. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    The current SCC panel of judges come from quite a rigid background from what I understand. I suppose this SCC ruling is a good thing for Edwin although I'm surprised by it. He'll eventually be arguing in front of them even if he wins his appeal. The crown would likely appeal his potential win, sending it to the SCC. The last time this issue was argued in front of the SCC was the Gomboc case. SCC sided by a slim margin with the police practice of installing a digital recording anmeter ( smart meter ) on a suspect's house without a warrant. This was in Alberta, before anyone in Canada had a smart meter installed. Really, the SCC judges could not have forseen or understood at the time this ruling would be applied to everyone with a mandatory smart meter in the future. Everyone - suspect in a grow op case or not, the device has already been installed. Interesting isn't it? The first time a smart meter was used in Canada was to conduct surveillance on a suspect in a grow op case. Then someone brilliantly decided that EVERYONE should have this surveillance device on their house without a choice, without consent. And this makes me wonder... If an "opt out" plan is in place for smart meters in any particular jurisdiction and you are a suspect in a grow op case and have "opted out", will they just come put a smart meter on your house or up the line somewhere without your knowledge or consent? Sort of eliminates the relevance of opting out doesn't it?
  12. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    It will be disappointing if you do not move forward with the appeal. That said you are facing a system of appointed judges and very few of them are former defence lawyers. In fact I rememeber reading recently that none of the judges appointed to the supreme court this year are defence lawyers. Most are former crowns or members of some other small special interest group with a "convict, convict, convict" state of mind. I also fully understand that the people who snooped on you without a warrant have a mandate to cause their victims financial ruin so they can never mount a defence or appeal. And to make matters worse, people generally don't donate to causes like this. They donate to injured kittens they see on the news... If you don't move forward your efforts will not have been in vain. You have educated others to the mass violation of rights and those who have learned from you should take it upon themselves to inform others. Knowledge is the enemy of those who hate privacy. That's why they request a lengthy sealing order every time they do this. And if it looks as though you might win your case they slink away with their tails between their legs, not giving you the opportunity to face them in court, and in turn saving future opportunities to prey on others. It would have been nice if the former privacy commissioner had recommended an "opt out" policy for the smart meter program when I brought evidence of this injustice to her. Instead she claims to have recommended Toronto Hydro develop "privacy protective principals" in complying with the OEB's vague distribution code. To date I see no evidence of this recommendation being implemented and if it has the IPC made a point of keeping it a secret from the public. Ontario's new privacy commissioner made Bell implement an "opt out" policy for their customers who do not want to be tracked. Maybe he should revisit the whole smart meter fiasco and do something for our privacy unlike the former commissioner who published long boring opinion pieces about how "great and necessary" the smart meter program is.
  13. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Very dirty self serving deeds indeed! With the ever falling number of "grow ops" to raid we see the corresponding desperation displayed by "energy advisors", crowns, and "green team" members of the drug squad. This is why they were alerted to my tiny basement grow. Conviction is of little importance to them. Creating work for themselves has become their ultimate goal. With a little help from each other they leech as much blood as they can from their victims, all the while taking care to uphold their violation of rights until they find that one unfortunate case and the right judge. This one being Edwin and his family.
  14. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    It is important to understand the method in which hydro utilities, police and crowns all conspired to keep the details of smart meter surveillance a secret from the public and defendants for as long as possible. In doing this they clearly display the intent to catch as many people growing as possible resulting in the maximum amount of taxpayer dollars going in to their pockets. They could have issued a warning that they would be conducting this surveillance, but I imagine as did they the public backlash would have jeopardized the entire smart meter program. Here's some comments from a judge in one of the first documented smart meter surveillance cases in Toronto: That said, there is one matter pertaining to the s. 11(b) application that demands comment. Without meaning to suggest this factor would be necessarily determinative, I cannot help but note that literally months of delay are here attributable to unsealing the ITO and disclosing it to the defence. The precipitating and overriding cause of this delay was the Informant’s request for a sealing order. No investigation-specific reason for such request is provided in the ITO and Crown counsel was unable to proffer an explanation during the course of this hearing. That request was unnecessary, most likely a product of mindless cut-and-paste drafting (like the Glossary), and could only have caused trial delay, which, indeed, is exactly what occurred. [60] The second reason for unsealing-related delay rests with the Crown’s settled practice, as explained to me, of not applying to unseal and release an ITO for purposes of vetting and ultimate disclosure to the defence until some time after the defence itself has sought release of the ITO. It would be a waste of limited Crown resources, I am told, to apply to unseal every sealed ITO absent a defence request for such access. While this may well be the case with respect to the execution of warrants where no charges result, I frankly find it difficult to imagine that any competent counsel would not seek disclosure of the ITO in each and every case where his or her client is charged as a result of the execution of a search warrant. Put otherwise, a defence request for access to the ITO underlying a productive warrant can be reasonably anticipated and, as a result, I do not understand why the Crown would risk delay by not applying to have such warrants unsealed in advance of any defence request, particularly given the mechanical nature of such applications. [61] Finally, more than two months passed in this case between the time the unsealing order was made and the time the ITO was finally provided to the defence. This was two months in a case in which, pure boiler-plate aside, the ITO consisted of only ten paragraphs and, further, a case in which absolutely no redactions of the ITO were required or made. This is close to unconscionable. Further, this delay – like each of those associated with disclosure of the ITO to the defence – is, at least in this case, neither neutral nor attributable to institutional factors. These interim delays fall squarely at the feet of the Crown.
  15. Smart Meter Information Reveals Cannabis Gardens

    Edwin, I'm glad people can see the humour in all this. Sometimes it's the only way to stay positive when something as destructive as this occurs in your life. Having said that we are serious about our gardens. We upgraded our fencing capabilities so no intruder or their informers are spared exposure or accountability. They will be uninvited rights abusing youtube stars. It is worth noting that the smart meter program has caused a huge spike in meth labs / drop in grow raids across the country. Don't believe the bullshit out there that "pot economics" has resulted in organized crime turning to meth. It is smart grid surveillance and those looking for maximum profits have quickly caught on and turned to other things. No grow no matter how large is as dangerous as a meth lab. How many explosions have you heard of at a grow? "Grow op" raids in Toronto: 2009 (199) - smart meters installed this year 2010 (245) 2011 (131) 2012 (85) 2013 (87) Toronto police don't seem to publish # of meth lab busts. But it is easy to see what's happened with that the last few years. Bravo smart meter program. More dangerous sites created and more lives destroyed. What have you accomplished? Nothing! Edwin - will you apply a section 7 Charter application to the OEB's vague "unauthorized energy use" section? As far as I can see this is a "void for vagueness" slam dunk. Section 7 deals with application of "fundamental justice". No law or legislation can be so vague the average citizen cannot understand it and therefore cannot be expected to abide by it. The OEB's distribution system code dealing with "unauthorized energey use": 4.3 Unauthorized energy use 4.3.1 A distributor shall use its discretion in taking action to mitigate unauthorized energy use. Upon identification of possible unauthorized energy use, a distributor shall notify, if appropriate, Measurement Canada, The Electrical Safety Authority, police officials, retailers that service consumers affected by the unauthorized energy use, or other entities. 4.3.2 A distributor shall monitor losses and unaccounted for energy use on an annual basis to detect any upward trends that may indicate the need for management policies to moderate unauthorized energy use. 4.3.3 A distributor may recover from the customer responsible for the unauthorized energy use all reasonable costs incurred by the distributor arising from unauthorized energy use. Um....ok. So having a pattern of use that suggests botanical hobbies counts as "unauthorized energy use"? And wtf do they mean by "monitor losses and unaccounted for energy use on an annual basis to detect any upward trends that may indicate the need for management policies to moderate unauthorized energy use"? Do they expect people to translate this garbage in to " any amount of electricity use that is in any way above the national average will result in software identifying you and picking apart your usage graphs so we can make assumptions about what you are doing in your home"? And I really despise that "unaccounted for energy use" part. What the hell is this? A little spike during the night? An appliance that seems to run all the time? Are we supposed to figure this out as a customer of the utility? You see what the OEB has done. They deliberatly made their code so vague when smart meters were installed so that the utilities can do whatever they want with your data and you will never understand what is going on. Be vigilant out there people. I predict the government intends to eventually pass legislation so smart meters will take a usage reading every minute of every day showing 1440 bars on your graph every 24 hours. This will make your data look like little grooves on a record and any "event" like turning something off and turning something else on at almost exacty the same time may show up like spaces between music tracks on the record. Easily identified by software and action will be taken. Surveillance could even become real time and police / utilities will watch what you are doing as it happens. I'm going to make a donation to Edwin's cause as soon as I have the ability. I've spent many tens of thousands of dollars on this injustice already. What's a few more bucks when it may help solidify our rights and privacy in this country. ( two things that seem evaporate more and more year after year ) The "authorities" are preying on the fact that this subject remains realtively obscure. Not very many people understand it let alone want to. The longer it stays that way the more $$ in the pockets of a small number of special interst groups! I will do everything in my power to make sure reasonable privacy in energy use is restored in Canada!