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  1. Cool thanks. I guess the only addition to your set up I can see is some kinda drain plug/ release valve at bottom.
  2. Thanks LabRat, By the way is there a DIY guide with that pic on making your own 4 site DWC? That's exactly what I want to grow in.
  3. Ah thanks. I wasn't sure if the plant would starve because it's not coming in contact with waterline and if just hand watering would be sufficient. The AeroGarden has that constant flow over the grow sponges so I thought I'd start them out there then move'm after 6-7 days. By the way since I already have a bunch of the AeroGarden grow sponges is there no reason then to buy rockwool or is there any significant difference? Biggest difference is shape as the AG sponges are cone with smaller diameter and rockwell cubes are well...cubes. I guess the rockwell will technically hold moisure for longer...Hmmm..
  4. Just wondering if it's safe (considering Autos do not like to be disturbed) to let my Autoflowers grow a little bit in my Aerogarden before bringing them over to my DWC. I'd like to use the AeroGarden sponges I have and just get them to show a little rooting before putting them in DWC. Other option is to just put them rockwool after germination, put in cups with clay pellets and just hand water them till the roots hit water. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Holiday101

    Best Vent Fan for 2x2x5 space under $100?

    Ohhh...Interesting will have to look into this. So the fan is in the enclosed cooler and there is ducting going in/out?
  6. Holiday101

    Best Vent Fan for 2x2x5 space under $100?

    Well, first grow of autos in Spring I'm not too worried about keeping temps down. If I continue to grow in the same space then perhaps yeah but I do have an A/C. So mostly air exchange. I do have to be concerned about smells though. Aaannnd I have this in my bedroom so it can't be too noisy. This looks curious: https://www.hydrofarm.com/p/BLB6UIN.
  7. Holiday101

    Best Vent Fan for 2x2x5 space under $100?

    Heya. I saw that one but I was reluctant because I saw somewhere it had a high sone rating. I was also looking at this though it's a bit over budget: http://goo.gl/3gsttC I guess those cheap duct fans aint gonna cut it though the $30 price tag is appealing.
  8. Hoping to find a vent fan for 2x2x5 grow tent under $100 that's not too noisy. Also gotta be able to vent with a filter. Such a thing possible? Thanks.
  9. I'll give that a read, thanks. I think I gotta make a list from mosquito bites to glaucoma and then figure out the cannabis remedy preparations, amounts, Sativa or Indica, CBD amounts, etc.
  10. From what I've understood cannabis was used as a remedy for a variety of ailments long before scientific study of the plant. I suppose medicinally cannabis can be separated into two sections of that which requires a psychoactive ingredient and that which does not. From there it's a matter of how the medicinal cannabis is prepared and delivered to remedy such and such an ailment. So either smoked (vaped), consumed as an edible, drink, tincture, oil, or used topically in an ointment, balm or salve. Perhaps some experimentation is necessary.
  11. Holiday101

    What's the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

    So, I have read in historical references that initially cannabis was used for it's fibre and seed. What I am curious about is if originally on the planet was there all types of cannabis and merely different strains from region to region or if human cultivation lead to attempts to grow the plant (for fibre and seed) in different regions and due to climate, soil, human breeding experiments, etc. we ended up with Hemp, Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Also from what I've read the psychoactive properties of cannabis is actually a defence mechanism by the plant and if this is true why does hemp not have such a defence mechanism?
  12. Reading into the history of cannabis I found references of it's medicinal use for all sorts of ailments, far more than I ever thought possible. Yet I don't find many useful references out today that break down all the ailments cannabis can remedy and how to prepare the cannabis for such treatments. So for example salves, ointments, balms for various topical use remedies. How much plant matter and what part(s) of the plant are necessary in certain preparations. How high should the CBD be in the strains used for certain medicinal uses. Recommended ways to consume cannabis for what ailments. What remedies can be created out of straight hemp and which require the more psychoactive plants. So on, so forth. I'm looking for a complete cannabis medical reference book if you will. Does anyone know of such? Thanks
  13. Holiday101

    Difference in DWC systems?

    Well this is for autoflowers and I'm looking at 2-3ft max.
  14. Holiday101

    Difference in DWC systems?

    Yeah I seemed to have read that somewhere. That once the roots hit water the drip isn't important. Though I do see systems with continuous drip.
  15. Holiday101

    Difference in DWC systems?

    Ah, so I can do without a drip system and just "spoon feed" the plants till roots hit the water. I assume, as you said, water level an inch from net pot bottom and the air-pump into airstones bubble up the water to reach up to the net pot. But from what I've seen the bubbling of water doesn't seem to be that significant. At any rate the water is suppose to bubble up to the net pot right?

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