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  1. What do you pay for electricity?

    I haven't seen it yet but here in California we got some good PG&E (our power company) news. We are in a large commercial building and as soon as we get the proper forms filled out and filed our power bill has a good chance of being moved from the standard commercial rate into an agricultural rate which might be saving us about $10,000 a month. I'm looking forward to see if it really goes through.
  2. Best light and reflector?

    I know Gavita got bought out by a company with piss poor ethics but the results don't lie. Gavita works the best for us hands down.
  3. Every time I'm by the plant I take my finger and hit the plant back and forth. It makes little micro tears which heal up with a thicker stalk. Thicker means more water and nutrients going up the stem.
  4. HPS and MH at the same time...

    Don't worry you are the beautiful father of a bouncing baby girl.
  5. Vertical Grow for Maximum Yeild

    I grow vertically as well but I love your setup. The walls look like they are made of bathtub/shower material. Looks much more reflective then my rooms are. Way to go.
  6. CO2 vs heat question

    Everybody has their theory but this is the way I go about it. I shoot CO2 in the veg room 3 times during the day cycle none at night where it will be just a waste of money. When no CO2 is being run I like my veg room to be about 70F and 65-70% humidity. With CO2 I will take things up to 80F-80%. I believe that the CO2 is not effective unless you up the other conditions as well. It's kind of like if you up the water and not the light, nutes, and CO2 (fresh air normally) your wasting water. A schedule will run something like this: 00:00 Run CO2 00:05 Stop CO2 00:50 Run vent system intake and exhaust for complete air exchange 01:00 Stop vent system and start fans 03:00 Run CO2 03:05 Stop CO2 03:50 Run vent system intake and exhaust for complete air exchange 04:00 Stop vent system and start fans You get my drift. I like to let the CO2 sit with no fans for awhile to let it soak in. While running this schedule I up water and nutes. I also make sure where I would normally be running a 600 for lighting to run a 1000 instead. In this way I have upped everything needed by the plant in proportion with each other. Some of you may agree and some may not but I see about 25% more growth by following this plan than without it. Good luck with your grow.