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  1. Cannabis and Chakras?

    No, I haven't looked into it much because everyone has a different subjective experience and from the literature out there it seems that they all have the same chakras. Doesn't sound consistent to me. But maybe it stimulates your own chakras? If you believe in chakras and it does stimulate them, then who am I to argue? I support it and would encourage you to learn as much as you can about it.
  2. Christianity's backwards image

    So you think that education is a bad thing and the people who lack it must know something that people who engage subjects in a careful and self disciplined manner can't know? I thought that was a criticism against the religious.
  3. new pink floyd album came out

    Hahahaha, how do you think I feel as a "classical" music fanatic?
  4. Christmas Memories

    Christmas is nice when there is plenty of family around but it can also be melancholy as you get older. My parents aren't around any more and as I get older it seems more and more folks are "dropping out". Lots of memories and they'll never be back. Christmas is still my favorite time of year mainly because of all the oratorio societies I've been involved in all of my life. Lot's of folks say they think about Autry and Crosby songs, decorations, big family dinners and children playing. That's all wonderful stuff but in my family it's always been more about all of the church events surrounding it and the hymns, credos and cantatas we would sing on Christmas eve and Christmas day. I always have Handel's Messiah, Mendelssohn's Elijah, Bach's Christmas Oratorio, and other similar music running through my head. Basically my holiday soundtrack: Just overwhelming emotions of the day the light came into the world. But half the people I used to share that with are gone.
  5. Poll: Mushrooms VS. LSD

    Last time I took shrooms, about three months ago, it was mostly caps and I listened to this: I just closed my eyes and it was very vivid and pleasant, thinking of good times with my ex wife, images of Aesop's feast, and religious sentiments that built up until it was as if all I could see was light. Didn't look around much, as when I take a trip I prefer to listen to music and think.
  6. Christianity's backwards image

    Are you at all fluent in ancient Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic? Have you read many publications on middle eastern archeology? Have you ever read any literature from the early church fathers, or anything whatsoever from a christian historian or philosopher? Are you any more familiar with the modern debate on this issue than just having read second rate work like Dawkins, Hitchens, Strobel, or Craig? If you can't answer yes to any of those questions then you are basically as ignorant on the issue of religion as any unthinking Catholic who just went to catechism and stopped learning at that point. Maybe you could demonstrate some higher learning, some level of discipline and rational thinking on this issue instead of hiding behind an ad hom? It would be pretty courteous, after all, to show that you have these things that all religious people supposedly lack.
  7. Christianity's backwards image

    That depends on where you go looking for a rational presentation... most often you find people with little in the way of self discipline, healthy skepticism and humility, or academic rigor. I don't mean to put anyone down, that's just what we often find, right? But I digress. Like I said in the OP, how do you feel about points 1-4?
  8. Favourite Munchy Foods?

    "Well done"? Talk about cooking all of the flavor out. Hell, I've been known for going to the steakhouse and saying "wipe it's butt, rip off it's horns, and throw it on my plate". But when I've got the munchies I could care less about pizza or typical stoner foods. Coming from an old world European background, what I crave for is stuff like liverwurst, haggis, deer kidney stew, souse (a type of sausage made from pork snout, tongue, and cheek), and other cuisine like that. Definitely what I crave for the most is venison sausage with red potatoes and turnips, I like to wash it down with a lukewarm pint of ale.
  9. Christianity's backwards image

    Oh, so threads by an ignorant asshat warrant pages and pages of material but the opportunity for a rational presentation hasn't interested anyone?
  10. More SB pics

    Damn that Afgoo&PBD is sexy.
  11. Yeah, seriously. There seem to be a million studies cited on chronic smokers but these naysayers never seem to come up with anything relevant to people who vape, use edibles/tinctures, or people who are regular but not chronic users. What about a reasonable figure when it comes to the ratio of people who are chronic users? We've got that in spades for alcohol and tobacco but the naysayers seem to be single minded when it comes to cannabis.
  12. Help my grow room is under attack

    I've got a solution for ya: a lead pipe. But seriously you should find a new site and tell your uncle he's a fucking asshat.
  13. learned something new today

    Sounds tasty.
  14. first time in a long time

    Hahahaha, yeah bro I realize that you lose some trichs on your fingers and there is a kief catcher. Apples and oranges though, I guess. I've always preferred scissors myself, instead of leaving all that kief at the bottom. But this is all off topic, sorry OP. Do you just not smoke very often or is it that you haven't smoked a joint for years? I've noticed that there are a number of people here who just vape or use edibles and tinctures.
  15. oregon clubs list

    Is there anything in Rogue county like around Medford or Central Point? What about MC clubs in Grants Pass?