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  1. Video speaks for itself! Hilarious and linked below! http://uniquebongshop.com/bill-oreilly-makes-a-fool-of-himself-in-cannabis-debate/
  2. Jon Stewart is the MAN!!! Just watch and see for yourself. Article and video linked below! http://uniquebongshop.com/jon-stewart-desrtoys-anti-cannabis-morons/
  3. hemp guy24

    How To Open A Hemp Store!

    Great read, thank you!!!!!
  4. hemp guy24

    Mail for Marc!

    Love this stuff!!
  5. hemp guy24

    Help my grow room is under attack

    wish i knew how to help you out man, that sucks!
  6. hemp guy24

    Conference to Present New Research on Psychedelic Drugs

    man! I wanted to go to that for a while now but just forgot. oh well
  7. Wow thats fucked! thanks for sharing friend
  8. hemp guy24


    Howdy all!! happy to be a part of the forum and i want to say a welcome to all the members, new and old.
  9. Hey guys! just wondering what everybody's favorite type of music to listen to after smoking. Mine is classical because it makes me think about the fact that at one point in time, it was really the only accepted type of music and there wasn't much more than that! Now there are all kinds of genres out there so letting me know yours can be a great way to get to know everyone!!!
  10. hemp guy24


    Nice site bro, il be stopping in often

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