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  1. airedog

    What is 'addiction'?

    I've always liked the addiction definition that says 'the continued use of a substance despite the fact it causes problems in your daily life'. Having said that, there is a difference between dependence and addiction when the substance is a medicine; i.e. are diabetics addicted to insulin? Just like a cocaine addiction, right?
  2. airedog

    Shiatsu Kush

    Between rippers and upcoming knee surgery, i've got no outdoor this year. Really looking forward to my indoor and hope to get 2 - 4 strains in by May. Probably run a DIY RDWC rig as well as my UnderCurrent.
  3. airedog

    Shiatsu Kush

    Anyone here have any experience with Shiatsu Kush, or, God's Gift, from BC Bud Depot?
  4. airedog

    Hydro Nutrients Question

    I learned to grow indoors, in an RDWC system that requires constant close monitoring. Outdoors i use the same nutes, growing in large (100 or 150 gallon) bags filled with a soiless mix (ProMix Organic Herb & Vegetable); and fed hydro nutes (Advanced Nutrients). AN makes a pH Perfect formulation that works over an extended pH range so i rarely bother checking solution pH as it doesn't recirculate; every few weeks i will check 'soil' pH. Daily i look at my plants though and adjust nutes if i see a problem starting. The AN recipe i use has some organic components such as Nirvana; Piranha; Tarantula, and, biologically active components like SensiZym; they're designed to work together, but convenience comes at a higher cost. As LR said, mix nutes and apply right after and be careful adding in supplements that may skew your mineral ratios as you can cause nutrient lockouts or nute burn. Many growers will use a basic recipe for a few grows and only add in supplements once they're comfortable with their method. If you jump in with a complex nutrient regime before knowing the basics, solving nutrient issues will be difficult.
  5. In my opinion, the best wayto ensure a steady supply of strains that work for you, is to grow yer own. You'll even find a community of good growers here, willing to help you learn. As an aside, asking for someone to hook you up, in your first post, could easily be misconstrued. Sounds like a bad Narc-Narc joke......
  6. I have to drink more coffee before reading gov't reports; thanks for the correction. Mind, i still think 100 cm is gawdawfully short.
  7. Out of curiousity, how much could you currently harvest from (4) 30 cm plants Labby, without modifying your method? You're one of the best growers that i know, growing shorter plants; and, in my opinion, few could match your quality/quantity right off the hop. FWIW, there's a book called Secrets of the West Coast Masters, that has some interesting training methods. You can find it on Google. Best bend stems to make colas grow sideways as well though.
  8. 4 plants under 12"; sounds like a whole new definition of HST in order to get a reasonable yield. Not sure about others, but i wait till they're bigger before i even flip them. In RDWC i'm aiming for a pound a plant or better. As clear as the guidelines are for recreational personal production, with that awesome last recommendation of "Oversight and approval by local authorities", medical personal production seems wrapped in 'let me say this about that' terminology and qualifications. Beyond that is the fact that it's still up to the politicians to accept or reject the report, either partially or in total; remember the electoral reform report? JT's friends in the LPs have got to make a living, dont'cha know? Maybe if a bunch of us had paid $1 500 for access at a fundraiser.......
  9. airedog

    Help! First time DWC Hydro grow!

    No, the air pump was just something i noticed in passing. If the power goes off and nutrient solution siphons, it can drain your bucket/s.
  10. airedog

    Help! First time DWC Hydro grow!

    Forgive the silly question; everything you're using was new, right? Nothing is just something washed well and reused? FWIW, do you have one way valves on your airlines? With air pumps below the level of nutes, should power fail, the lines could siphon out nutes.
  11. airedog

    Health Canada definition of indoor growing

    That's a large investment to make based on advice that may or may not come from someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Even with advice from HC; if you needed to prove they gave you specific advice, you'd likely need a written response as a tape may not be admissible. I'm not trying to piss in your wheaties; i just don't trust gov't departments very much. It's hard to argue with a gov't response, written on official letterhead.
  12. airedog

    Health Canada definition of indoor growing

    Why not call HC and ask? You could even keep a tape of their response.
  13. "I've got some bad news for you Sunshine"; only one out of two is correct.
  14. Renewal of what, specifically? MMAR licensees are covered by injunction, no renewals. MMPR is dead. ACMPR just started in August and renewal isn't an issue till the summer, as replacement legislation isn't likely to be enacted before then. Unless i'm missing something? If new legislation favors LPs, it will have little to do with Harper; that particular douchery will be JT's. Trying to totally do away with personal use, and, designated grower grows would guarantee a thriving black market and require the continuation of allocating ridiculous amounts of resources to an unwinnable War On Marijuana. I wouldn't be surprised to see a small plant count limit and grow inspections, though, if power consumption seems high. Regardless of what they do, it's likely to be a dog's breakfast of unrealistic regulations for all concerned.

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